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It’s one of those days!

30 Nov


I have been down that path,
So believe me when I say,
It’s not worth your time nor the pain,
Just climb out, just leave, don’t stay.
The cold in there might whisper incarnations,
Then Your heart might just fall in love with the dark,
Leave before your mind decides,
The quite is better then the music of the lark.
Don’t say, you can’t try,
Don’t say it’s not worth the effort,
Don’t say you feel too week,
Don’t, please don’t, say you are too hurt.
Your heart will heel,
But not down this road,
Turn around, come with me,
I will show you the world.
Look at the butterfly flutter,
It’s colors will spread in the air,
Run in the fields with no shoes,
Breathe in, smell, feel the wind in your hair.
Look at how the moon shines,
The twinkling lights around it so fine,
Look at the forms of the clouds,
Hear the wolf whine.
Touch, the tree, feel its wooden bark,
Then you will see, how soft can the flowers feel,
Don’t let their thorns scare you away,
Stay and some fireflies we can steal.
Have you ever stood,
In the warmth of a flowing stream,
On a sunny day please,
Let’s lie in the lush grass and dream.
We can walk the roads that lead to the South,
We can sail across oceans, fly to countries far,
But please, oh, please don’t go,
Down that path to the bar.
It will take you right back, away again
It will steal you from us, why don’t you hear,
I can’t lose you, you can’t leave me,
Drop that bottle you hold so dear,
What can glass, what can liquor, what can wine,
Give to you that I can’t, what you won’t
Take from me, your sorrows, I know,
Are deep, but now it’s me they haunt.
Let it go, I will make us new memories,
For the old ones can forever be buried,
Dear, you need a funeral,
But one that’s not too hurried.
I offer you me, I offer the world,
say goodbye to those dark sighs,
Throw away the bottle,
Because, when you come out the bar,
I will be right here to help with the goodbyes!

Shoes-by Aldo!;-)


Beckham-Style file!

30 Nov


She has done everything and she has always (excepting those few teeny times) done it right. From being the popular singer in Spice Girls and becoming the punk chic, to marrying David and then to being a muse and a designer, Victoria B has been everywhere, done all of it and over the past couple of years, she has even given us ample reason to respect her style and her labels.
And this look of hers in orange just helps ensure that respect stays intact.
For those of you who don’t know it yet, this orange-sorbet color is by far the color of this season and everyone agrees it looks best with blacks, nudes or dull golds, including Mrs. Beckham herself!
She always has had spunk and spine, and this look just shows the height of her confidence.
I remember watching an interview of hers a year back when she was asked what she thought about getting the most good looking man as her husband, and her reply still makes me proud as a girl. She said, “I believe we both compliment each other perfectly. We look good together.”
If you didn’t get it, she meant I am as good as him. Don’t undermine me!
So, if you believe you are half as strong minded, self respecting or self-confidant as her, get your orange on.
For the weaker lot, here is a tip, start by adding bright orange shoes to your outfit before moving on to accessories, then orange tops and then maybe even the whole thing, but always counter the drama of it with something dark like her black top or something reserved like her dull gold clutch.
Who said there couldn’t be spring in winters? Let’s prove them all wrong!


Leighton Dazzles Again

30 Nov


No, I am not Gossip Girl obsessed! Yes, I like the style of the two lady stars. I also like Miranda and Kate, but no it doesn’t make me crazy. It just makes me a fashion fanatic.
Now that we have established that, here is a latest pic of the gorgeous Leighton at a recent party also attended by the likes of Karlie Kloss.
I am in complete love with her hair style, but even more the tone and cut of her dress. She looks smart and sassy and yet elegant. Her accessories are minimum but her red lips save her from being a bore.
However, you might buy that dress, get that haircut, yet the best way to be as beautiful and attractive as her is to have skin as fresh as hers. Here are three expert tips for glowing skin to help you with that, so you can make your ex repent and your crush drool.
1. Before getting into bed, put two drops honey and and two drops water on your palm and then gently rub your hands on your face. Wash it the next morning. Make this routine a part of your life, and be fresh forever.
2. Mix honey and brown sugar for a rough scrub and wash your face twice a day with it-keep the mix refrigerated in hot weather in an airtight jar!
3. Indulge in water and honey, they are as good for your skin when taken in as when used on it. Also drink green tea for great metabolism and healthier you.
Remember, you look good when you feel good. Eat healthy, don’t over stress and be young forever!

You are what you eat-beauty expert

Happy holidays!


Art of elegant sensuality

29 Nov


David Bellemere does it again! He photographed this model for Vogue Paris and the way he has captured her bold sensuality in that elegant attire, the life in her posture, the joy in her stride and the thoughtfulness in her expression-it’s all just priceless.
He has been one of my favourites since a long time now. But this might just put him somewhere in the top of that list.
He has this uncanny ability to capture sexuality in every woman, no matter the setting, while simultaneously giving them a soft, romantic touch. And at the same time adding a story to the picture.
This particular photograph is so inspiring, it’s making me think of all kinds of stories as to where she is coming from, whom she is going to, what time of the day it is and so on and so forth.
To tell you the truth, I am itching to write a whole story on her, leading her to and away from this photograph!
But if I do it or not, that I am not sure of yet, what I am sure of is this-I am going to save up and buy one of his originals.
What do you think, do you like his work? Here are some more photographs to help you decide!20121129-171920.jpg20121129-171939.jpg




J Crew in London?

29 Nov


Oh wow, they finally realized it was time to make the move to London! Took them long enough (honestly even I know how much market they would have there)!
Anyways, it’s never too late! Congrats to J Crew for the decision and to London-ers for the great new! Who couldn’t live having J Crew store in their own city? But are your lists ready and wallets packed?

Happy Crew-ing!


Kate M’s new cut!

29 Nov


She seems to get more chic, more elegant and more beautiful everyday.
So, when Duchess of Cambridge walked into an event supporting this new flick above 24 hours ago, many were dazzled by the youthful effect of her brown curls and new fringe, including myself.
However, there were some who felt otherwise too-giving us mixed reviews-what do you think?

Here is the whole story!

Oh, also, she recycled her Mulberry shirt from last November. Do you remember where she wore it last?


The black dress just got SEXIER

29 Nov

Unlike the popular vote, my favourite girl on Gossip Girl isn’t the scheming good girl, Blair Waldorf, as cute as she might be. Rather it has always been Serena Van Der Woodsen with her hot dresses, her great looks and her often notoriously famous affairs.
So when she puts on a black dress, expect nothing less then bone melting sizzles from her and, despite her turn for being the good girl, she didn’t disappoint.
Here she is marching out of a gala, after hearing some not so great news, with her expressions delectably apprehensive, her gold locks in a side braid and that long, lust-worthy figure wrapped in the black dress modestly enough to catch your eye, but her curves highlighted enough, her long legs prominent enough, to make you hold your breath!
Don’t you just wish that you too could exude such controlled sexiness with that careful veneer of chic elegance?
Well I do!
And I am already looking for a black dress just like that!
Who says LBDs are a wardrobe essential, this long black one just became mine! What about you?


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