Dreams without saviours

30 Sep

I call out,
But only air escapes my burning lungs,
My tarnished soul hanging by a thread,
My tongue is stitched to my palette
And my voice is heard by none.
My eyes beseech

For more space between us,
But the tears must cloud them much,
For you don’t respond as such
And as the distance decreases
And my heart is beating out of my dying body,
the pressure on my chest becomes crushing-
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!
I close my eyes, my mouth, my self,

I close it all and wait with abated breathe.
Hands like fire touch me, scorch me,
I am shame, I am agony!
Oh please, oh please,
Save me, leave me.
I run in circles caught in my own head,
Same eyes, same hands, same pain that I dread

I relive it again and again every night
always just a little late to wake up
Always a little more pain, a little more despair,
As I lie sweating in my bed.
I know how this ends
Yet every night I build up hope
For a change, till it becomes poison in my throat
Slowly suffocating the last dregs
Of what’s left of my strength
I am my own end


12 Aug

She is like that whisper
In the wind
That flows through you
Makes her way in
To your heart
Even when you are
Thus, miles apart.

She is like whiskey
Goes to your head
But no one other
You would have instead,
She is your cola
Your choice of soda
Your favourite craving
Every winter morning
When you lay waiting
long into the night,
Hoping one day, she will
Catch the flight,

That will bring her back,
To your arms,
Letting you soothe her,
Letting her be your balm.
But for now, you draw on memory,
Let her scent enclose you, your wishes
Soothe you, Even if its temporary,

You let yourself lie
In the lap of dreams,
Hoping they will come true
Sooner than it seems,
Saving all your smiles for her,
Giving your love to no other,
For who, if not she,
Who if not her.

Seasons of our lives

7 Jul

The seasons of this life, are clear to me now,
In the chill of this winter,
That allows me to acknowledge,
The warmth that was once my very own summer.
And I have no one to blame, but myself,
for the frost gathering over me,
For the blues descending like a malady
For the pain slowly numbing my reality.
Because it was I who forgot to turn on the fires,
it was I who kept dousing the heat,
and it was I who tried to tie away all lose ends,
In some shabby attempts to keep it all neat.
But what blame lies most with me,
Is that it was I who let the windows open,
And let the cold winds in, In the vain hopes,
Of getting to feel some more of the sun.

Roses in the isles of death

21 Jun

There were roses every where-for as far as the eye could see, that’s all there was to it. Roses-and all of them blue, the most delicious shade of blue-of water frozen into petals while it was still flowing. 

Their scent permeated the air, heavy yet not heady, their sight soothing.

But more mesmerising was the laughter of a little girl that rang out as beautifully as the bells did on a summer’s eve- charging the atmosphere with joy, hope.

The girl with hair as black as the moonless night sky on a mid summer night ran across the field of icy blue, her merriment etched in her whole persona. She looked over her shoulder then, two moons shining in a pale face filled with love for the boy who followed her-his hair as silver as her eyes, with a shine that made them appear to be ablaze. 

The boy finally caught up with her, and even as he reached out to grab the other child’s hand, the air seemed to thicken-with love, with loss, with fear, with pain.

And before he had held onto her for but a second, both of them fell to the ground-just as all the flowers around them shed and the sun in the sky dipped to leave only the frost-layering a barren ground against the backdrop of endless darkness.

The silver head bent protectively over the dark one, both of them soaked in blood-his, hers-taking their last breathes in each others’ arms.

And as they did, the air once again rang, but this time it was with screeches, with screams-of creatures dead long ago. 

Hoards of bulls ran in, menacing, tall, with horns large enough to balance the worlds. Followed by monsters more menacing than the biggest beasts, with heads three instead of one all with sharp teeth and empty eyes.
But as the roars of the beast in the sky pierced again and their fire lit up the dark sky, this time the light permeated the night to reveal another dark haired beauty reaching out for her counterpart-a boy with looks too much like hers. One brought fire, one brought fury; one brought the strength of a lion, the other the force of a stag but it was when their hands touched that the space between them sizzled with a power stronger than the worlds before.

They circled each other as if in a dance all the while pulling one another closer, while the fire and frost encircled them, intertwining and then spreading out returning everything it touched to its former glory and then some-the fields bloomed again, as the night changed to day, the frost melted away and the barren land once again became fields of flowers in colours more than ever seen before. And the creatures from the past were sent to where they belonged with only the sound of music left in the air.

She then reached out to cup his face for one final time as they themselves seemed to turn to the blue roses that had been there once before-now marked by edges as red as the fire that had been once in them, around them.




Note-Some of you may know that I have been working on a book. Here is a page out of it. I hope you like it.

Turn of the wheel

2 Jun

The coin flips,

The scene Changes,

The wheel turns,

And we trade places.

What was once outside looking in,

Is now inside,

For eternity.

What was never destined,

Befell him, who least expected it,

Not to the one who

most wanted it.

Desire becomes destiny,

Destiny leads to a fools end,

And there in awaits an eternity

for the one who sought

And for the one who found.

Running on this endless wheel from conception,

Running away from our own perceptions,

Falling only when the last breath draws,

Escaping only when the curtains falls.

Make the most of what you have left,

For the miles that lay ahead,

May not be as stretched,

As you had planned.

The winds of death

31 May

And as he lay,

With death whispering his name,

All he saw were stormy eyes,

And a blade thinner then ice.

As she watched,

Her own blood pool around her,

It was only a memory of a reunion,

That made her lasts any easier.

Of home, they thought,

Of a childhood once shared,

Of love that would never be sworn,

Of hearts given forever, that despaired.

Of whispered promises,

And of all they had lost,

As death welcomed them,

It’s icy fingers tracing a frost

Soon the last rush of air,

Escaped their lungs,

Their souls intertwined,

Their woes coming undone.

And maybe in another life,

They met again,

As lovers, as friends, as husband and wife,

It was their love that always survived.

The echoes of death,

was all that was left behind,

Honour bowed down to betrayal,

love to solitude, heart to mind.

No way to undo what had been undone,

no way forward, nor to rewind.

Just an endless loop of love,

of sorrow and blood, his shed for her,

Hers for their lives.

Two lovers scorned,

seperated by life,

always kept apart, 

Only in death did they rejoin.

Game of thrones-alternate ending

20 May

If you are like me and hated the Game of Thrones ending, here is an alternative one. It is built upon the season eight itself and ends in a way that aligns with what I think George handed to them as an outline.

The scene opens after the Red keep has been destroyed, the war at King’s landing is over. The whole scene unfolds up to Dany’s speech the way we saw it. 

But. ….

When Jon Snow comes forth to talk to Daenerys after her speech, she doesn’t say anything to him. Instead, she says something in Valyrian to her men. And a minute later we see Grey Worm and others bring out Sansa, Bran and Arya in chains. 

Before Jon can even ask, he knows. He knows what she is going to do. 

And even as he is thinking of ways to save his siblings, we hear the ominous screech of Drogon. 

The three Stark siblings stand tall though, brave like their father, Ned. 

And as Drogon flies lower, they look at each other and then at Snow. Saying good byes without having to utter a word. And without letting Dany see their weakness. 

Dany however smirks, “How befitting for a treasonous father’s kids to be great at treason too. Today that ends. With you, right here. His treacherous blood will never soil this earth again.”

Arya looks at her with a brow arched, her head high, “ How befitting for the mad king’s daughter to be a worse reflection of his merciless self.”

Even as Sansa adds, “Your thirst for power blinds you to all truth-but you aren’t worthy to even mention a man as honourable as our father.”

Their words anger Dany beyond rage. And she seethes for a second, letting the suspense build as Drogon finally settles behind her. 

Then she sneers, her anger burning in her eyes, ”Too bad that honour couldn’t save him, nor will it save you. Besides,” she shrugs glancing over at Drogon and then the armies in the courtyard below them, “I’d rather let it be fear.” 

She looks back at them and takes in a deep breathe, “Dracarys”. 

Her words echo over the burned ruins of the city that was. 

Echoing over the collected Unsullied, the Dothraki, the Northerners.

But in the millisecond that it took for her to say it, John had jumped in front of his siblings. 

And even as she realises what’s about to happen and her eyes widen with horror and fear, the dragon hears his mother loud and clear and draws back his head to do as asked. 

And the Stark siblings simultaneously reach out to push Snow out of the way while he stands his ground, saying just one word, “Together”. 

Drogon bends his head to them in slow motion. 

The whole courtyard holds its breathe, as a minute seems to stretch out into an hour. 

The only movement we see is amongst the Northerners. Their hands reaching for the hilts of their swords. 

There was only one king for them. Ned. 

And only one royal family  for them, the Starks. 

If their royalty got even a scratch today, they would let no one survive. 

The blood rises in their eyes just as the fire does in Drogon. 

And as the dragon’s bend to the Starks continue, the whole audience in the bailey below seems to lean forward-to see him use his fire once again, ruthlessly, for his mother. The Unsullied, The Dothraki-all especially eager to see the blood and fire. 

But then his neck keeps bending, past their heads, their bodies. 

Past it all-till his head lies in front of them, as if bowing down to them, his knees bent. 

The shock of what is happening is palpable, the hushed quiet scratching at already raw nerves.

Dany waits a second before doing anything, unable to compute what has happened and what it means. 

“DRACARYS!” she screams louder, but the dragon doesn’t move an inch, staying in the half prostrating stance. 

Jon looks at her astounded, as if he believed that she might have valued his life, her love, over the satisfaction of killing his family. That she would stop now at least.

“Drogon, Dracarys!” She screeches again, and everyone watches the queen as she  loses the last vestiges of her control, while the dragon continues to remain unresponsive. 

In a quick, albeit crazed move she reaches for Grey Worm’s sword and rushes  with it to her captives, wanting to kill them with her hands if not with fire. Die they must. 

“Die they must,” she screams aloud, the pride in her captive’s faces taunting her.

But she forgets that not all their hands are tied, and the one who loves her the most, realises just then that to her love meant nothing at all. Her true love lay in fire and blood. 

So he draws out his dagger as she approaches his family and with one powerful stroke, drives it through her, burying it in her just as he buries his love for a tyrant that saw nothing in this world but a need to inspire fear. 

Dany looks at him in shock, a tilt of her head as if to ask why, before her head rolls back and she falls to the ground. 

A body that seemed to emanate so much  power a minute ago, now just flesh and bones on the ground.

Jon’s harsh breathing echoes back to him in the following silence, the eerie calm before the storm settling in on him like a shroud. He falls slowly next to her, tears streaming down his face. His hands shaking as he reaches out to caress her, “My queen,” he whispers.

His words seem to be what finally pull Drogon from his trance-and as he seems to realise what has happened, he rises ominously into a battle stance, roaring menacingly when he spots his mother on the ground. 

The roar makes the men below take a step back and then another as it seems to grow louder, loud enough to make the land beneath them shake and the vibrations of it fill their hearts with more fear than ever before.

For without his mother, who would be able to control a dragon?

Drogon finally moves moves towards Dany, even as Arya rushes to pull Snow out of his way, he comes to kneel by his mother-nudging and poking at her, moaning in his throat as if weeping for his loss. 

He steps back then, angry at all and one. And it seems for a second he will burn ever man left alive.

But he no more tries to to collect fire in his chest. Instead, as if there was a barrier between him and all the people, he backs away from them.

