Books-a passion born!

13 Nov

Everyone who knows me even a little bit, knows that I am crazy, crazy about books. Someone once joked I drink them like I do coffee on a cold winter night and that couldn’t be more true. I have gotten to the point where I can read two to three novels in 24-30 hours.
Secret? Practice and the fact that I am lost to the world till I am don’t with a novel cover to cover-even a hurricane can’t move me away from it! My mom can of course, but thankfully she understands.
However, I wouldn’t be such an avid reader if it wasn’t for my elder brother. I was whining about having nothing to do the summer before grade 4. It was then that my brother handed me my first novel, Harry Potter book 1 (I still remember thinking, wow my first grown up book just because it was so fat) and hence opened he to me not just the world of books but gave me one of the best experiences for any kid in this century!
It was the summer after grade six, when I was over books on Mary Kate and Ashley and Famous Five etc when he handed me my first classic, Pride and Prejudice and later he took out the time to discuss it with me, showing me its different facades (and I still cherish the tethered remains of that book as if it were a family heirloom, which it is).
It was my brother again who persuaded my elder sister that I was ready for Jane Eyre (in grade 7) so that I could understand there was more to world then beauty, and that fulfillment and joy might leave when you are prepared for it yet return in the least expected forms! And that perfect is nothing but your own perspective!
He who encouraged me to read Leo Tolstoy’s written wonder in my summer vacations after grade 7, War and Peace, by suggesting that he thought I was his only sibling who could pull it off! And boy did I? In record time too! And that book taught me such priceless lessons, with it’s beautiful tragedies and moving scenarios and I still hold dear the experience of reading it beyond anything.
These weren’t the only books I read, Lord knows I have read more books then I can count, but my brother was the one who kept introducing me to new types of them, to different writers, to different kinds of books-happy, sad, romantic, war, patriotic, biographical-you name it! He kept my famished mind fed with literature and prose when it could most have gone astray! And above all, he instilled a love for books in me at an early age, a love that continues while I keep hunting for more books, more writers, more “eras” of writing styles! And every time I put a book down I send a little prayer for him.
I don’t know if there are many out there who love books like me, but I suggest the above given names if you want to find some good reads. I would also suggest Gone with the wind, Lord of the flies, Mill on the Floss, Persuasion, unabridged Macbeth, Twelfth Night, Anna Karenina, Great expectations, Vanity Fair, Woman in white, The Hobbit, A land of thousand splendid suns, Paradise Lost and, although many are not fans of her, Judith McNaught’s Paradise.
I don’t suggest what Nora Roberts or Stephen king because they are something that people still read. The others maybe not so much! And believe me, once you read a Classic like Pride and Prejudice or Mansfield Park, you will be hooked!
As it is quiet apparent, I am thankful to my brother for the vast seas of knowledge he gave me, and which keep broadening every day because of him. So I dedicate this post to BJ for being one of the two greatest brothers in the world. For being my mentor, my guide, for beautiful memories and lessons and for all those times when I was a child and he would carry me out for a walk every morning because that was the only way I got up for school.
Thank you, bro! I owe you! And I love you!



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