BG-bejeweled sunglasses

14 Nov


Everyone who knows anything about the latest fashion knows that bejeweled, sequined, studded, a little over the top, a little sassy is the way to go this season-and that includes, with other items, your glasses!
Let them be cat-eyed, round, squared, octagonal or any other shape, you need to have that extra unique look to it. Now the best thing is I am here to help you get them personalized the cheaper way!
Rather then spending hundreds of dollars on these babes at designers’, with a little DIY activity you can do it all (cheaper and maybe even better) at home!
How? Keep reading and you will know exactly how!
What you will need;
1. A glue gun.
2. Glasses you want to glamorize-try to invest in something solid and durable.
3. Jewels-I had say pull out all stops in colors, sizes and shapes yet keep in mind how much weight your glasses can take!

What to do:
1. BEFORE you use the gun plan how you want the gems on it. Try to create a focal point and move from there for an artistic, unbalanced look but for something more streamlined keep it simple and balanced on either sides!
2. Once you have it planned glue them on, I would suggest one by one for a neater look, but it’s up to you how you manage it!
4. New go out and dazzle your friends.
5. When you do wear them try not to crowd your face with chunky jewelry while wearing these or you will look over done. In fact, try to keep your hair and make up toned down too! They are glamorous enough on their own!
Tip: choose glasses with flat surfaces because curves are harder to put the beads/ jewels on!

After all this if you are still more interested in buying the whole package then go for the above ones from Dsquared2! They are quiet nicely priced! Even better are the ones below in pink, from Forever21!
For something more pricey, the Chanel “Coco Chanel” glasses are the best!20121114-171843.jpg




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