Five problems girls with anxiety will get

7 Aug

Think you don’t have anxiety? This post might make you think again. Based on research and published articles, here is what an average girl with anxiety undergoes, almost every single day:-

  1. Showing up to work too exhausted to process anything because your mind decided to kick into overdrive right as you were about to go to sleep and you got stuck over that thing you said to that girl two days ago and how much she is judging you right now for that. The only way you figured out that she could judge you less…and there you went making up a gazillion hypothetical scenarios in your mind, none of which you will actually act out, but all of which helped you stay up.
  2. Counting the hours before your friend replies, usually subconsciously, until it crosses that time frame of when “she usually replies’ and that’s when you begin to freak out. Like pace-around-in-the-room-thinking-why-she-hates-you level of freak out.
  3. Remember that time last week when you were so stressed over that situation with Sam that you couldn’t stop crying and felt so exhausted till all of a sudden you weren’t crying anymore but had flipped to the other side, laughing on something stupid and feeling all energized, ready to conquer the world? Yup, that happens to you so often its a part of you now, but it’s also a part of most people who have anxiety. Pendulating between extremes of emotions is something that a lot of women with anxiety deal with but never find it worrisome enough to go to the doctor for.
  4. Ever wonder if your friends do really actually like you and if they will stick to you in the long run? Times too many, right? Because you feel like you aren’t good enough to be liked by anyone. But also because at times it feels like the world is against you and everything is unfair and no one will appreciate the real you ever? But it is possible, because you are a great person, it is just the anxiety in you that is eating away your self-confidence and making it hard for you to see people the way they are. In fact more, it is not letting you see the real you.
  5. Every time you stress out, you binge eat and then watch a few hours of mind numbing shows. It helps you cope with that stress, but you are not the only one doing it. Research shows that most women with anxiety prefer blocking out their stressors, by replacing them with something they don’t have to over-think about, in their conscious part of brain. Till all hell breaks loose and they over analyze it all and then go back to binge eating. It’s a vicious cycle and it is not going away. Till you make it.

If any of these situations hit close to home, maybe it’s not enough to worry about but still, I suggest that you go get medical opinion on it and a psych evaluation from a certified doctor. It might not be ‘nothing’ and it is better to nip it in its bud because full-blown anxiety is not pretty.

In short, if you feel that maybe you “stress out” over things more than your friends-look for help. There is no shame in going to a doctor but if you can’t, at least talk to a friend. Let them help you, make you face your fears, make you lead a fuller life. Don’t let this one thing hold you back from your full potential, instead know that you aren’t alone because once you do, and you reach out for help, you will find yourself more supported than ever before. And that realization alone will help you improve by leaps and bounds.

In either case, realize that what you have isn’t trivial, but do not let it define you. Regroup yourself and fight it away, till you feel like it’s no more who you are, but rather a small, distant part of you.



3 beauty myths busted

10 Jan

The best part is, there are numerous articles with authentic researched linked to them out there which have already said what I’m about to tell you, but they have been ignored pitilessly. I’m hoping that adding the fact that what I’m about to tell you, as a fourth year medicine student, is nothing but that verified by the HOD of our dermatology department and his deputy, both practicing doctors at one of the leading hospitals in our country, known even abroad for their expertise in the field. 

If you can’t take their word, then your trust issues have reached a level high enough for you to be seeking medical help. Just kidding, but seriously, if even now you don’t believe and act on what I tell you…then I’m beginning to lose hope in the power of my degree. 

1. Coffee, chocolates and oily foods cause acne. 

Scientists have, through repeated search, proven that no food, from any food group, can cause acne breakouts on your face. Acne, caused by blocked sebaceous glands, is caused because of imbalanced hormones or by a bacteria living deep in the skin-both not related to what you are putting in your mouth. Nor is it caused by dust clogging your pores or by chocolate being secreted into them. 

The only connection that has been found between most of the foods and acne is that chocolate is a stress food, and during stress not only are you binge-eating on chocolate but your cortisol and other stress hormones are also in a havoc. The said havoc is causing the breakout. What is chocolate doing? Nothing. Same goes for your oily, yummy comfort foods. As for coffee, the same stands true except that there might be a slight chance (not proven yet) that it amplifies the said havoc in stress conditions. Again, not causing anything on its own. But if you are already under pressure it would up the effects of that on your skin. 

Moral-stay calm, drink water, exercise and then eat whatever you want to. (If the acne isn’t going down despite cutting down on all these foods-which now you know why it isn’t-and removing apparent stressors, that means some other hormone’s levels are upset inside you. Please see a doctor.)

2.Dying white hair will make more white hair sprout up. 

