Furniture fetish

13 Nov

I have found love again-yes I am that fickle!-and this time it’s furniture shops!
I am only wishing I could be like Holly Golightly and have my coffee while strolling around them, lusting over their displays.
As I can’t be Holly, in every sense of those words, I satisfied myself by wandering around them and then later heading for coffee!
Today I made the trip from IKEA to CTC with a small detour to Mango(size issues) and am still trying to keep down my fudge pastry (heavy stuff).
While I do that, I will just gush over on this beautiful lamp shade I saw there. Overpriced? A little. But it would go with my room, at least I like to think so!
However, my mum has this notion that furniture is best only when you overlook the whole process of getting it made. Or if it is from Barry’s.
I am in the process of persuading her its not a fact!
But I am thinking that even if I do persuade her, I might not get it. Because it might be aesthetically pleasing, but it didn’t seem long lasting! And I always think its stupid to invest in non-durable stuff!
Still all in all, a good place! Especially their lampshades and book shelves, if you are one if those people who change their furniture every couple of months, and like to throw out the old items.
I am putting some pictures too so you get a better idea though remember I took them from my phone so they aren’t the best quality!
Au Revoir, moi ami et amies!




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