Converse for fans, really Kristen?

12 Nov

Recently when asked for her reason of wearing converse to the red carpet, the infamously famous and the famously infamous Twilight series starlet replied, she wears them because she can sign more autographs for fans in flats.

“I just so wholeheartedly disagree with people who don’t like what I wear,” she said, adding that she isn’t keen on actresses who are “more concerned about looking pretty in your heels, and so you’re walking slowly down the line. Put a pair of sneakers on.”
Yeah sure, that is exactly the reason behind it. She loves her fans enough to give up fashion ettiquetes for their pleasure. It has got nothing to do with her own ease and none whatsoever that she has her own style.
Personally I wouldn’t be caught dead in such an ensemble but if you are different enough to like it, wear it-then please be bold enough to at least own it.
I have nothing against her personally but it’s just sad when you can’t even be true to who you are!




2 Responses to “Converse for fans, really Kristen?”

  1. angrymiddleagewoman November 12, 2012 at 1:17 pm #

    I’ve never cared for her or Robert Pattinson since I saw their very first interviews years ago. They both try way too hard to be cool and act sullen. Very UN-Bella and UN-Edward!

    • gullhasnat November 12, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

      I know that’s the worst part with the two, maybe if they tried a little less and be a little more original, more effortless they might be more liked!
      And they are nothing like Edward or Bella!!

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