And with one last roar sounding more broken than awe-inspiring, he picks his mother gently as he can, flying away with her, further than the eye could see. 

Every eye follows him till they lose sight, but once the collective distraction is lost, hell is ready to be let loose.
Grey Worm lunges for his sword where Daenerys dropped it and in one fluid move has it at Snow’s neck.

Arya, hands still bound, draws a small dagger out from her jacket and has it at Grey Worm’s throat just as swiftly.

The unsullied step forward to help him, but the northerners that had been flanking Jon step forward to protect their king.

The fight above sets in motion the men in the bailey below, the Unsullied against the northerners and the Dothraki against all. The battle cries filling up the ruins of King’s landing all over again.

“I will slit his throat even as you slit mine little girl, don’t think my life matters more to me than taking his.” Grey whispers to Arya.
But she doesn’t reply, slitting his dagger bearing hand and his neck both in one motion. “And I will have you dead before you can think.”

Jon watches Grey’s body fall and looks up at his sister-shocked by not just her actions but the lack of emotion on her face.

In response, she reaches her hands towards him, as if asking him to cut her chains. He picks Grey’s sword to do that, even as their men free Sansa and Bran. 

The war cries below become louder and Arya turns to Jon.

“Take them, Jon, take them back to Winterfell. Regroup there, avenge us all-but for now go. Me and our men will fight here and help you get a free passage.” Arya urges, even as the Northerners form a wall around the four.

“Arya, this fight isn’t yours. You all go, I will deal with this. I will face the consequences of what I have done.”

Arya reaches out to him, “ Jon, the only consequences they want for you for all this are your death. And we need you alive more now than ever. Go back to the people who see only you as king, who will celebrate you knowing what you did for them and for us. How you saved us three and then all of humanity.”

“No, Arya-“
“No, no arguments. I have lost too many-I can’t loose you. And I only trust you to get these two home safely.”

Bran finally intervenes, “He is right, Arya, this fight isn’t for you. It is for no one.”

And even as he says so his eyes go white.
Sansa looks on, with a calm that belies the situation making Arya frown. Did they already have a plan?

But before she has time to ask, she notices the battle screams behind her gradually quiet down.
Jon and Arya turn around only to see every man in the courtyard below and every man on the stairs leading up to them drop their weapons. Slowly, the men around them did the same. Sansa, then moves Bran to the top of the steps giving all a clear view of him, before beginning.

“What you all saw just now, is what will happen if you continue down the path you’ve chosen. Right now, it is only the King’s landing in ruins. Soon it will be the whole of the living world as we know it. What you saw is the reality of your future if you don’t give up this fight-pain, death, ruination will be your only end. You saw the doings of your own hands come to reality-as seen in the future by the three eyed raven. The same three eyed raven that ensured the Night king was at the right place at the right time to end the last of the white walkers. The same three eyed raven that aided Arya of the the House Stark to end the long night. The same three eyed raven that helped us find the true heir to the throne, Aegon Targaryen-son of Rhaegar Targaryen from his lawful wife, Lynne Stark- who stands before you now, as Jon Snow, ready to rule if you choose him to. The same three eyed raven who minutes before showed you his power by making a dragon bend his knee to him and to Aegon. And then saved us all from the dragon. And that three eyed raven has not just shown you what you could end up with if you continue on your path of self destruction, but he proposes today another way forward. A way to end all our ways and a way to save us all.”

Jon and Arya watch Sansa as stunned as the rest of the men while the second in command to Grey Worm slowly begins to translate her words into Valyrian and a Dothraki, understanding her without knowing how, begins to translate her words to his men.

Bran, now back, looks on as the depth of Sansa’s words reaches his audience, and waits, as he had learned to wait, for them to understand him.

It begins with Northern men, then the Unsullied, then the Dothraki-one by one they fall on their knees-till all are on the ground.

And then the chant begins-

“We will do as you show us, we will let Bran the Raven guide us.”

They chant it in Valyrian, in Dothraki-in all languages, in all voices, the chant grows louder and louder, until it is defeating and yet not.

Bran raises his hand to quiet them down and the silence is immediate.

“I propose a new way, to end all our ways. A system of ruling none of us has seen. A king from the people, a king of the people, a king by the people. From here on out-the lords and leaders of all of you-will represent you in a court. A court that will select and vote the king that then rules. The king will not be one born to a king. The king will be someone you choose. And if you chose to go elsewhere, to become an entity on your own-you are free to all that and more, till your fealty to the king is true.”

Bran waits again for his appointed men to translate for him. And as they do, the chant begins again.

“We choose what Bran the Raven will choose, but we choose him to be our king.”

Bran nods a tiny imperceptible nod, and Sansa takes over.

“Bran will then be your appointee, but the lords will have to put a vote on it too. Come the end of this month, we will collect the high lords and cast the vote. And he will be our king, your king.”

She waits again for her words to be translated and nods when the men respond with their acceptance of her proposal-the Dothraki via loud screams, the Northerner via chants of Bran’s name and the unsullied by the hum of their weapons being struck on the ground in beautiful unison.

Bran nods again and Sansa is about to turn around and leave when the Dothraki that had been translating calls out to Bran and says something to him in his language, to which he nods in response. The Valyrian translator asks something too, to which Bran again nods.

Sansa then pushes Bran around and begins to walk away, while asking him if the Unsullied and the Dothraki asked to be allowed to go their ways, to which Bran replies, “of course.”

She nods, glancing over to see the Northerners that had been ready to die fighting for them falling in line behind them, already becoming the king’s guard.

Jon and Arya fall in step behind them too and she smiles. She smiles wider though when she hears the chants start again behind them,

“All hail, Bran the Raven, first of his name, ruler of the seven kingdoms, Dragon-king, light of the dark night, king from the people of the people.”

“Six kingdoms”, she silently corrects them.


Epilogue in next post

Letters on a page

16 May

Take my words,

Twist my words,

Roll them off your tongue as new.

Choose them as you may,

Make of them what you wish,

Curl them up to suit your ways.

Today, they are nice,


You think twice,

But it’s always in my words.


That I’d say, never mean.

I’d mean, but not say.

Words you looked too much into,

Read nothing into.

Words, were all that

I gave.

All that you took.

But, didn’t you see,

I’m words,

Words are me.

You took all,

Each one,

And I’m now half parchment,

Left blank,

Half ink,

Left out to dry.

I’m neither prose,

Nor symphony.

I’m just,


Running across,

This page.

Smoke and salt

14 May

As the winds still,
And the silence sets in,
And the last of the breathes are drawn.
As the birds fly off,
To a far off land,
Leaving the few left behind,
To mourn.
As the wheel turns,
And the cycle repeats,
And everyone goes back to their roots,
And what was once glorious
Turns to dust,
And the ashes of our making
Settle upon us.
I look up at the darkening sky,
Worn by travels
No one prepared me for,
Dreaming of a home
I can scarcely remember,
Wondering what is was all for.
My heart is still heavy,
My home is still empty,
My hearth is still cold.
I am no more a lady,
I am no more a girl,
I am oh just so weary,
Weary to my bones.
Just will close my eyes,
For a second,
Let me believe you are here,
here with me.
I would give it all,
All of it up to have you,
Next to me once more.
But the silence is pierced,
By the memory of the horrors,
I witnessed,
A second ago, ten years ago,
Ten hours ago.
And the blood in my veins
Turns to fire again,
The blood in me that came from you.
The same that won’t let me rest,
Till I have avenged it all,
for you and you-
My home, my mother,
Our brothers, our sisters,
Via justice, less or more.
So I stand up,
And march to an end,
Mine, his, hers,
Only time will tell.
But for you father,
I do it all over again,
For you,
I am once again reborn.

Wishing for a paradise

12 May

I would often wonder,

as I looked at the sun,

why no matter how hard it shone,

it never seemed to touch me.

Why the coldest nights,

couldn’t make me shiver,

why the driest autumn,

couldn’t make me crumble.

I walked instead,

with a sense of wonder,

Lost in the spring

That perpetually surrounded me,

Wanting to know,

What made me invincible

To all that

So many had given in to.

And then, I turned,

A moment sooner that I should have,

And I saw you-

Fighting the winds,

Holding off the cold,

Providing shade wherever I would go.

And then I knew,

My perpetual paradise

Was coming at the cost of your

Never ending sacrifice.


So I pull and tug,

To make you stop,

make you switch roles,

But I know mother,

You can’t stop.

And I know mother,

That if you did,

If we could switch roles,

I couldn’t repay you,

In a million lifetimes,

For what you do for me,

In the span of a day.

Just as I know,

That I could spend an eternity,

To try to make you step back,

To take a break, to stop-but you can’t,

You wont.

This is who you are,

My saviour, My protector,

My strength, My sun,

My warmth, my world.

This all that you do, it makes you you,

And it comes easier to you than your breath,

Yet at the greatest costs.


So now, I spend every moment,

With only one question,

Trying to answer it for me, for you.

What can I do, to maybe in part,

Give you back,

for all that you continue to do.

To pay you in kind,

To give you back a hundredth

Of the love you give to me.

To make you feel like this world has no pain,

No sorrow,

To make you believe in flowers,

And a never ending spring,

To turn your life into,

a perpetual paradise.


Reaching for the stars

8 May


Below is an excerpt on something I’ve been working on. It is very personal- more than a poem or an essay because when you write a story, the characters are more real and more beloved to you than most people around you. But also because I’ve never shared any piece from this story ever before.

I would love your thoughts on this though, scary as that might be

He helped her up the tree, made sure she was on strong footing before backing down and away.

But instead of going in, to grab them a drink, he stood a minute longer standing there beneath her, watching her watch the stars.

And he wondered if she saw herself like he saw her.

As bright, enchanting and mysterious as the twinkling lights blinking on the blank canvas above them.

And just as alluring, just as mystical.

Just as unapproachable.

She had the same air too, an air that seemed to suggest that-in spite of the impossible odds-if you tried hard enough you might be able to reach for one, might be able to make one yours  

Yet even as the stars shimmered with laughter at his thoughts he realised that that wasn’t true.

She wasn’t in his reach and she had never even seemed to be.

She was more distant right then to him than even the stars behind her.

And yet, he still wanted to try. Still wanted her to be his.

Looking up at his one dream, his one wish, just as she seemed to be looking at hers in the patterns of the galaxies above them-he wondered for a second what life without her would be like.

But even as he did, she looked down at him and, catching his eye, giving him that look that said “I know what goes on in that mind of yours”, she smiled. And somewhere between the intensity of that gaze and the lightness of that smile, he found himself a lost man, again.


Reclaiming my space

7 May

I remember, as if it was yesterday, when seven years ago during Ramadan, I took a scary step and finally started this blog.

I still remember clearly every thought, every fear running through me as I published first the blog and then the first post.

I had so many dreams and hopes, wished to do so much through this space, had such huge plans as I sat there that evening, sitting in my room, weaving out my dreams, hoping to turn them into reality via written word.

It is all so clear, all of my emotions, all of what I dared to make of this space.

All so clear after so long.

I used to think that med-school and studies got in the way of my blog, that it got sidelined because I didn’t have time for it.

But in retrospect, I think I stopped making time for it.

And although there were many reasons for it-from ridicule from people whose words shouldn’t have mattered, to lack of support from the ones who did matter and much more-but it all boiled down to just one thing.

