Who runs the world? GIRLS-top 10 movies for girls

11 Nov

Hi guys,
I was talking to my friend last night, and we ended up planning a meet-up for next Saturday (hope it works out). So anyways, we got stuck deciding on how to spend the day-yes we are free enough to spend the whole day together and that doesn’t make us any less cool-and we decided to spend it doing a marathon of girly movies. What we wanted though was movies that weren’t just chick flicks, rather movies that inspired us some way and we ended up arguing exactly which would be the best for our marathon. I wanted something fun, she wanted something more arty and we ended up compromising as we made a list of the 15 (that’s the most we could short list it) we had like to watch. So I decided, why not put up ten of them here for you girls, remember these aren’t those you are unfamiliar with and that’s what makes them the best!
Here then ladies, is the list;
1. Annie Hall-Annie is played by the dashing Diane Keaton in one of her best performances ever. This movie came out in 1977 and gives a very nice feel of that time, the cultural scene and the clothing style back then,as we follow the Midwestern girl find herself. Hilarious and romantic-watch it once and you will be forever hooked. Plus, as the fashion scene from back then is making its way onto the fashion ramps again this movie is a great source for your fashion inspirations for this season!
2. About Last night-yes another oldie, but also a certain goldie! Demi Moore gave a wonderful performance in this romantic-drama which follows Moore’s elationship after a one night stand-watch it and fall in love with it (as if the opposite was even possible).
3. Mean girls-my above mentioned friend disagreed with this at first but I have to say, no list would be done justice to if this stellar of a movie was not on it. I watched it first when I was twelve and still love it as much as then. With a cast, which people couldn’t have known back then would become superstars (or drug addicts) soon including Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Tina Fey and of course Lindsay Lohan, this movie is still as much the favorite chick flick as ever!
4. Diary of Anne Frank- I would rather have here A walk to remember but I couldn’t disagree with my friend that this is one moving, inspirational movie which teaches us no matter how drastic our circumstances we should never give up faith or hope like Anne didn’t. She kept true to herself, as the spirited girl gives us a lesson in life just as much as in history. And it shows that we are at the end made of steel!
5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s-to be honest I was a fan of Audrey Hepburn (thanks to Sabrina and her fashion) long before I watched this movie but it made me respect her all the more once I had watched it. On the surface it’s just a romantic comedy but as the movie unfolds it shows us such a deeper side to Holly who is crazy about Tiffany’s and loves fashion and parties but who deep down is hiding from herself, her emotions, love, commitment. She lost her will to belong as she had lost so much more and the movie ends with showing her finally on the path to rediscovering it all. Honestly I could right an essay on this one, but I will end with saying its a must watch.
6. City of Angels-if you haven’t watched this moving movie that featured the best romance of the century along with Iris then believe me you have missed something wonderful. It’s not just the unattainable love that makes it a hit, but the award worthy performance by Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan that immortalized it!
7. Girls just want to have fun-when you have a movie that combines the stylish Sarah Jessica Parker, romance, dance and fashion with a drool worthy hottie Lee Montgomery and some drama, that’s when you get Girls just want have fun. This movie is one I am sure everyone has watched but if you haven’t, then what the heck are you waiting for?
8. Devil wears Prada-Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, a window into the fashion world and the best spin on Anna Wintour’s way of managing the real Vogue-oh God must have been very pleased with us the day he gave us this movie. If you can’t watch it for any other reason, watch it for the amazing performance the legendary Meryl Streep gave in it!
9. A walk to Remember-the timeless love story by Nicholas Sparks brought to life beautifully by Mandy Moore and Shane West as they take you from laughter and joy to sadness and longing to the realization that true love is eternal.
10. Pretty Woman-honestly this should have been high up there on the list along with Runaway Bride but let me just do away the guilt by saying this is one of my personal favorites with an EPIC performance from Julia Roberts as she finds her way back to self respect and self belief right before she finds happiness! One of a kind, this movie makes you respect the little things you take for granted!

Well that’s that! My list for you guys. If you are interested in some of the other movies we decided on they include Bridesmaids, Notebook, Life as we know it, Jab We met and 300 days of summer.




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