People who begin to have white hair early on in their life are the target of a genetic disease. The only two things they need to know is that even if it wasn’t in their family before them, it will be in their next generations, being a familial disease. And two, go get your hair died. There is no scientific basis for the statement that dying your hair will increase the rate at which other white hair appear. I mean, are you suggesting the dye seeps into the pores and sucks out the color from the hair roots? Long story short, if you are tired of the salt and pepper look you’ve been wearing since your teens, go book an appointment at your favorite parlour without any qualms. Hurry. 

3. Laser treatment for facial hair is a death sentence for your skin. 

This one is hilarious. It’s like saying bras are going to kill your breasts. I mean, we can survive without bras, and the wrong ones will kill the shape of your…but the right ones? You know how good they can be to your body. Same goes for laser treatment. If the meds aren’t working and your doctor prescribes laser for hair removal? Sure you can say no and live with that hair, or go for the wrong laser treatment and curse all of medicine. Or you can do your research, go to a clinic that specializes in what you are looking for and look for a doctor expert in the field. We are honestly not out there to steal your insurance. Almost all of us came into this field with one common aim-to help you. So please let the doctors do what they spent their lives learning. They are better at it than google. 



How to let them go? 

8 Jan

Today I was talking to a friend, an old one, and somehow, the discussion got down to how we should take the end of relationships and the loss of people from our lives, and she asked me something that left me thinking. 

“If you had a friend, your best friend even, who was once a source of all things fun in your life, would you regret having met them and resent them? And would you try to hold on to them for those memories even though the present is no more the same or would you let them go, thankful for the past, hopeful for a better future?”

The answer to her question is both lengthy and complicated. But above all, it comes with too many variables to apply a common ‘solution’ for  all such people that we lose in our lives. 

But, if I’d to keep it concise, here is the conclusion we reached. 

The first question for the scenario is but obvious. Whoever the person under discussion is-friend, sibling or anyone else who was once important in your life but is no more an active part of it- did you enjoy the time you spent with them? Were you in those moments with them “infinite” or just ordinarily finite? 

If the answer is a yes, then that’s all that matters. For life is more about the perfect moments and the happy ones than who is here now and who was here yesterday. Maybe those who are leaving today could’ve proved to be toxic tomorrow, or cliché as it might be, maybe they are just making space for someone that would give you more joy. Fill you with more satisfaction. 

If the answer is a no, then you already know that there is no need to give any more thought to such people, such relationships. If it didn’t have a good past, there can be no hope for a much better future. What you can though hope for is to lose the need to be dependent on a few to make your life happier, putting on them a weight they are neither capable of carrying not worthy of being put to test for. 
Instead of fretting over inconsequential happenings, such as the comings and goings of people, be thankful to those who put a smile on your face yesterday and move on, without them if you have to, ready to meet new people to replace them. Search for more happiness rather than for more people, and you will come to see what and who really matters and who and what doesn’t. 

But the question still remains, for the sake of a great past, would you try to leech on to them in the present? 

The future is uncertain and unclear, and we as humans fear the unseen the most. And the idea of letting go of people who have become our constants makes it scarier. 

But does it? Doesn’t the idea of turning something great to something toxic just due to your inability to give in to change, scarier? Marring the memories of something good with the pain of a battle none can win-isn’t that worse? What use is there in holding on to people when they are no more willing to stay? What good can they bring to you? 

Life isn’t just short, it’s already running out on you. Rather than putting yourself through the misery of a lost fight, add to the width of your life with more people, more adventures more activities, more joy and more love and remove anything that leaves even a shadow of a shadow on your happiness. 

In short, the moral? 

Let them go. 

People who bring the shine to your life are worthy of fighting for, but if they are bent upon moving one without you, then letting them go is better for the ease of all parties involved. Any attempt at making it end otherwise will prove to be nothing but toxic. And you will regret making it worse than it was, regret the present and even the once-loved past. 

Stay safe and love yourself,


Need. Want. Crave. 

4 Jan


More than twenty four hours in a day. I wish I could stretch them out into double their number because they aren’t enough for the amount of things I’m trying to manage at the same time during them. However, the sad part is that the school year has just started-I don’t even want to think how bad it will get once the tests start. 


I have just fallen in love with all the shoes from a local (Pakistani) brand, Penguin pop. Their shoes aren’t just each worked on with equal care with infinite attention to detail, but the artistic outcome is flawless every single time. Plus, their shoes are extremely comfortable and so colorful that you need nothing more to add life to your winter looks. I. Want. Them. All. 


Cupcakes from a local small business by the name of Cakery bakery Lahore, run by a sweet young entrepreneur Arooba. I don’t have a snap of the cupcakes from there that a friend sent me over the weekend, but they were good enought to have me craving for some more deliciousness from her. And these Nutella cupcakes sound like a great idea. If only the new year hadn’t started yet…is four days too early to give up on your new year’s resolutions? 