I let my blog become something I didn’t want nor intend it to be, so instead of the safe place that it was, it became something I began to avoid.

Maybe the realisation could’ve come earlier, but I think it was meant to happen like this-seven years later, the first of Ramadan and I reclaim this space to make it what I once saw it to be.

A place where I write or share what I write.

Most of what I will share from here on out, for a time at least, will be pieces I have written.

Maybe with time I will go pack to doing posts on fashion or tips on studying, but right now, that is not what will make me happy and I very much want to make this space again that which will make me happy.

Can not wait to share my first piece later today.

Much love and prayers,



Seven summer trends I am loving

30 Jun
  1. Midi dresses
    Summers have always been about dresses, but this year round midi has been the go to length for almost everyone. Whether you are headed to the beach or to a party at your friend’s, this is the piece everyone is opting for and loving. There are so many styles to choose from-print, plain, fitted, embroidered-that its easy to carve a whole summer wardrobe out of them alone. But even if that is not your thing, don’t shy away from buying one and trying the trend yourself! You will love it! The best part is that with every brand trying to cater for the increased demand in midi-dresses, there is something for everyone (and at every price point too) so I am sure you will find a dress that suits your personality perfectly!
    My favorite brands to shop them from are :
    For casual, day-to-day onesZara, H&M, Forever 21,Topshop
    For dressier optionsGal meets glam, No 21, Topshop, Anthropologie, ASTR 
    Pakistani/local favouritesGeneration pk, Roba by Saiqa 
  2. Matching separates
    We saw them make an entry into the style scene close to the end of last year, and this is a trend that seems to be here to stay for a while! And for good cause! They are versatile, easy to style and even more easy to wear individually. And no one likes anything better than clothes they can style in different ways and re-wear again and again!
    My favourite places to buy them from:
    International options: Zara, H&M, River Island, Topshop
    Pakistani/Local favourite:The Sassy store
  3. Minimalism
    My own fashion mantra has always been ‘less is more’ and I always try to practice it, but when the whole fashion community turns around and comes back to the basics, embracing minimalism, the said practice becomes even more fun for me! So ditch the over accessorized look and opt for the basic blue jeans, white shirt version this summer. Or go for matching separates and pair them with your favorite bag and flats to complete the look!
  4. Button front midi skirts
    I love skirts, I love anything midi and I love button front style these days so this trend was easy to fall in love with, but once I tried it on I fell more in love with it for one simple reason-it gave me summer, beach party vibes while it was still freezing outside in Chicago! Honestly though, these are perfect for those weekend summer BBQs that we look forward to all through the winters. But also, they are so light weight, so breezy that you can’t help loving them-and definitely something different from the usual skinny jeans we all end up reaching for!
    My favourite places to buy them:
    Internationally:H&M, Topshop, Mango, Zara
    Pakistani/Local favourite (for midi skirts):- Outfitters 


    Zara Skirt

  5. Plain slides
    You have seen every fashion blogger wearing these by now, and for good reason. They are comfortable, go as well with your jeans as they do with their skirts and they go with minimalist vibes everyone is in love with these days! Plus, a good pair of flats is always worth investing in, right?
    My favourite ones are the ones below from Steve Madden.


    Steve madden Greece slides


  6. Small sun glasses
    I have a love hate relationship with this trend, I love seeing everyone rock them but I can’t see myself wearing them. Still, I adore the retro vibes they instantly add to any outfit and if you have short hair, these are very easy to pull off!
    My favourite places to buy them:
    InternationallyQuay, Topshop
    Pakistani/Locally:- Mango, Mantra




  7. Short hair
    Which of course brings me to my favourite trend so far! Short hair are as in these days as they have ever been and I am loving the return of this trend! I feel like this hairstyle instantly makes you look at least five years younger and like a ten times more stylish version of yourself. Here are a few people rocking this style so effortlessly that it is making it hard for me not to go get this cut myself!


    Brittany Xavier


    Olivia Culpo


    Zara Peerzada

New York-SoHo/NoLIta

31 May

Honestly, this is my first guide to any city ever written, and I don’t know how to go about it. Should I cover just the highlights? Should I just tell you everything that I did or should I just be an escapist and not write it at all.

While the third is my favorite, I asked some friends and they suggested i break it down into parts. While their idea was to divide it into where to eat, what to do, where to shop-I wanted to do it slightly differently. Mostly because I have spent most of my time in Soho, I wanted to make a guide just for it. The other parts to the NYC guide might be more generic, but here is my guide for you to Soho (and the neighbouring regions including Nolita)-the place I fell in love with and the place that saw me grow more in a month than I had in probably years!

Where to eat

  1. Balthazar  
    My roommate, the queen of Soho, took me here and I will always owe her for that. The place has very strong Godfather vibes making you feel like you walked right into a spot where all the Mafia lords are coming for a meeting (but like minus the goons and with an extra hint of polished glamour). However, even if you put the interior aside-the food itself there is divine. Their service is immaculate and the desserts are beyond delicious. That, and their bathroom entrance is one of the most rad one I have ever seen (so dungeonesque, if that is even a word).
  2. Rubirosa  
    If the Hadids say they love a particular place’s pizza, you have to check it out. And, oh my god, was I glad that we did. I have never had a better pizza in my life, that too an all-veg one. You better believe it guys, it was even tastier than many non-veg ones I have had. Plus the interior is totally groovy. The vibe is very laid back chic but still cosy (made more so that day because of the crazy rain outside) with a bar that made me want to skip sitting at a table altogether!
  3. Dominique Ansel
    Cronuts. Enough said. (p.s. the other baked goods here are spectacular too, so I will say try as many as you can without going into a food coma, but if you have to pick one, pick the cronuts!)


    Dominique Ansel Cronut

  4. Georgetown Cupcakes
    The shop itself is gorgeous, but what makes it better is the street it is on. The cobblestone pavement, the cute stores around it and the laid back, quiet vibes of the area-you feel like you are walking in some old English town and not in loud, over crowded New York-loved it. Plus, I swear they have the best cupcakes ever. Ever…..Ever!!! (Just wanted to make a point here.) You can stay there and eat or get your cakes ‘to go’. Either ways, it is a must try!

The Instagram-able spots

  1. Cha cha matcha
    If you are a matcha fan, you have to go here. If you are a fan of cute little cafes being a little extra, you have to go here. If you want cute clicks of your coffee for your insta feed, you have to go here.
    In short, you have to go here, period!


    Cha Cha Matcha

  2. Once upon a Tart
    Some of the most influential bloggers from NYC still turn to this spot for a picture in front of this picturesque bakery/cafe. Case in point, this picture of Blair from Atlantic pacific! If you are looking to up your insta-feed game, do stop here!


    Once upon a tart

  3. Shuka 
    This is another NYC blogger favorite for their pictures and correctly so, seeing the blue store front of this cafe makes any outfit (and picture) pop!
  4. Sweet Moment Cafe 
    It is not exactly in Soho/Nolita but it is Little Italy which is right next to the two and, if you have a sweet tooth or crave cute colorful pictures, this place is a must see!


    Sweet Moment 

  5. Greene street
    And other cobblestone streets, that Soho is famous for, provide the perfect character to any picture. The more towards the south of Soho you go, the more of its historic buildings you will find (i.e., get closer to Canal street if you want both the famous cobblestone streets and the historical cast iron buildings in your picture).


The places worth experiencing

  1. Laduree Soho
    Getting a bit of the Parisian experience in your travels is always a fun idea, but this particular branch is always fully reserved for a reason. The little patio/open-air seating area that they offer in the back is divine. I preferred it at night when all the garden/fairy lights were on and the atmosphere seemed almost magical, almost Parisian but they are generally more frequented for their brunch. Either ways, don’t forget to get some macaroons to-go, because-why not?


    Laduree Soho (the outdoor seating area)

  2. Little Cupcake bakeshop
    Again an eatery in this category? Odd? No, because I frequented this shop more for its ’70s diner vibe than their food (which was good but not my prime attraction). Like my friend justly said, it reminds one of the diner from Pulp Fiction. MUST EXPERIENCE!
  3. Jack’s wife Frieda
    Ok, last eatery, promise but although their food is ridiculous (read:ridiculously amazing), it is the festive vibes, the welcoming staff, the feeling as if you are in an Italian backyard with your friends, the cute gold pendants, and (most importantly) the adorable sugar packets that all contribute to the absolute, mind-blowing ridiculous-ness of the place. The green shakshuka has mystified me though. Why is it green and what makes it so good?


  4. McNally Jackson Books
    So growing up one place I always wanted in my hometown was a book store where one could sit for hours and read but one that also offered coffee and snacks as needed. When I found out that God had blessed me with the exact place I had always day dreamed about right around the corner from my apartment I could not have been happier. A huge book store offering literature from all over the world including books on and from Russia, France, India-I was in my kind of paradise. But what added to the charm was the cute seating area/coffee shop in one of its corners complete with window seats and the nicest staff ever along with small seating arrangements all over the two floors of it. It is needless to add, but I went there almost daily. And if you go there even once, you will know why, especially if you believe paperbacks are better than e-books!
  5. Washington square park
    It is not Central Park, but what it lacks in its size it makes up for in its beauty. And because it is less crowded by tourists pouring in from all directions, it is the perfect spot for a quick picnic or to spend your evening with a book. Plus, it lets you see New Yorkers New Yorking (yes, I just turned it into a verb) and giving you a more wholesome experience of the city.
    Note:- It is not exactly part of the Soho/Nolita region but it was close enough for me to be able to walk here oftenn!
  6. Washington Square arch
    It is a part of the Washington Square Park, and not only an architectural landmark frequented by a large number of tourists but also a spot most first timers deem essential for a quick picture at. And once you see it, you will know why. But, word of caution, it can get pretty crowded.


  7. Little Italy
    Ideally it is not a part of Soho but it is right next to it and Nolita and a walk away from both, so I am putting it here. It is not just the food you go here for, though, but rather for the whole ‘Italian” experience (which, having never been to Italy, I can’t really attest for but it felt Italian enough to me). Grab a friend, a camera and walk through it with your wallet full and your belly empty. You wont regret it! (Also, there is some really amazing wall art in this area!)
  8. Chinatown
    Mentioning this because of its proximity to Soho/Nolita, I honestly cant gush enough about this place. With buildings mirroring old Chinese architecture it simultaneously gives you a glimpse into Chinese cuisine and maybe some of the lifestyle there too, but for me it also reminded me a bit of the ‘bazaars’ from my home country and made me like it more. Again I found some of the most amazing street art in this area.
    My suggestion would be to take a walking tour of Chinatown and Little Italy that lets you experience both more thoroughly (plus these are usually very cheap)!

The must stay ats-

  1. The Nomo SoHo hotel
    Although it is gorgeous to look at from outside and the walk inside is almost as good, it is the lobby that I fell in love with.  Buzzing with cliché New York hotel moments the space stays true to the grit of the city via its decor. And the rooms with their over-sized windows and welcoming interior are just what vacation dreams are made of! The NoMo Kitchen (sitting off the lobby and along the walkway entrance) is their cherry on top with food as good as it can get!
  2. Sixty SoHo
    Following a (remarkable) renovation, Sixty SoHo is a visual expression of the neighborhood’s most treasured qualities. It’s chic and vibrant and offers all the little things characteristic of any great stay, particularly on the dining front. Dinner at their Sessanta will leave you speechless, and their Gordon Bar is a perfect place to end a night!

