The start of Fall

28 Sep

The crunch of the ripened leaves under my feet, fallen from their glory, carpeting the road side in a million shades of reds, yellows, oranges. 

The smell of the coffee in my hand, cinnamonny, spicy, warming my hands, serenading my senses as its aroma entwines with that of the evening. 

The setting sun, casting long shadows around me, highlighting the yellow hues, muting the brightness long before I’m used to. 

A soft wind brings in a slight chill-crispy-making me shiver, as I stay my haste to get away from the oncoming cold and enjoy the merging of summer into winter. 

5 ways to enjoy the NYFW without having to be there

12 Sep

It is that time of the year again, isn’t it? When people like you and me are stuck underneath such a huge pile of work and commitments that the mere idea of going away for a break is an impossible one. Yet, we can’t suppress the craving to be in New York during this particular week, to enjoy the festivities of one of the most anticipated fashion weeks of the year, the NYFW. But, the yearning can only remain so and all we can do is hope that one day we can be there too, enjoying the week like Chriselle or partaking in all its fun aspects like Aimee Song (a girl can dream).
But till that fateful day comes around for us, we aren’t going to just sit around and mop are we? Not when all hope isn’t lost. Not when you can still enjoy it, if not completely, at least partially.
Here is my two bit on how you can enjoy the NYFW from anywhere around the world.

1. Snapchat:
I swear this device is a godsend for fashion crazed people. Where Instagram and blog posts by people actively enjoying the NYFW can let you see only so much of it, Snapchat allows you to glimpse the real spirit of it, to partly experience the aura of it. So, if you haven’t already, follow all your favorite fashion personalities on this wonder-app and partake in the fashion shenanigans as if you were right there. Plus, you get to see the collections before they even hit the blogs. Or the print media. (Woot woot!!)

Gather your fashion loving friends.

Gather your fashion loving friends.

2. Get your girlfriends on board:
I feel no shame in accepting that I am part of a new group chat on Whatsapp called “We heart NYFW” made by friends as crazy about fashion as me. There, we dissect and “critically review” the collections shown and rave about the upcoming shows, our favorite fashion bloggers and the hot models (that is every bit as important as the dresses themselves.) It not only is letting me feel more in the spirit of the week, but having people on the same page as me makes me feel less crazy.

Chiara supporting Ralph.

Chiara supporting Ralph.

3. Dress up and pose:
One of my friends, lets call her Zara, came up with this idea on the above mentioned group. And I LOVED it. As she put so eloquently, “So what if we cant go to Kate Spade’s show? We can for sure dress for it!” I later saw Chiara Ferragni doing something similar. Being in LA might have meant that she couldn’t go to the Polo Ralph Lauran show, but she supported the label by dressing in a dress by them and posting the click on Instagram. So, dress up, pose and take some snaps. You will feel like you are right in the middle of it all (and maybe just got to the show a bit too late to be a part of it).

Kristina ready for Givenchy after party.

Kristina ready for Givenchy after party.

4. Bring the party home:
No, I am not suggesting you host something huge, like the Givenchy after party. But just gather some fashion-loving pals, dress up and have a blast over fancy food. If you want to have more fun, ask your friends to dress the part of their style icons or just pick one brand and dress up in it. That way you can incorporate idea number three into the party too.

5. Give your take:
You are following all the right people, watching every step of the fashion week, seeing some amazing trends emerge and probably know more about what shoes and hair styles would be ‘in vogue’ soon than most people online, and yet you are doing nothing about it? That is a shame. Use your knowledge, form an opinion and post it online. Give your guide to the upcoming dos and don’ts of fashion, or simply highlight your favorite trends. But don’t sit there doing nothing. Share with us what you know!

I will end this post now, because my Whatsapp is buzzing insistently, but before I leave, I will just say this; these five tips are just the tip(no pun intended) of the iceberg. The possibilities to feel involved in something this far away from you are endless. And can and should be tailored to your own preferences. For example, amongst other things, I like sketching the best of dresses that I come across in these shows. Another friend likes adding fashion week street-style pictures to the mood board in his office. Use your imagination, and most importantly, have fun.


