CTC-They should pay me, I am their best brand ambassador

11 Nov


No, unfortunately this didn’t end in my tummy. I was sick so I went for the Hot and Sour soup (which was fab too) and while I was soothing myself with that, I began to look around and tried to pick things I liked and didn’t like about people’s dressing. Here is a shortlist, as much as a hope to make you avoid their mistakes as a prayer that you go for the do’s-
1. Dont-I saw several people, dressed rather nicely with hair made and great shoes but DIRTY nails. All sorts too, half bitten, unshaped, varying shapes, with dirt in them, with wearing off nail polish and the list goes on. Please people-take a moment and look at your nails and ask yourself, are they presentable? And fix them if they aren’t!
2. Don’t-There was this one girl, but I have seen more like her around, who waltzed in wearing a ton of make-up and her night suit which boasted off a high-end brand and then sat with her friends for an hour long dinner. Dearie, that kind off attitude is not even liked in west if that’s what you are shooting for. Stop doing what you see in movies in hopes of being westernized! They are just movies for Heaven’s sake! If it’s an emergency, if you are just going to pop in and pop out of a public place even then the act is JUST passable. But if you have time to put cakes on your face you should have time to change the night suit no matter the brand!
3. Do-Take inspiration from this girl. She was there with her two kids and in complete mom mode, but she had enough self respect to make herself presentable. She wore nice skinnies with a mid-length cashmere sweater and a stylishly messy up do. Best of all, she hadn’t felt the need to cake her face with cosmetics and she looked more gorgeous for that.
4. Do-This is a fashion etiquette most of us miss on, dress according to your body. Example: a tall yet chubby girl made good use of her thinner legs by wearing bright tights while wearing a nude colored shirt to take attention from her slight chubbiness so she looked laid back and spectacular and so much thinner!
5. Don’t-If you have chapped lips, put some balm on them, then let them heal before you put on a bright lip color. It’s not attractive otherwise!
6. Don’t-wear sleeveless if your appointment at the parlor is over-due! Same goes for chiffon sleeves and stockings!
7. Do-wear a smile, it makes for a beautiful you!



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