Where to Shop

I would love to give a list but if you are visiting New York and want to shop without the craziness of Times Square (which I can never take) or the long lines of the 5th avenue stores, SoHo is your place. The vibe is fun but not obnoxiously loud, the staff has more time for you, the lines are shorter and the architecture is swoon-worthy. Honestly, even basic stores like Forever 21 look like taken right out of a painting. And every store is there, from Sephora to Chanel to Tiffany’s to high street brands to fancy grocery stores!

My favourite thing to do there was to walk along Broadway (literally as far as I could go) and try new stores every day (covered a lot in a month to be honest). Plus that allowed me to discover the small boutiques that offered the latest trends at prices that made me want to dance. And the streets off of Broadway are filled with even more brands and fun little places to eat. So, give shopping there a try for sure.

Note-Dean and DeLuca is a grocery-shopping-lover’s heaven. The fruits so fresh, the bakery items so good and the flowers always with the best fragrance! Shop there at least once if you can, you will love the experience. It is a little pricey but the food is worth it!

Valentine’s day wish list

3 Feb

Every year I devote February to my loved ones.

Is not that what we are taught from grade school? We have whole lectures devoted to writing letters to our parents and then our class fellows and friends, telling them in every one of them as to how much we love them. And then whole evenings spent wrapping little gifts for the same people. Whole days spent making lists for what to get for whom and more days spent in buying them.

So for me, February has always been about expressing my love to everyone around me.


BeFunky Collage

Diptyque Rose delight candle| NARS velvet lip glide duo | Dessert date at Laduree | Cuddle up faux fur heart accent pillow | Valentino Rockstud pumps | Furla bag |

But one very important person our school forgot to tell us to write letters to, a person that maybe should have been close to the top of all our lists, if not that at the very top, a person we should all have been buying gifts for every year too. A person as important as the rest of them.

Who is that person you ask? You!

Growing up, although we were always told to respect ourselves and even love ourselves we were never shown how to practice that, how to reinforce that. And over the time I have realized that to love oneself is not just to say it on a daily basis, but to practice it. To take care of yourself before anything else, to look after your own needs and requirements-it is not selfish, I realized, but essential. And it is almost as important to reward ourselves for little accomplishments as to shower ourselves with love on special occasions.

Hence, I decided that this year I will celebrate my love for myself right along with celebrating that which I had for those around me.

So when people began sharing ideas for what to get for your loved ones, I began to make a list of what I would like to buy for myself this year. A wish list for Valentine’s day that is, and today I want to share it with you to hopefully inspire you to go and get something for yourself. And if not that, you can use this as a guide for valentine’s day gift ideas for your best girlfriends. Or your singular, very much loved, girlfriend! 😉

So, here it is-my wishlist/ a Valentine’s day gift guide for her.

What are you planning to get for yourself? And for your loved ones? Do let me know, I would love to hear your ideas!


Stop judging a book by its cover

10 Sep

I was sitting at a community table at a coffee shop today, waiting for my friend to show up, when a woman came and asked if she could sit by me.

I thought the gesture kind and a sign of being brought up right, for of course she could, it was a community table after all!

As she sat down, we started conversing, and the flow of it was so good that we did so for a good thirty minutes at least-the time it took my friend to arrive (seriously, though I need to stop getting to meet-ups on time).

However, although the conversation was fun and it felt like two like-minded individuals were talking, she said something towards the end that left me feeling less than great, and yet I realized it wasn’t something new that I was hearing.

Her exact words were ” I am shocked to find out that you are completely different from what I thought you were when I saw you, I wasn’t expecting this kind of thinking from you nor this type of a conversation with you.”

Let me rewind a bit.

You see when she came to me, I saw only a woman. When we were talking, for me,  I was a medical student and she a practicing doctor.

But here is what she, and I think most of the world, saw when she approached me.

She, a burqa clad woman with a niqab covering her face, saw a girl in three-quarter jeans, a top and, (as she pointed out) a made up face and stylized hair. (For the curious ones-I was wearing eyeliner and lip balm and had walked out right after a shower-it was one of my most laid back looks.)

She saw a woman who was everything Islam represented, going and starting a conversation with a woman that in her head embodied everything Islam resented.

And yet, to her shock, when we started conversing she found out that I didn’t only have enough brain cells to hold up a conversation about politics, the rights of women and the importance of career goals, I also had morals as strong as her, a stronger knowledge of my religion and a better realization of the distance we had developed from our religion.

So let me decode her words for you-what she meant was, when she saw me she thought I was a shallow girl with no moral code and no idea of my religion, and thinking back to the conversation, I could see the points she had already tried to prove that to me.

A tiny example, when she tried to make me agree that the girls from my high school have the worst reputation in Lahore, there must be a reason to that, I wouldn’t agree no matter how much she pushed. I might have spent only two years in LGS Defense, but they were enough to prove that those girls were nothing like the reputation that preceded them-but do you know what they had in common?

They were strong, opinionated, ambitious girls who were-you guessed it-fashion forward. Just like I was. Just like Islam told us not to be (in her head, at least.)

However, while I failed to persuade her that most of what she had heard about the school’s girls wasn’t true, I will give her this much though, that she changed her view on me at least. By the end of our conversation, we exchanged numbers and she urged me to stay in contact because she liked me that much.

A small win? Yes, too small in fact and hence, the bad taste left in my mouth wasn’t done away. And although I can’t blame her, I am tired of this.

This perception that because I dress a certain way, my religion is bound to be worse than yours.

I respect every woman who covers her head, those more who follow the rules of dressing in Islam down to a ‘t’, but to the same women, I want to say this-don’t judge me because I am not practicing my religion the way you think it should be practiced. You don’t know how much I pray for the strength to gain that level too, you have no idea of my struggles on that and most importantly, I believe, you don’t know whose way of practicing religion God prefers.

But, just for the sake of perspective-if your Islam was honestly as good as you deem it to be, you wouldn’t be busy judging me.

Honestly, I have been at this end of the conversation times too many. People see me from far and think of me (and even go as far as to call me) an amoral girl or a slut (excuse the language). Till one of them somehow gets to know me and realizes (admitting said realization to my face) of how wrong they were.
But the ones who don’t get to know me, continue on their tangents-with me, with other girls like me.
They see the jeans and the tops and assume we are sluts, assume that we have no sense of our religion, assume us to be below them hence, and the chain of assumptions goes on. If the girl in jeans goes and talks to a guy, he must be her boyfriend. If she goes out with male friends, she must be sleeping with them.
If she doesn’t talk to you, another man, it must be because she is too proud.

If she does, then she is trying to get you in her bed too.

If she wears make up, she is a slut trying to seduce you.

If she dresses fancy, it is to attract you.

Stop. Stop. Stop.

Stop labeling us and putting us in a box just because you don’t get us. We don’t fit the box you are trying to put us in to.

You know how you lie? That is a sin too-oh, I can almost see you smirking as you think to yourself that showing my skin is a bigger skin. Well staring at it is an even bigger one, isn’t it? Gossiping about it is even worse. Spreading rumors, is probably the worst.

But of course, you get to judge me because we sin differently.

‘Sinners judging sinners for sinning differently.’

I learned a lot from this quote, but mostly this-I can’t judge someone for something I deem religiously or morally wrong because I can’t see the whole picture. And I definitely can’t see who God prefers amongst us.

It taught me the need to focus on my own religion, for how can I judge a thief if I am a liar? How can I judge a sinner if I am not a saint?

In short, I am not saying my religion is perfect-but is yours? And yet do you see me pointing fingers? How are you sure yours is better than mine, stronger?

Just because you cover your head makes you so sure you are better in front of God than me, then please continue to bask in that ignorance and judge me endlessly.

But if you can, consider this-what if my morals are better than yours?? What if I am closer to God? What if I do something on a daily basis that God likes more than you covering your head daily?
Do you have any guarantees? Because I don’t.

Consider this-what if not covering up as Islam instructs is my one sin (or amongst a few), and one that I ask for help on a daily basis, one that I regret the most. Look at your list of sins, how many do you have?
Look at that list and shorten it, and stop looking at mine, because that in my head is the most important thing Islam teaches us-no judgement on anyone’s religion, just attempt to perfect your own.

Learn the basics. Learn to be tolerant. Learn to stop judging a book by its cover.
And remember that Islam isn’t about sitting in groups and bashing others on what they wear and how they live their lives, and using that to make yourself feel good about your religion.

Islam is about practicing good deeds, and that too so well that you force the people around you to be impressed and inspired by you to work on their own personas.
Lead by example, that is the basic teaching of our religion!

Hence, I repeat, learn the basics. And remember, that Islam puts women on a pedestal in every way, in every walk of life, then who are you to try and pull them down based on outward appearances? 

More importantly, Islam taught us repeatedly to to look into the hearts of people, not their actions.

The whole concept of intentions is so clear in our religion-a good intention is almost as good to our Lord as a good deed. That in itself shows how important the goodness of our hearts is.

And if you think you can’t know how good someone’s heart is just by looking at them, then how can you judge their whole religion based solely on what they wear?

I end this post on a heartfelt request.
Stop judging us just because we dress differently from you.
It hurts. Me yes, but your religion even more so.


Twenty-something lessons learned

21 Aug

As I turn a year older this week, I sit back and reflect on the year that has gone by. And as I do so, I can’t help but notice all the lessons life has taught me in it. And although some of them were more bitter than not to live through, they were nonetheless important experiences for me to face, to learn from.

Today, I want to share some of those lessons with you, in the hopes that maybe they will aid someone out there in some way. After all, its best to learn from others’ mistakes than to go making your own, right?

  1. Sometimes you will trust the wrong people. It will hurt but you have to realize that it was not your fault and you will have to forgive yourself for it.
  2. Words can hurt more than you realize, so be careful with them.
  3. No one is irreplaceable, except your mother! If someone leaves your side, it is only to make space for another person. So stop fretting over the ones who walk away!
  4. On that note, remember this-hold your family close to yourself but your mother even closer. She is God’s greatest gift to you!
  5. Stop thinking about what others think of you and stop trying to see yourself from their eyes. Don’t re-type that text. Don’t reread what you sent! Learn to see yourself from your own eyes, learn to love what you see. Celebrate every part of yourself!
  6. Believe in miracles. That girl with the three rounds of failed pregnancies will call you from the hospital nursery post the birth of her twins. Your friend will get to marry the man she always loved. The class fellow who seemed to fail at everything will finally meet up with you and brag about all that they have achieved.
  7. Absolute honesty can at times hurt more than you can imagine. Don’t learn to lie, but do learn to identify the exact point where you need to, well, shut up.
  8. Love freely, but expect none in return. If you do, that is recipe for disaster. If you don’t, you shed half of your troubles.
  9. Buy those Stan Smiths. They never go out of style!
  10. Use the words that broke you the most as your biggest strength. Let them drive you to be your best self!
  11. Humility is the sexiest attribute to possess. That and intelligence.
  12. Opening about your insecurities isn’t easy, but if you talk to the right people about them you will be fine. If you choose the wrong person, don’t worry. The right ones will come along soon enough and help erase any harm done.
  13. Don’t pick up that call your instinct tells you not to. F**k your heart. Trust your mind in this one,
  14. Put your strengths in a box, block out everything else and focus on just them. Everything will then fall in place.
  15. Also, block every form of hater and hatred from your life. Don’t be mean, but just don’t give space to negativity in your life.
  16. Being young means you will make mistakes no matter how careful you are, so cut yourself some slack and enjoy life a bit.
  17. You can’t control every situation, it is just not humanly possible. So if things don’t go according to plan, don’t beat yourself down on it. Instead let yourself go with the flow for once!
  18. It is okay to have dreams different from your peers, you don’t have to want what others around you want.
  19. If your career is your number one priority, not only is that perfectly fine, but anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t have your best interests at heart. If they love you, they will support you no matter what, that is how simple the equation is. No ‘raised to the powers’, no variables in this one!
  20. Some people will hurt you no matter how much you love them and some will love you no matter how much hurt them. Cut out the former kind from your life, and start valuing the later group. Those are the ones that will be sitting proudly in the front row, cheering you on for every single one of your accomplishments, because they will be part of the reason you got on the stage in the first place!
  21. Your mom was right about there being a specific way to fold your laundry and to do the dishes and to dry the dishes. In fact, she was right about almost everything. You are old enough now to admit that.
  22. But maybe not old enough yet to admit how much like her you have become!
  23. Don’t let yourself be walked over by anyone, no matter how important they are to you or how much you love them. No one should have that kind of power over you, period.


