Art-what’s your definition?

12 Nov


Art, such a simple three letter word but yet it holds so much in it-it holds the key to creativity, it is a two way door that opens from within you directly to the world, it holds in itself power and can stimulate any and every emotion inside you.
Art is inspiration, art is joy, art is peace, art is calm, art is fight, art is your voice, art is drama, art is passion, art is theatre and photography and design and baking. It’s inside us, it’s outside us, it flows with the dialogue of an actress, it comes to life with the clicks of a camera, it breathes through the strokes of a brush, it lives in the creativity of an interior designer.
Art has the ability to do so much, to give so much, to attain so much-and yet, art is one thing least respected in our country.
Cultural arts, liberal arts, cooking, baking, photography, drama, creativity-all these aren’t shunned by us, they are just topics avoided, sidestepped. It seems no one is interested enough to give them a second glance and hence art has suffered. And hence, the will to be different and original seems so shriveled and dried up inside us. Art is always second, every kind of it, to other more “serious” things. But who said arts is not serious? Who said that it is not important?
I hate to look around and see people following cycles decided for them, not willing nor wanting to break free of them and looking sideways only to mock those who did try to be different, unique-who tried to make their own cycles. Who get rejected for being different and who either at some stage succumb to the system ruling us and make their way back into it or lose all self esteem and just wander off!
No? You think what I say is exaggerated? Then I need to ask you to please stop seeing what we are being shown and just throw a glance around.
The good part is in the past years, when you weren’t looking some people did look around, rather tried to do more then that. The sad part is that although they realized all this to be true, they gave up their fight for originality, creativity too soon, too completely.
Those who haven’t, they are whining and moaning their way there too.
What we need to realise is that in a war so important, giving up is not an option. That when people are not making ways for you, you need to plough through them, bulldoze through them, break through them and for that we need two things, a true undying love for arts and the willpower never to give up. And, secondly, we need to rise in numbers that will astound the men around us and then take back what is rightfully ours.
I invite you to join me in this aim as I open this blog as a platform for your originality, your creativity.
Whatever you are or want to be, a photographer like none other, a baker out of this world or an interior designer sure to set the world ablaze-you will always be welcomed by me. I will feature you, promote you and be besides you till my limits allow me.
Remember, we need to do this in the name of creativity! For us!


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