Five Things

23 Jun

Coffee from our favorite cafe.

Going out for coffee with my sister at least once a week has turned into such a pleasant ritual, that I find myself praying that we never have to give it up. Which is an unrealistic wish, seeing that the probability of oceans separating us in the future is quiet high. So, instead I find myself making the most out of these hang outs, where we unwind, sharing our notes over how the week went, discussing everything from fashion to politics to (yes I will admit) people! We can enjoy these sittings anywhere, I suppose, but cute coffee shops somehow always add to their charm. 


 But we also make sure to dress up for the little meet ups. Make an effort, so that they don’t lose their importance. Maybe because both of us realise how precious these memories would be in our future. Maybe we both realise how temporary this set up is. Sow we both make the most of it. 

This wallet from Michael Kors is 😍!


Five must have summer nail colors.

17 May

There is nothing better than your nail color working with your clothes. But if it compliments the weather too? That’s a definite perk. 

Summer calls for different shades in not just your dressing but also in your nail color choices. And while a white tipped mani would always remain my favorite summer pick, here are five nail colors that I love almost just as much (especially for our burning hot Lahori summers). 


The perfect peach.

1. Peach side babe. It stands at that point between coral, pink and peach, where it is both flirty and feminine. And just perfect for tanner skins (like mine), but works just as well for fairer skin. 


Boy next door.


2. Boy next door. It might be its sea-blue calmness or beach-sky freshness, but either ways, this blue seems to be made for the hotter months, making one envision exotic beaches and ice cold cocktails. 


Mermaid’s kiss.


3. Mermaid’s kiss. Not being a shimmer person, this would never have made it into my list if I hadn’t actually tried (and loved) it first hand. Fresh, chic and so perfect for the warm months, it lives up to its draw my name. And then some


Pretty Pink Preserves.


4. Pretty pink preserveres. If pink candy floss was solidified and then added some shine to and liquified to nail polish consistency, you would get this color. And what goes better with summers than candy floss? Candy floss colors, oui? 

5. CrΓ¨me Abricot. This is the color of my dreams. And, it’s an investment worthy color for its perfect for every season, looking as cute in summers as it does in winters. Plus point? It does with almost anything you wear thanks to its neatral hue. 

LWD-The perfect way to rock it.Β 

15 May IMG_2537


The dress.

LWDs have been as much a thing as LBDs, both being (fashion) twins born with the difference a few minutes. But what sets them apart, other than the obvious ying yang? The fact, that the all white LWD look is harder to master, but is more of a day to night look than the LBD can ever be. And definitely more ladylike, at least for me. 

When it comes to LWDs though, three things are very important. 


The perfect LWD…


1. Invest in one. Don’t just buy one off the racks. Put some thought and work into it. Talk to your stylish friends, get some expert opinion. Save up if you have to, but, get one that sits at the perfect length, makes you feel your prettiest, and is comfortable to move around in. Don’t worry about the price tag, for the right piece will last as a timeless staple in your wardrobe. And an expert hand at designing is what will help you relish it that much more. 


The pop.


2. Add a pop. Nothing is more boring than a monochrome. Yet nothing more fascinating than a monochrome. It’s all about adding that unexpected pop of color to your look. But just via one piece. Let it be your shoes, earrings or even your nail color. Plus point? Nothing works to set off the all white look than red. It’s my go to for the pop. And a life saver, hence. 


The simplicity.


3. Don’t over do it. From your makeup to your accessories, keep it controlled. Keep your hair simple, your jewelry barely there-just, remember the rule, remove one thing from your look before finally walking out, to ensure you don’t go over board. 

Finally, remember it’s summers. Time to pull off as many all-white looks as you can. πŸ˜†

Happy summers,


Summer essentials.Β 

9 May

Hey guys,

It is a bright, too-hot-to-be-true morning here in Lahore. And while all I can think about is iced teas and chilled smoothies, I’m trying my best not to. Summer body and all you see. πŸ˜‚

But summer has got my mind going on another track too. Not the vacations, not yet. But a more imperative one. Taking care of my skin.