Letters to you

9 Aug

What a month July was!

I fell in and out of love ten times a day, I did things I had never done before, ate foods I had never heard of and made memories that will last me a lifetime. You guessed it right, I spent the month of July travelling.

And I absolutely loved every minute of it.

And now that it is over and I am back in my country, back with my loved ones, I am living through a bittersweet haze made more confusing thanks to my jet lag!

I have so much to share here with you, so much I am bursting to tell, but I am short on time and feel terribly guilty knowing my posts here will be more infrequent in the upcoming month than ever before!

However, I do promise to try and write to you all as much as I can before my final exams get so close that opening my laptop will become impossible. For that upcoming inevitability, I apologize in advance, but until then here is a sneak-peak into what I am going to be sharing with you in August

As my base camp for July was Chicago, a detailed guide to Chicago will of course be coming your way intermixed with fun stories of my time in the city. Along with that, I will also be sharing with you the best weekend road trip destinations close to Chicago and will share my tips on how to enjoy your weekends in Chicago to the max.

Also, because it took me a trip to Orlando and two days in Disney to figure out how to make the best out of a trip to Disneyland, I will share that with you too in as comprehensive a guide as I needed when I was headed there (and failed to find).

The Friday Five posts will be coming your way too and because I have my birthday coming up in a week, be prepared for a partly corny post on what I have learned in this past year.

There is a lot more on the agenda for what I plan to post here from my trip to the States, but with exams so close, I can’t promise as to when the posts will be headed your way. Hence, keep your eyes peeled to this place (aka, follow my blog here or on Instagram) and watch out for when they go live! Trust me, there will be some crazy stuff in there that you do not want to miss out, especially if you want to hear about some of my most embarrassing moments from the trip!

Really looking forward to writing all these posts for you, even if they will be fewer than ever before-quality over quantity though, right?

Till next time,






How to perfect your airport look

27 Jun

Airport style has intrigued me since well before the age of Instagram and Snapchat, kids. (God, that makes me feel ancient!)

The main reason? I always wondered how all those celebrities looked so good even after having been stuck so long in an aircraft where the air will end up getting as stuffy and stale as in a semi-functional refrigerator. How did their clothes never look crumpled? How were their hair always so perfect?

Over the time, via a lot of hit and trial, I’ve found answers to some of my questions and in doing that, have improved my own personal “airport” style. 

Here is the first lesson that I have learned though-your “look” needs to have a perfect balance of chic, comfy and laid back. Something that looks great when you are boarding but also allows you to relax once you are on that plane!

Finding that perfect balance was the hard part but over the last few years I’ve found a go-to look for travelling and even though I still don’t manage to look as fresh as Victoria Beckham when I get off my flight, I can achieve blogger status in my post flight looks and for me that’s good enough. 

Here are my tips for getting your perfect airport look. 

Don’t wear light colours. 

No matter the length of your flight, even when you are super careful you will end up getting off the plane to find specks of stains of things you probably didn’t even touch. Even if you are super lucky and avoid that, every crinkle gets magnified in light colours and your clothes look like they have never been ironed. And have never been washed (from the overall stale air)!

Wear sweats or tights/leggings. 

Your legs, and your body needs to be able to have breathing space. Tight clothing doesn’t only cut down on that but also keeps you restricted and feeling uncomfortable. Plus, it definitely doesn’t help in your circulation to the lower limbs which is always a major concern for me on longer flights where I know my venous return is already getting compromised from the decreased activity and my posture (ok, too much medical jargon coming in). So for long flights I stick to comfy leggings or sweats!

However, for shorter flights stretchy jeans or cropped boyfriend jeans are my go to. They might not give me the space in long flights but they are “roomy” enough for shorter/domestic ones. 

Later, Layer, Layer 

For me, this has been so helpful. Because I either feel too hot or too cold while travelling. No in between. So, my go to is a loose tee with a light weight sweater , which I can remove or wear as the need be. And a jacket to layer. Stylish yet practical. 

Moreover, carrying a jacket thus has too many advantages-it warms me up when I am feeling too cold. Plus, I usually carry my heaviest jacket thus to cut down on my luggage weight. And, as my jacket collection is one of my favourite things in my wardrobe, any jacket that I fear wouldn’t be able to travel well in the luggage, I board with it. 

Most importantly, slip into the jacket when you get off your flight, and it will hide any imperfections in the rest of your look. (That’s why so many celebrities get off their flights with those cute but well covering jackets.) You will look put together no matter what the state of the rest of you is!

Keep socks 

They will keep your feet warm on the flight. But most importantly, when you walk through the security checks, slip them on and avoid having to walk completely barefoot through the line (and on that carpet)!

Keep your carry on light. 

I used to have so much in my hands I wouldn’t have the time, energy or enough free hands to focus on myself. So, now I keep it all minimal. An easy to manoeuvre carry on and a hand bag. That’s it. I keep the jacket on till I’m in the plane and then remove it or not depending on the temperature.

The girl who looks like she just walked out of the spa, not a flight? That’s one of her secrets. And I say that from personal experience!

Tie your hair. 

I used to think everyone boards the flight with their hair perfect, stays so through out and gets off thus too. I was so wrong. All I have learned is that the easiest way to keep my hair looking presentable is two tiered. Keep them in a loose bun through out (which, as a person with long hair, makes my life easier). And then brush them out and use a little dry shampoo right before landing. Because that is the only way you will look like you’ve showered in your life. Ever. 

Keep an extra pair of shoes 

And that’s the secret to all the heels you see in the “airport looks” done by your favourites. Smart girls always have an extra pair of heels on them that they pull on for boarding the flight and leaving it. Other than that, comfortable flats are all you will see them in. Always. 

Change out of those clothes 

Here is my favourite tip. It might make you feel a little extra, but, keep an extra tee in your carry on and change before landing. Especially if you know someone important is going to greet you at the airport and it has been a long flight. 

Your clothes aren’t the only factors that make up part of your airport looks, general hygiene and how fresh you look are equally important parts of the equation, so here are some tips on them!

Right after take off

Wash your face with a cleanser you prefer (get a travel-sized pack) and ensure that there is zero make-up on your face. Follow that up with a good moisturiser and an under-eye mask. 

In the flight 

Keep yourself well hydrated and avoid coffee and (if you drink) then keep their number minimum too. Drink loads of water, keep moisturising yourself and ask (nicely) for a hot towel or two to keep your hands and face completely clean. Keep breath mints with you and keep using that travel-sized perfume you brought along!  

Right before you land.

Wash your face . Brush your teeth and, if you can, floss. After refreshing yourself, use a little under eye concealer to instantly refresh your eyes. Swipe some mascara and a bit of eye liner. And you will look so much more presentable that even you will be surprised by the change! 


Friday Five 

24 Jun

Happy Friday everyone! This week went by in the blink of an eye and the realisation has left me with mixed emotions. Although I’m excited for what the future holds but I was having so much fun enjoying my vacations that their end is making me sad too!

However, bittersweet or not, I came across a lot many fun things this week which I’m too excited to share with you. Picking my top five was the hardest ever this time around but here they are, just for you!

1. These feminine lace-ups with the cutest details are available at the craziest (read:-ridiculously cheap) price! They are on sale though, so hurry up and get them while stocks last! (P.S. Express has an ‘up to 70% off’ sale going on so do check the whole sale out!)


2. This gorgeous H&M one-off-shoulder crop top that is on sale! And on trend too- we covered them in our June Style report in detail. (H&M has an ‘up to 60% off’ flash sale for today so hurry on over before you miss it!)



Kendra Scott earrings 

3. I’m in love with these Kendra Scott earrings! Honestly, they are cute but crazy, (just like my soul)! Get them here if they speak to you too!




J. Crew skirt

4. This ruffled skirt that I’ve seen on all of the best (and my favourite) fashion bloggers finally went on sale. And I couldn’t be happier!


Stella Sneakers


5. We all know white sneakers are here to stay, then why not add a little heel to them while staying comfortable and stylish? These sneakers by Stella do all that and more, giving any outfit an instant dose of edge. Get yours here!



Weekend city guide-Miami edition

22 Jun

Happy Thursday everyone!

I am calling this guide a ‘mini’ one because I have only ever stayed there for two-three days max! The reason is simple, that’s the max amount of time I can spend doing ‘nothing’.

Don’t get me wrong, the endless ice-creams, the cutesy restaurants and cafes and the party scene there is pretty cool, and I love the quintessentially South Florida scene there, but as a tan person genetically, that is the max amount of sun bathing you will ever catch me doing. Ever. And when in Miami, you can not avoid the sun nor the beach-not enough, not at all!

So here is a Miami guide for anyone looking to do a small romantic getaway or a fun girls weekend there. (P.S., it is absolutely on my list for my bachelorette weekend though, like, duh.)

Where to stay


Delano-a view captured by their own photographer




It might be one of the priciest places to stay at in Miami, but the experience will be worth the splurge! Since it is Miami, the scene outside is the real deal-its infinity edge pool and bungalows with rainfall showers are what draw many a tourist here and the Agua Spa is like the sweet cherry on top of this deal. The suites themselves are nothing short of incredible featuring a tranquil white-on-white design scheme that will calm you to your core! My advice-stay here for one night at least! You will not regret the memories you will make!

Standard miami

The Standard (source: their website)

The Standard

If you are not looking to go overboard with your hotel expenditure (read:if you want to avoid bankruptcy), or if you plan to stay for more than a couple of nights, this one is a great choice! The Standard Hotel and Spa thinks of itself more as a spa with a few guestrooms rather than the other way round and has the perfect environment to help you unwind while you vacation. In between the outdoor soaking tubs, the 90-degree hammam, the cedar sauna and the on-site juice cafe-you will be addicted!


