Be Classy-Get the look

14 Nov


Wanna look hot and stay cozy, but just can’t find the right place to get your clothes from? Want to look classy and chic like the gal below but don’t know exactly how to pull it off?
I have the solution for you, rather Quiz has it!
Their autumn/winter collection might be bending towards black a bit much, yet it still has me swooning a bit. And all the above items are from there!
Honestly, when I saw the picture of this girl below, I thought only if people in my country would dress like that, wouldn’t it be so great? And then it hit me, they could! All they need is a little push and shove!
So I am giving it here-head to Quiz now and GET THIS killer winter look. Right now! This will leave guys with coronaries and you with a confident swagger!
Best part? All the 4 items in the above picture, are the wardrobe basics any fashionista should have and I am sure most already do! All 4 can be used a billion time giving you a gazillion different looks (each as sexy as the other), so spending money on them would be a major investment! And it’s about time you started taking shopping in terms of investments and savings, and profits! And loss! Every style addict would tell you that, and I being one am preaching you the same!
Hence, don’t whine over their prices (and honestly Quiz is not expensive enough to make you whine) because its all for YOUR greater good! Because now you won’t have to go through the guilt of those pants you bought on impulse but can’t wear, nor be angry with that injurious impulse buying you just did, because I will teach you exactly how not to make such mistakes! Along with showing you how to make the best, lasting impressions with just your looks!
Why? Because no matter what they tell you, appearances are very important and, no, there isn’t anything shallow about that! It’s just a matter of having enough self respect to look good or not having any and being an eye sore!
However, before any of that, just hurry and buy these staples before Quiz goes out of stock!
And guys, IMPORTANT REMINDER: Remember because the look is black and grey it would work on all skin tones, and could make you look a lot slimmer then you already are! And don’t fear the peplum top, it actually is figure flattering when worn right, like in this outfit!

STYLE-it-TIP: You can replace the grey top with a wine or burgundy one, add a funky jewel tone clutch and bright chunky earrings for a party look! But for a more casual one keep it mostly like this, except go for flat boots and a messy up-do!
And, if you have a graphic tee, exchange it for the peplum for they are all the rage right now!
Happy dressing,



4 Responses to “Be Classy-Get the look”

  1. jenabovetherainbow November 20, 2012 at 7:13 pm #

    cool look 😀 those wedge sneakers really are everywhere in shops now… I would love to own one like yours, simple but classy 😀 rocks with the outift 😀

    • gullhasnat November 20, 2012 at 7:23 pm #

      Thankyou for the love babe, but that isn’t me!!;-) I do own wedge sneakers like those though and love them! And yes they are everywhere!
      Kisses, and thanks again!!!:-)
      Oh and I am putting a pic of my own style soon if you are interested!:-)

      • jenabovetherainbow November 20, 2012 at 10:56 pm #

        yeah pls do 😀 I really thought this was you.. sry 😡 yeahhh, I really need to find some decent wedge sneakers 🙂 ❤

      • gullhasnat November 21, 2012 at 11:45 am #

        I will put it up soon!!!
        Yeah they are very comfy and stylish!!:-)

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