Maybe, maybe not. 

But while I battle my cravings I leave you with the hope that your Monday is going fine. 

Until next time,


Two thousand sixteen

3 Jan


It is here, a new year bringing with it a new surge of energy and a billion new plans. Resolution lists making me sure I will not waste this year, efforts to bring to life my plans for this year already in motion.
I can literally see the dreams in my own eyes, which makes me laugh because its the same stars in my eyes that have made me fall before.
But falling down does something wonderful too, it teaches you how to get up and how to keep going on till you achieve what you want. But more, how to do it better the next time.
So, with plans aplenty and a firmer grip on my dreams, I leave you with the best of wishes for a great 2016 and a hope that you guys all are able to reflect on all the great things and moments that happened in 2015 and are able to use that to seize 2016! Let’s make 2016 our year! Ok? Ok.

Let’s make 2016 incredible!

All my love,

P.S. My love for selfies is still not dying, any tips to help me do away with the habit? 😜

A look back

27 Dec

As we draw towards the last week of the year, I can’t help but look back at how the last one has gone and the only word that comes into my head is this-‘wow’. 

A year can change so much and yet so little. People come and go, circumstances change. You yourself change. And yet, the constants remain. And it’s those constants I’m thankful for today. The people, who don’t give up on you no matter what, pulling along with you through the thick and thin. The ones on which you can rely on not to change. The ones on whom you rely on not to let you change for the worse. I’m immensely thankful for them, every day, every hour.

And yet, I’m just as much thankful to those who have been the variables. The coming-ins and the going-outs are not just entertaining but it’s more interesting how meeting and knowing them or saying the goodbyes can impact you. Change you. 

I have always been told that fate brings in people as it sees necessary for you and takes others away when their work in your life you is done. And looking back I realise the truth in those words. 

I stand here today, a stronger, wiser and more independent version of myself compared to last year, due to these people and I can’t but thank them for that. 

So, to the constants and the variables, thank you-for helping me grow as a person and to making my life so much more intriguing. 

And for those reading this-the constants, the variables, the new comers-here is one new year resolution I’m letting you in on-I will be blogging much more this year and all of the content will leave you nothing short of excited. 

So, stick around-let’s touch each other’s lives and help change them for the better. 

Happy holidays!

Five things

24 Dec

I love winters. What’s better than cozying up in front of the fireplace with your family? Maybe a walk around your favorite haunts with some coffee and your loved ones. Oh or maybe freshly roasted marshmallows. Or sharing stories around a bon-fire. 
Ugh. It’s a tough one. But here are five of the fashion industry’s favorite must haves for the upcoming cold months which I’m sure you would love to have in your wardrobe just as much as we all do. 

1. Faux fur:-
Absolutely anything in it-from gilets to scarves to fur lined hoodies-is in one word, “in”. So if it’s a dinner out with your gal pals or a brunch with family, finish off your look with something faux fur and you will surely end in the best-dressed lists. Just, don’t over-do it. One fur piece? Perfect. Anything more? Disaster. 

2. Wine:-
The dark rich color, not the drink. From lip colors to shoes, from bags to pull overs, the color is having its day in all these areas and more, and every fashionista is running to join it for the party. I personally love the color so I took the opportunity to get it in any thing I could find the exact shade. But at least one piece in your wardrobe saluting the color is a must for this winter. 

3. Organza jackets:-
They are for sure having a moment in the local fashion scene even if internationally the bloggers haven’t tried it out yet. So, this one is for all my Pakistani girls. If you want to stand out as the “one always on point on the latest trends”, grab a jacket from our local designers(like Elan etc). Or get one stitched. It’s fun and hip either ways. And honestly? The material itself makes the jacket extremely versatile so if it’s a dinner meeting, a breakfast, an office party or a Christmas fiesta-it’s perfect for all those occasions and more. 

4. Dark lips:-
Wine is not the only dark shade the beauty trend-setters are loving. Thanks to a certain Kylie, all dark lip colors (especially the shades of brown) are gracing most main stream bloggers’ insta. Besides who doesn’t love a dark lippy in the winters? I say lets go get some more!

5. Long long jackets:-
 No. Not knee-length long. I mean the ankle grazing ones. They are both chic and comfortable. And keep you all nice and warm. So ditch the “blanket coats” and reach for these much more versatile form of clothing which works as well with your Sunday jeans as with your party dresses. Yay. In short? It’s an investment piece. So don’t shy away from the high priced ones, your daughter will thank you for that one day. Honestly. (Thank you mom! 😜) 

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