The Sanctuary (taken by their photographer)

Sanctuary South Beach

This is the ideal place to book if you are on a budget and yet still want to feel like you are staying at one of the best spots in the city. Their pool specifically makes you feel like you got more than what you paid for and not only are their rooms spacious and comfy but the beach and several shopping options are close by! The trick though is to book a month or more in advance for which they offer multiple too-good-to-be-true packages.

Where to Eat




This place is one of the most iconic spots of Miami, called by some even ‘the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world’, and you definitely cant leave Miami before going here




If you are into Southern food and that too in a farm-to-table kind of a set-up, this is a must go for you! However, it was their brunch that stole my heart. (Available for weekends only, but too good!)


27 Resturaunt


27 Restaurant

The interior has a colorful, beachy vibe (complete with picnic tables, bright shelving and catchy wallpaper). The menu is a mix of Caribbean, South American and Middle Eastern cuisines, and the food is divine!


ms cheez

Ms. Cheezious

Ms. Cheezious


This place on Biscayne Boulevard is one of a kind for one special reason-it is dedicated to cheese. From mac and cheese to grilled cheese, they serve it all but with quirky twists and at amazing prices. Two words-must go!

Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop

Started by an actual firefighter, they offer some of the best pies in the city-and the serving size of their slices is easily good enough for two! Economical and delicious-what more could one want?

The Local house

One of the best spots for brunch in the city! Their caramelized banana pancakes with creme fraiche are amazing! Also a must try is their crab cake benedict.


Where to get Caffeinated 

Las Olas Cafe 

For me, leaving Miami without trying some Cuban flavor was a huge no so my trip to Las Olas Cafe was a must! And was I glad that we went there. Getting served fantastic cups of coffee in a laid-back setting is in itself worth the extra walk in the May heat but the first sip of my café con leche y azúcar made all the extra effort more than worth it!


Panther Coffee

Panther Coffee 

The reason Panther Coffee Miami Beach is a favorite with both locals and tourists is that it has kind of a Starbucks vibe but with much much better coffees. Plus, while their indoor space is great for work and meetings the outdoor seating in the breezeway is great for a fun, relaxed hangout!

Cafe Demetrio

It is a quaint European style coffeehouse that has some of the best artisanal brews in the city! Housed in a 1920s building with a garden-like terrace, it also offers live music-an over all combination that gives it an old world charm and makes it perfect for an afternoon retreat! Tip-try their Cafe Leo!


Bachour Bakery + Bistro

Bachour Bakery + Bistro

Not exactly a cafe, but their coffee was amazing. However, what made this place an instant favorite for me were their macarons and their pastries! After all, who doesn’t love freshly baked goodies with their morning coffee?


Other than sunbathing on the beaches, that is. 

Rent a bike and explore

Two reasons why I suggest this-one, because this is a much better option than renting a car and trying to get around because parking in Miami, especially close to the beaches, is far from fun-we spent fifty minutes looking for a spot to park and then ended up having to pay extra to a valet to park for us. Secondly, Miami is like one flat biking town, and there is not a more fun and easy way to get from one place to another. Plus there are so many cute hidden spots that you can only stumble upon if you are biking!

Shop at 

The Mall at Lincoln road
It is a pedestrian only strip of boutiques and designer shops that is a must go for anyone looking for a good shopping experience!

Boho Hunter
This place will make you feel like you came to the beach unprepared, but will kindly offer all that you forgot you needed to bring! From wrap headbands for lounging by the pool to cute woven totes to ruffled skirts, they offer everything you will need to buy and then some! (They have an online store too which is ridiculously good!)

Books and books and Taschen (the later is on Lincoln rd.)
These shops are must visits for book lovers, especially if you forgot to bring a book for your day at the beach!

Must See


Art Deco District

The Art Deco district-
The colorful buildings here are world famous, and there reason is pretty obvious for the colors and ‘art’ in them will leave you inspired! It’s an especially good spot for architecture buffs!
Tip:– Head to the Art Deco Welcome Center to get a guided/self-guided tour of the district!

Wynwood Arts District
Home to plenty of art galleries, shops, bars and some really amazing street art, this area is perfect for spending a relaxed afternoon in Miami.

Little Havana-
You can’t visit Miami without a trip to the city’s famous Cuban neighborhood. Packed with cigar shops, galleries, fantastic Cuban food and Cuban coffee spots, it is an experience in itself!

Little havana

A piece of Little Havana




Vizcaya Museum and Garden- It is a national historic landmark and once you see it for yourself you will know what the hype is about! The property reminds you of an Italian villa and is a perfect spot for walking around, taking in some beautiful views and escaping the city’s hustle and bustle!

Must do

Kayak at Oleta River State Park
If you want to experience part of the natural beauty in the area, this park is a good way for that! For a non-sport-loving person like me (no shame, girl) it was an amazing spot for picnicking but locals suggested that the real way to see the park’s beauty was via kayaking! So do give it a try!

How can you not when you are so close to such beautiful waters? There are multiple rental companies to use for this ‘must-do’, though
American WaterSports is usually the safest option. (Full disclosure-I might know how to swim, but huge water bodies scare me so I didn’t even go close to any of the jet skis!)

Enjoy the sunset from the South Point Park-
It is honestly the best spot to catch the sunset, both picturesque (think walkways, benches, green spaces) and relaxing!

Visit Key West
If you have an extra day on your hands, spend it in Key West. The beaches are less crowded and the views even prettier! Plus its famous coral reefs are ideal for activities like snorkeling and diving!


For your sweet tooth


Bianco Gelato

Bianco Gelato

For the absolute best gelato, you have to head here! Not only because of the taste but also because the owners are very quality conscious. Plus, they have so many options that it will leave you astounded-including even dairy-free ones!





Azucar ice cream

If you are amongst those who prefer their ice-creams to any gelato, this place should be on your list. Not only are their flavors incredible but they also make fresh ice-cream daily! It is located in Little Havana so try it out while you are touring the place!


This pop-up cafe is made for sugar lovers, or at least their buttermilk pancakes will make you feel so! A perfect spot for breakfast or for a grab-and-go sweet treat!


I hope next time you plan a visit to Miami, this guide will prove helpful to you! 

Lots of Love,

Ten things I learned in New York

17 Jun

I love love love New York. 

Honestly speaking I am absolutely addicted to the city. The pace, the energy, the constant inspiration from every direction that can at times push your mind into overdrive, but usually keeps making you do your best-it is honestly a city where you feel like no dream of yours is out of your reach.

However, more than that, the city is always going to have a special place in my heart for it saw me stumble through a long month as I made my way around it on my own- adventuring, learning, falling and picking myself back up. At the end of that month though I felt like I could relate with Alicia when she crooned the iconic lyrics. The streets did “make me feel brand new” in a way that I can’t explain, and I felt more inspired there than I had ever before.

2016-06-14 012
Today I am going to share with you some of the lessons that I learned during that month, hoping that some of you will be able to make good use of all that I stumbled upon during my (mis)adventures in New York!

  1. Don’t shy away from asking for help. A smile and a kind “hello” opened up so  many wonderful conversations for me and is one of the main reasons I was able to see a side of NY I had never been able to when I visited it for those four/five days, going to only the mainstream ‘touristy’ spots. A quick question for some advice led me to see/eat at/experience the spots the New York-ers preferred (the ones that weren’t madly crowded by tourists) and I love NY all the more because of those experiences!

    2016-03-25 083

    The (at times creepy) subway

  2. The Subway wasn’t difficult to figure out. At all. It took me a day to get the correct feel of it, and a week to learn the names of all the pertinent stops and even to learn the difference between SoHo, NoLIta etc. Besides, google maps was honestly a life saver for me when all else failed. BUT. Don’t rely on those around you in the subways to guide you correctly. I realized within a couple of days that most of them were either new to the city or tourists and more often than not gave me incorrect advice.
  3. Some of the best places to eat at are in Brooklyn. The place is full of hidden gems including some of the best bakeries (with some of the best bagels) ever! (More on that in an upcoming post.)
  4. Do not leave your house without your ID. Honestly, never ever take the risk!

    2016-07-02 020


  5. The best place to shop in New York is SoHo. Some of the best bakeries and cutest/most hip cafes are in NoLIta and SoHo. Also, you can find some of the best photo-ops in SoHo! My advice, in short, is that even if you are there for only a couple of days, have one meal in SoHo at least. (I will be covering the best spots for that in an upcoming post!)
  6. West Village has the most laid back vibes and is infinitely chic at the same time with some of the cutest bookstores and shopsAlso, because the architecture here is beyond amazing and the tourist flow little, it is an ideal place to get your pictures taken (without getting in the way of others or vice versa)! However, somehow I found the people here most reluctant in making eye contact or being up for a quick chat-or was that just me?
  7. Broadway bites (Greeley Square – Broadway, between 32nd and 33rd Street) might not be a year round thing but if you are there in June/July or in fall, they are a must go! The stalls there offer everything and anything from the funkiest of ice-creams to pasta to the most delicious baked goodies. (Do not go there without cash though!)

    2016-06-14 029

    Le Biblioquet, Upper East Side

  8. If you want to feel glamorous, eat out at a restaurant in Upper East side or shop their. Both experiences for me have been unforgettable.

    2016-03-25 163

    Times Square

  9. Although Times Square is definitely overrated, (I mean the amount of people there give anxiety to my claustrophobia prone self), if you can, stay there late into the night, for a better, more memorable experience. The crowd thins out closer to midnight and the place is far less noisy and much more fun!

    2016-03-25 100

    Central Park

  10. Put aside at least a day for Central Park. It is not a place to stop at between your morning coffee and lunch-if you want to find out why so many people fall in love with it you have to experience it-on foot, preferably. Start at one end, or even midway if you feel like you have little time and do try to cover as much area as you can (going up or down). So many people and websites will point you to the ‘tourist favored’ spots, but honestly every few steps you will come across a view to make you stop and stare-and that is what makes you fall in love with it.

    2016-03-25 108

    Central Park

Bonus tip-try to rent a boat on the Lake in Central park and row your way around it. You will get to see the famous NY skyline from a completely different (and infinitely gorgeous) perspective!


Friday Five

17 Jun

Happy Friday everyone! Thank God the weekend is here-was said not by me because tbh I have been making such good use of my month off from med-school (i.e. I have been sleeping so much) that all my days have melted into one another and my Mondays have been as good as my Fridays!

Sorry, I get to feel this way only for three weeks once a year, hence I had to enjoy this/brag about it. However, I have also got five fab things for you today that I am sure you will love and will hopefully make you equally happy!

  1. The most gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff wrap around watch. 

    Rebecca Minkoff wrap around wrist watch

    Honestly, I was obsessed with it the minute I saw it! It is classy, with a twist and as it doubles as great arm candy it is perfect for travelling when you need accessories but also don’t have a lot of space for too many of them!


    The “Go Naked” Urban decay perfume oil

  2. The new Urban decay perfume oil.
    Not only does it smell divine but it comes in a travel friendly bottle that fits in your purse, is easy to use and has the cutest packaging. It is limited edition though, so hurry and buy it while stocks last!


