She has got all the do’s!!

11 Nov


She looks perfect, effortless, chic and oh-so-elegant. How does she do it?
The answer is here, she rejects the don’ts and owns the do’s!
-she is wearing high-waisted pants but rather then going neon or for bright prints she makes it modest with the black color and the longer in-seam hence working them without looking trashy.
-a major don’t for high-waisted pants is to couple them with fitting tanks or flashy, cut-out tops. On the other hand the “do” is a loose shirt and she is rocking the do with that laid back billowy top. But remember its not oversized, the top fits her perfectly on her arms and around her neck.
-all black looks are fine, till a point! She keeps the point in check with that beautiful gold belt that also accentuates her waist and the gorgeous understated golden necklace offset by the boat-neckline! And the gold cuffs bring the whole look together.
-her dress had some structure yet still looked a little laid back and casual so the product was undecided, but her look got a sharpness, an elegant almost energetic vibe due to the structure her clutch provided putting her out of dangerous waters. A hobo, a tote or anything else would have been a disaster!
-a braid would again have destroyed the look and a professional bun confused the idea behind it. So she pulls her hair in a loose knot with strands escaping it and makes herself effortlessly chic.
Now the next time you want to wear high waisted pants, remember they have drama in themselves so tone them down but just enough that you reach elegance and avoid being trashy with too tight ones! And believe me, the streamlined beauty of these pants can only be respected by pointed-toe shoes and sleek, structured bags! And avoid chunky jewelry with them, there is a limit to being “out-of-box”, you cross it and you are right there in the crazy zone!
Tip:-gold cuffs are timeless accessories and are a must have in every wardrobe! Investing in them is like investing in an LBD!


2 Responses to “She has got all the do’s!!”

  1. lizlauren1 November 12, 2012 at 5:34 am #

    such a great post! I’m glad you found me on instagram! great blog!


    • gullhasnat November 12, 2012 at 5:35 am #

      Thanks I am glad I found you too!!:-*

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