I’m the least girly girl around the block, and skin creams and all have never been my thing. Mostly because I looked too much up to my brothers to do anything I knew they wouldn’t like (or that they would make fun of). And also because I never really thought that anything other than washing my face could do much wonders. 

But, my sister has proved me wrong. Not only has she taught me that every part of our body, from the tip of our toe nails to the tips of our hair should be pampered, but with her example she has proven that the said care does nothing but wonders for us and our self esteem (believe me, even if you have tones of it, you will still get more).

So, with all her advice in mind and with some of my own tried and tested experiments, I’ve come up with a daily regime that’s actually been doing quite well for me. 

Here is a snippet of the regime.


1. Wash your face before bed, with your favorite face wash ( I use Neutrogena, deep cleanse face wash). It not only washes off all the dirt from the day, but also, as your skin undergoes turnover through the night and manages its pH, bringing it all back to the homeostatic conditions (perfect for a clean, glowing skin), it helps to have a clean slate for that. And for the same reasons, don’t wash your face with anything strong the next morning if you want to seal in the goodness your body worked all night to bring to you.


2. Moisturize after the wash. Again, don’t go for something too strong. I use tea tree skin clearing lotion (shown above). And it’s amazing. Not too strong, plus very relaxing and soothing. Just two drops and I’m good.

3. Use a nail strengthener. My nails had been chipping off more than ever, and their condition took a turn for the worst with the summer heat. Cue Essence nail oil (shown above), for making them stronger and smoother. I apply it after moisturizing, right before I go to bed for the oil doesn’t dry quickly and I can hardly do anything after. 

4, Wake up fresh. How? Do a bit of yoga before anything else, for ten to fifteen minutes. And if you spot any dark circles? Put a cold spoon and press downwards and outwards on them. As you follow that with a bath or a wash, try to avoid anything too strong for your face. I opt for Dove in the mornings and usually avoid any facewash or toner. 

5. Slow down for a drink of water. I have heard it so much, but I’ve only realized the worth of this tip after trying it out. And in summers, it becomes that much more important. The difference is that of a fresh flower in front of a wilted one. (πŸ’>🌡)

6. Sun block. I recently started using Loreal’s sunblock, mixed a bit with my bb- from Garnier- and the result has been better than ever before. It doesn’t come off easy, it doesn’t become patchy nor does it clump with the heat on my skin. Plus, it looks as if I have nothing on my face. Best. Thing. Ever. 

7. Chapstick. Summer means dried up, well, everything due to the decreased water in you (thanks sweat). Specifically dried up lips. Avoid that flakey look and keep them healthy with a good Chapstick. I use body shop’s Lip care SPF 15 which have vitamin E too. Win win. πŸ‘„

8. Mascara. For a bright, woken up, lasts-all-day look, add a swipe of mascara. (I can’t take any other make-up, but if you want, add more as you want.) And, for the sake of it, add some perfume. (I’m in love with Marks and Spencer Florentyna pictured above. )

There. That’s my daily skin regime, and it sits well with my college routine. For an overly special day, I add a swipe of my favorite amber rose lipstick, pictured above.

What’s yours for summers? Do tell me.

Till next time, love,


Five things.

6 May

 It is May, which for a Lahori means that we are half way into the hottest pits of hell. And the other half of it is running towards us too. 

In an attempt to distract myself from the dreadful, sweaty, makes-me-want-to-shower-all day heat, I have been making lists of things that I’m loving right now. 

Here is one of them, listing five things I’m looooving right now. 

1. Macaroons from Mocca. (I can eat ten a day, honest.)

2. White tops. And blue jeans. (Hi, Lana.)


3. Printed bags (especially this floral one.)


4. Laura Geller’s liquid radiance foundation. (My sister, the makeup artist of the family, swears by it.)


5. Top knots. Because. Summer.


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