    Rings from Fervor Montreal

  3. Everything from Fervor Montreal.
    Especially their Chloe collection which is delicate and colorful at the same time.  And their statement rings! Each piece is so versatile, that it can go with almost anything-a quality I always look for when packing for over-seas trips because I want jewelry that can go with more than just one of my looks!
  4. This Furla travel bag which is everything!
    The best part is that it is on sale!! And I feel this bag (or one similar to it) is a must for every fashion-lover out there! It has length adjustable straps and can act as a backpack as well as a hand bag! (I love such flexible pieces!)
  5. This lash primer that has changed my life.
    Honestly, I always thought that lash primers were the most useless make-up item ever. Till I used this one and my perspective (and life) will now never be the same. One swipe of it on my lashes followed by my mascara and it feels like I am wearing the most natural-looking fake lashes. Does that make sense? I hope it does because I mean it-everywhere you go people will be commenting on your ‘brand new lashes’!


Work-friendly cafes in Lahore 

12 Jun

I’ve never been the kind who can sit in a library for hours and study/work. Nor can I do that at home. Being a medicine student though, that equation didn’t work well for me and I had to find a place where I could sit and study for longer than five minutes in a go.

My answer came to me out of forced circumstances. My final exams were just around the corner, when some relatives came to Pakistan to visit us.

The energy levels at home were beyond anything. Everyone was as people should be when they haven’t met their loved ones in years-loud, worked up and ready for laughs on the smallest of triggers.

Fun times but not for someone with their medicine finals so close. One day, tired of the noise levels, I gathered my books and ended up going to a cafe close to my house.

I got more studying done that day than I’d in the past four at least.

And hence it began. My love for studying and working at cafes around town.

However, I soon realised that every cafe wasn’t work friendly. Some didn’t appreciate you sitting for hours after paying for only your coffee while others were too loud or their furniture too relaxed (yes, that’s a thing) to let you work. However, in the past four odd years, I’ve found some favourites for working at. And though I wish that we could have a Starbucks at every corner too where you could sit and work for hours, these cafes have been saviours for me and today I share them with you!

1. Gloria Jeans, Z block DHA:-


It’s at the top of my list for a reason. The staff is infinitely courteous and accommodating. The noise levels through most of the day don’t get too annoying.

However, here is the best part-most weekdays, as you climb their stairs to the upper level you will find almost all the tables occupied by customers working away (or even studying) creating a perfect work friendly environment for anyone. Add to that, their community tables are at the perfect height for the given chairs for any kind of work (hi zero neck strain). And, they don’t guilt trip you for sitting with your single coffee cup-for hours.

Verdict-The staff is helpful, the baristas good at their work and the ambiance always both welcoming and work-friendly.

2. Mocca, Mall one, Gulberg 


The only reason it’s at the second position on this list is that personally it’s a little too far out of my way. Otherwise, it’s as good as Gloria Jean’s Z block for working out of. The staff is diligent, the lighting amazing (minimal eye strain, omg). Add to that their amazing coffee and macaroons and the place becomes the perfect cafe to work out from. Again, a lot of other workaholics come here too and many a times you will find yourself surrounded by a group of other people working or studying there too, creating the perfect ambiance for you to do the same. That stands true especially for the new covered area they have made on their rooftop. (Plus glass walls, omg!)

Verdict-the food options are vast, the coffee is amazing and the staff is helpful but non intrusive, letting you work as undisturbed as can be.

3. Coffee Shop, Defense club, J block DHA

Coffee shop, Defense Club

One place I can sit from morning till evening with minimal distractions, great (usually) coffee and very, very helpful staff-it’s this. And I’ll be honest. I’ve spent many a day here with my laptop or my books. The only flaw is their lack of wi-fi and the at times not-so-good coffee. However, the staff here is made up of the best, most courteous group of people ever which almost make up for the draw backs. Almost.

Verdict-Perfect ambiance for working if you can do so without wi-fi. Or can arrange for your own.

4. Rina’s Kitchenette, DHA


Rina’s Kitchenette 

It is almost as good as the other places on the list. The only issue is, this place can either work really well for you or not at all. How? Because the place is small and if you end up going there during rush hours (or when a particularly loud group of people is there too) it’s not going to work out for you at all. But between the rush hours, the community table on the ground floor is a favourite of mine to work at because honestly their dessert menu is the best in the city.

Verdict-They have the best dessert bar ever and amazing coffee too but the environment can swing from being work friendly to the opposite on different days and during different hours. Hence, it’s a calculated risk at times but a great one nonetheless.

Friday Five

9 Jun

The five travel linked beauty products that we fell in love with this week are listed below. I hope you enjoy them!


Travel essential-Darphin Beauty revealing cream

  1. Darphin Exquisage Beauty Revealing Cream
    Moisturizing should be a key part of your beauty regime no matter if you are travelling or not, but travelling requires you to put extra efforts into the step. This cream is a little thicker than your usual moisturizers but that is why it makes it an absolute in-flight travel essential! It keeps your skin firm and super radiant, no matter how long the flight.


    Travel essential-Aerin rose hand cream

  2. Aerin rose hand and body cream
    Because your face is not the only place that gives in to the drying impact of travelling-you need to give as much attention to the rest of yourself too. This Aerin cream is ideal for keeping your hands and feet moisturized, helping you smell great at the same time! (I might be slightly obsessed with its fragrance, to be honest!)


    Travel essential-Ouai Dry shampoo

  3. Ouai Dry shampoo
    This little guy is a life saver, especially for the days when showering on the go isn’t the easiest task. For me though sometimes even after a good wash my hair looks flat-probably because of the change in air and water, and this spray helps my hair look voluminous again. So, for any time during your trip, if your hair seems too flat and not fresh enough, this will be your savior!


    Travel essential-Kate Somerville Cleanser


  4. Kate Somerville Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
    A good, deep cleaning cleanser is a must when travelling-because you are definitely going to be more in the outdoors than normal. Plus, your skin is never really prepared to deal with the different percentages of bacteria and dust particles in the new environment, so the best way is to keep your skin as clean and your pores as gunk-free as can be. This cleanser is ideal for the required amount of exfoliative treatment, letting your skin remain clean and fresh looking (and far away from pimples).


    Travel essential-Karuna face masks

  5. Karuna face masks
    There is nothing more refreshing (nor better for your skin) than to return to your hotel after a day of sight-seeing and going to bed with a nice face mask. Not only will you wake up the next day re-energized but so will your skin! And these Karuna face masks, especially the hydrating one, is one of my favorites when travelling! It keeps my skin fresh and hydrated, minimizing the break-outs I once used to be prone to while travelling. In fact, the last time I was travelling, I began to break out pretty badly but between the cleanser mentioned above, these masks and this ELF acne fighting spot gel, I was able to make the pimples go away!


10 books to take on your vacations

5 Jun

For some holiday trips are more than just a time to have fun and sight-see, for some it is the only time they get to unwind and the only time they can fit all the the things they have been missing out on, into.

For us book lovers, the knowledge that vacations are the only time for guilt-free book reading (because lets be honest, when has a dead line forced us to give up on reading completely) is both daunting and challenging-more so because finding books that are both scintillating and yet can be called ‘light reads’ is hard. However, not all of us can take up long autobiographies as companions for our beach days (no matter how intriguing they might be) and for those who prefer an easy-going book to take to their vacation spots with them, here is our list for you! Take your pick, kick back in your beach chair and let yourself get lost in the wonderful words of these writers!

For the cafes


The Goldfinch

  1. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt-You will hear people that will urge you to read it because of how well it has been written and those who will cast it away as a ‘children’s book for adults’, but while for the latter you need to remember they cast away Harry Potter in the same way, over all just know this-it is one of the most talked about books of this past decade, even in the literary word and at the same time it is an easy book to read through. And, though many dissent, it does have that Dickensian feel to its writing that keeps you enthralled throughout. If it is one book you can read this summer, read this, it is worth it!
    (Buy here.)
  2. The Twilight wife by A. J. Banner-The book takes us on a journey with Kyra as she unravels the memories she lost to a diving accident, uncovering truths about people she thought were her friends and discovering a past that comes back to her like a terrifying nightmare. An immersive thriller, the twists will keep you involved till the final, shocking discovery while every page leading to it will keep you on your toes!
    (Buy here.)
  3. 13 reasons why by Jay Asher-The book behind the popular Netflix series of the same name, read it if you prefer books to their on screen adaptations. While the season itself is by turns moving, horrifying and enthralling, the book pushes you to question your own actions even more, causing a much needed introspective in its readers! Plus books are always better than their on-screen adaptations, no?
    (Buy here.)

For your favorite cities


  1. It started with Paris by Cathy Kelly-A once in a lifetime moment in Paris starts a chain of events that nobody could have predicted as a young man’s proposal to his girlfriend up in the Eiffel Tower sends ripples throughout their families. A fun read, easy to get through for even the most reluctant of readers!
    (Buy here.)


    I heart New York

  2. I heart New York by Lindsey Kelk- This book is as light heart-ed as they get (without getting annoying, cheesy or boring) and will especially be an instant hit with any SATC lover! First in a series of books on Angela’s quirky adventures, this book introduces us to a cheated-on heroinne running away from a horrible marriage and into the arms of new possibilities and even new love. By turns both cute and funny, it will be hard for you to not to finish it!
    (Buy here.)


    The little Paris bookshop

  3. The little Paris bookshop by Nina George- A protagonist who calls himself the literary apothecary, astutely prescribing the exact books needed to mend broken hearts and souls, yet the only heart he has failed to mend via literature is his own. Haunted by a heartbreak from his great love’s disappearance, he finally gets the courage to open the one letter she left behind-the contents of which take him on a South of France and finally to his own healing. If you’re looking to be charmed right out of your own life for a few hours, this is the book for you! After all, who can resist floating on a barge through France surrounded by books, wine, love, and great conversation-even if comes to you only in written form!
    (Buy here.)

    eat pray

  4. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert-This is one book that can teach you something new every time you read it, therefore don’t shy away from re-reading it. And if you haven’t read it yet, well-why not? An intensely articulate, sensible and by turns funny memoir of a woman’s journey to self discovery, it shows what can happen when you take charge of your life and your own happiness!
    (Buy here!)

For the beach

2017-01-03 012

  1. The forty rules of love-Elif Shafak-A book that needs no introduction, a book that so many have fallen in love with and so many have drawn inspiration from! At forty when Ella receives her first assignment at her new job, she is introduced to Rumi and his works and as she reads more on him she begins to realize his life is starting to mirror her own and, as such, she finds inspiration for her own life in the most unlikely of places!
    (Buy here.)
  2. The unfortunate importance of beauty by Amanda Filipacchi-Centered around two women at the opposite ends of the beauty spectrum dealing with one common problem-finding a love that can overcome their looks. Add a murderer to the mix and you have a perfectly ‘thrilling’ modern-day fairy-tale.  Part literary whodunit, part surrealist farce, it is a book made for lazy beach days!
    (Buy here.)
  3. After you by Jojo Moyes-So many times we read a book that changes our lives forever but also leaves us with the nagging question-‘what happened after’. Jojo gives us that in a book that is almost as impactful as ‘Me before you’ as she shows how life for Lou Clark is after Will, how she dares to fall in love again and how two families, as real as our own, can make us feel their joys and pains like our own. Fall in love with Lou all over again as she tries to get her life back together in a post-Will world.
    (Buy here.)


Friday Five

2 Jun

As promised, the Friday Five posts are back and because we have dedicated this month to all things holiday, our Friday Fives will follow the theme too. This week, we will share with you five travel essentials we have fallen in love with! We hope you like them as much as we liked them for you!

