The joy of week-ENDS!!

9 Nov

Hey guys,
Weekend is here and I for one couldn’t be happier because I got to hangout and have loads of fun with two of my best friends whom unfortunately I hadn’t been able to see in ages and we obviously needed to catch up on a lot-despite talking daily via social media-together at last!
But that is not the only cause of my happiness! Weekend means being at my mum’s when my sister comes over with the two best, cutest and most spoiled-yet-loved brats i.e. my niece and nephew of course!
Weekend means getting to eat one of those gorgeous halwa puri breakfasts from Capri(if you are from Lahore you know what I mean)! And above all weekend means partying through the night and spending the day in your pjs while you get up to date with your family (and that includes the drama those deep discussions might end with!:P)
Anyways, that is my view of weekends, and though most people out there would have completely different reasons for loving them, they would agree that the thought of the weekend is what helps them make it through the week.
But hey, I am not much in mood for some deep philosophical essay on weekends nor a psychological analysis on why they are universally loved, rather I have in my mind a list of things all of you should try to have a better weekend!
Mind you Lahoris, this is for both genders, however, if you find something that you think isn’t for yours (gender that is) then you are probably right!;)
1.Coffee, Tea and Company, DHA branch-If you haven’t been there yet, save yourself the social suicide, grab your buds and get moving there! I always recommend their Toffee fudge but their steaks and baked goodies are to die for too!
2.Cinema-there is always this weird thrill I get when I watch the late night show on Friday night, but whatever hour you choose go watch a movie in one of our great cinemas this weekend with some best buds and buttered popcorn-I hear Skyfall is showing!;-)
3.Gloria jean’s/Hotspot: you might think the two deserve different bullets, but I believe that they are more or less the same except where hotspot has been the traditional after-dinner destination for some Gloria jean is more a new comer and has less attractive posters. Be what it may, one of these you should put on your weekend to-visit list.
4. Jalal Sons-okay, this is here not just because of there AH-mayyyyyy-ZING pizzas and icecream but also because it’s the perfect grocery destination and we all know weekend is THE time to go grocery-shopping!
5. Shahzad-or whichever else DVD store you like! What’s a Saturday night without an after midnight movie with your loved ones?
6.Spa-okay guys if you don’t have the masculinity to face this skip on this one but ladies I insist, go relax and rejuvenate yourself in a good spa with some heavy pampering (tip your attendee extra for royal treatment)! God knows, we need to be our best before we start fighting our way through Monday to Saturday!
7.Shopping mall-my mother disagrees, but I feel sometimes not just shopping but a butt load of window shopping is great therapy and I advise to go indulge in one of the happening malls to get some FREE fun, and don’t forget to take your bestie along. Who better to appreciate all the eye-ahm-candy?
8.The posh dine-in-I like to end my weekends one of the two ways, with a good book after a manicure, or a cozy high tea at a nice expensive place to feel all that great about yourself, maybe Aylanto or Cosa? But don’t have too much fun, save some energies for the week too!
9. Local sports grounds-Now this is one just for the men! If you aren’t into movies or shopping (oh god the monstrosity) and aren’t even planning a game night, then I suggest grab your phone, call some buddies and go play some ball in a local court. Believe me, my brother was never more happier then after a good match or maybe…some Dota?
10.Gym-weekend is the best time to workout without the tension of wasting too much time. And yes, I plead to you all, don’t just sign up for these gyms rather utilize their facilities! Most are not even expensive! And it’s not just about being smart, it’s about being healthy.
11. Bar-be-que-I know it’s seems I put it all their but there is one thing which we don’t do often but I wish we could do it every week-and no this is not a reminder of your Juma prayers, I hope you don’t need one-I mean a bar-be-que dinner of course!
In a perfect world there would be bonfires and bar-be-ques with family and friends every weekend but if you can’t do that I still suggest once in a while go for it! It’s worth it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any criticism feel free to post!
Au Revoir and HAPPY WEEKEND!!


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