1. For your luggage concerns, we found the perfect brand! Samsonite not only offers bags that are spacious and supper stylish but also ones that are durable. Plus, they have something for everyone-from the businessman to the globe trotter, everyone will find a bag here that suits their persona. For this month though, we picked this super funky red one that has not only been personally tried and tested but it is also on sale.

2. We might be slightly rose gold obsessed. But when you add that rose gold to our favourite brand, we are sold! These rose gold Beats wireless headphones are so good that we couldn’t resist buying a pair for ourselves too! (Buy here!)

3. Passport holders/covers are like bobby pins. The more you buy, the more you need! Picking one favourite from the thousands we fall in love with daily was hard, but here is the one that seemed to literally woo us. Or maybe the line on it says out loud what our souls feel-either ways here is our current favorite passport holder!

4. Reading in-flight is something almost all of us end up doing. Somehow the in-flight entertainment offered is never good enough. But finding a good read for the flight isn’t an easy task either. We asked our in-house book-lovers what their suggestion for a “vacation” book would be, and this is the one we all seemed to agree on- “The ministry of utmost happiness” by Arundhati Roy. (Because…why haven’t you read it yet?)

5. Comfortable shoes should be at the top of your list when travelling because bad shoes make for a bad travelling experience. Our favourite pick are these sneakers which feel like a party on your feet (even after hours of wearing them)!

XO, Team TMW

Trend report-June edition

1 Jun

1. One shoulder tops

Because cold shoulders are too main stream now!

If you want one for a steal, the option below from Storets is amazing.

(Get here! Or get a variant of it here. )



But the top that added new life to the trend is this one from Mr. Self Portrait! It is a splurge, but these wide-sleeved shirts are the latest fashion-favourite for they include another much-loved trend, wide stripes!


2. Mis-matched earrings


All the cool kids are mixing and matching their earrings. What about you?

You can get them here/here for a steal and here if you feel like splurging!

Charlize Theron brought the trend into limelight again, via her Chopard earrings at the Oscars. Note that one has a heart-shaped  pendant while the other has an oval one. 



3. Pin straight hair

Thank you KimK for bringing this trend back, because honestly we don’t think we could stomach another head of curled hair. Not on us, not on anyone else!

Bonus tip: Couple your sleek-straight hair with a lob and be the group’s cool girl!


Olivia Culpo


4. Tassel(ed) earrings 

They are fun, quirky and come in so many colours. Brb, as we run to get ourselves some.


You can buy them here or here (steal). And here ! And for Pakistanis (especially Lahoris), check out these ones from BTW*Esfir!

To get earrings similar to the style above, check here!

5. Ruffles. Ruffles. Ruffles. 

Enough said!


Zimmerman top

Get similar looks from here, here and here! Or try this H&M top whose color you will fall in love with!

6. Cute little ‘hand bags’

Let’s be honest, when are they not in style?

Some of our favourites are the Small Marcie Saddle bag and the Small Grained Calfskin Faye Shoulder bag from Chloe, and this Valentino!

But our favorite most is this Celine photographed below!


Celine-Aimee Song

7. Gucci-esque flats 

Let it be known that Gucci made these slightly manly and very office-wear inspired flats the “in thing” but the brands around caught up fast enough! For us though, the Alexander Wang flats photographed below win the race! Best flats ever? We think so too!

Get them here!! 

Or a similar style for a steal price here!

Wang-Blank Itinerary 

Catch you next month with another fun-filled trend report, until then,
Ciao! xoxo

Letters to you

1 Jun

Hi everyone,

It’s finally here! June, the month that for so many (especially for college students like me) marks the start of summer vacations! Oh, how we have waited for it!

Now that it’s here, I am pretty sure most of you have begun planning (or are already setting off) for your vacations.

Which is so cool, and all my best wishes to those who have already planned it down to a T! But for those who feel like you need more inspiration or just some tips on what to take and how to pack, and where to go-don’t worry, we have got your back!

We here at TMW, are dedicating June to Holiday planning! (Cue five minutes dance party!)

It is time to get your holiday planners out! And if you aren’t sure where you want to go to, then stay tuned for our post on ten of our favourite spots for holidaying which we have written with all types of vacationers in our mind!

If you already have a specific location in your mind then our travel guides on Chicago, New York, Miamiand (cue extra special sound effects) Lahore might be all the help you need!

If you are fine on all these ends and just need some extra help in packing, watch this space for our tips on packing when you travel internationally and when travelling nationally. 

If you are looking for lights summer reads while vacation-ing we have got you covered!

What to wear on vacations is one of the hardest questions ever but we will answer that too along with a trend report on what’s hot this month in the fashion world! Plus we have an extra-yum post on our favourite holiday style tips, all just for you!

For a bonus post, we have asked beauty experts for in-flight skin care advice to keep our skin from breaking out when we jet set to our vacation spot. Sounds intriguing? I hope you like it even better than us when the post goes live!

And finally, for the ones who because of any restraints (family, work, job) can’t travel, we worked on something that will help you fight off that wanderlust!

Our Friday Five will relaunch this month too, featuring all things holiday all through June, and for the desi foodies out there, we have a really special post on all the best spots to eat and work at in Lahore!

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Father’s Day, and have a really fun post planned for it. But the post in itself is a surprise, so no sneak-peaks for this one!

Does what we have in store sound like fun to you? The posts themselves are even more fun and have a lot more to offer than I’m letting on! So you will have to keep an eye out for them as June progresses! (See what I did there?)

I am really looking forward to your feedback on all the posts we are working on for you! Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions or requests for any particular posts!

Lots of love,


Our advice:-sign up for our mailing list or follow the blog so you know as soon as the post you are looking forward to goes live!

Five shoes to lust over

17 Apr

This week’s theme for five things is on a topic close to the hearts of many girls-shoes!

Here are five shoes that aren’t just drool worthy but also ones that we urge you to add to your summer wardrobes as soon as you can!

  1. The ones for all your ‘lawn jodas’:-


    They are elegant and versatile, perfect for the hot weather and don’t take a toll on your wallet!
    Buy them or more like these here!

  2. The ones that you can wear with your jeans as well as with your midi-skirts.
    Dress them up or down, they are perfect for summers, plus they are a complete steal in place of the wonderful Sam Edelmans (which not all of us can afford)!


    Chapter 13


    Sam Edelman

    Buy the Chapter 13 ones here and Sam Edelmans here!

  3. For the desi in you:-


    By Uzma Pirzada

    Buy these and similar pretty ‘khussas’ by contacting the brand here!

  4. For the sporty-chic look, these both were so summer perfect that we couldn’t pick one!


    Antonia Melani

    Buy them here!!



    Buy these Halogens here!

  5. For the party girl (who can’t deal with stilettos in this heat):-


    Marc Fisher

    Buy these wonderful wedges here!

Five women who inspire us

10 Apr

This week’s Five things’ theme is:-


Women who inspire us

We present to you five women who have bravely started off or are already running small businesses in Lahore while managing their studies, their social lives and their jobs on the side too, because apparently “too much on my plate” is a phrase they know nothing of.

1. Sugar craft by the dynamic sister duo, Shanzeh and Aleezeh Salman

thumbnail_image (1)

Shanzeh Salman

Do you know what is better than home-baked goods which are tastier than what you have eaten at even the best of the bakeries around town? When these goods are almost as good in their looks too, making you want to eat your cakes and have them too! So while you are left in a quandary over whether you should eat their items or save them for decor, our advice would be to take a bite-because the heaven in your mouth will be worth defiling their beauty.
Here is what the sisters had to say about their brand:

thumbnail_image (2)

Aleezeh Salman

“We love working together, baking magic together. My cozy business-minded, kung-fu Panda sister and I, a slightly clumsy art student, spend hours in the kitchen experimenting. It oddly feels like home, recreating old recipes, and playing around to customise new ones; knowing that you’ll create something you can call your own. Sugar Craft means a lot to us! It’s super cosy 🕊”

Find them here!!

2. Maven Clothing by designer extraordinaire, Aisha Malik

Aisha Malik

Who doesn’t love a nice desi wedding? Everyone does, yes? But the one problem we all always find ourselves facing is-clothes. We all want something pretty and traditional, yet something that makes us stand out and be different! Enter Maven, a brand that does formal clothing with such a subtle western fusion that you are left with clothes desi enough to please your grandmother and yet cool enough to help you stay in the spotlight.
We asked Aisha her plans for the brand and here is her answer:

“MAVEN by Aisha Malik eagerly aspires to dress up all those beautiful women out there with the latest, chic and minimal cuts incorporated with our very own developed embroidery. I felt the need of introducing MAVEN to provide our clients with the best fashion trends incorporated with the best fashion consultant in town.”

Visit their Instagram or Facebook page for more information!

3. Makeup by Hira Khan by the brilliant make up artist, Hira Shahraiz Khan

One line-she doesn’t believe in the art of caking! And we were sold. However, what gains her more respect is that she isn’t just amazing at her work, but she is also a brilliant teacher and the kindest person to work with. She can do make-up for any occasion-party, wedding, dinner date,you name it-and no hair-do seems too hard for her to pull off. Plus, she can teach it all to you too! All in a day’s work!
Hey, girl, superman just called to ask why you wont stop stealing his thunder!!
Here though is all that inspired the maestro into becoming who she is today:



Hira Khan

“Makeup had always been a subject of interest to me. Everyone has their own way of expressing the creativity that exists within them. For me it was makeup, I always felt that there can be no better canvas than the face so that’s when i decided to pursue makeup as a career choice. What inspires me is the concept of “Less Is More”. I believe that makeup should be used to enhance the beauty that already exists and nothing should be over done.”

Check her work out here!

4. Bakeology by Saira Qayyum Malik
This little home based baking business might be new in town, but I can personally vouch for three things-the experience of the woman behind it, the taste and the proffesionalism! All of it is beyond any you will find in many of the ‘well established’ baking businesses in Lahore. Fair warning though, this one business is going to be one you need to be watching out for!
Here is what the owner told us when asked what inspired her to finally put years of practice and experience into use and begin this business:


From Bakeology

“Translating my ideas into confectionary is something I really enjoy and cherish! So I finally decided to make use of all that I have learned in my life and bring to my customers something only years of experience in baking could-finished products with old world charm and perfect taste!”

Visit their page here to learn more about them!

5. Into the kitchen by Muzna Ali Khan
She doesn’t run a business per say, but we believe it is more of an “as yet” situation because with cooking skills like hers, she is bound to be running a well loved eatery soon enough. Till then, enjoy her food via her blog where she shares her personal recipes without qualms. The icing on the cake is that her recipes are so easy to follow that even we got them!
We asked her how she manages it all with her grueling medical school routine and here is the answer that left us all stunned:


Muzna Ali Khan

“I came up with this idea before my third year finals (in medicine school). Since they were postponed, I decided to channel my energy towards something I loved doing and hence this blog came into being. Our routine (as medical students) is very hectic, but you make time for what you love. I have at times skipped college to post a recipe I really want to share and the love I get in return from my followers is what makes it all worth it. I am on my 90th recipe and I plan to do a giveaway when I reach the hundredth! My blog is something that helps me get away from the stress of my university and something I love too, so it isn’t a burden, rather an outlet!”

Find her blog here !


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