Did someone say shoes?

14 Nov


If my mom would let me, I had take one of the rooms in the house and convert it into a walk-in closet, for my shoes! Ah! Heavens!
Where do I start?
I never, ever, ever remember a time when I was not crazy about them. I remember even as a child the one topic I had spar most with mum was on shoes! She still doesn’t get why I need another pair of red stilettos if I had already got one at home! “Those are dull red mom, but these are oxblood!” I explained calmly to her yesterday at Mango!
However, no matter how many pairs you have, there are some shoes that constitute wardrobe basics and should have a place in any and every girl’s wardrobe! And then there are those which I wouldn’t take if they were gift-wrapped and mailed to me for free, my wardrobe has some self respect after all!
Here is my list of must-have and must not have shoes, I hope it proves advantageous to someone out there!
1. You must under no circumstances have a pair of kitten heels, unless you are over 55 or stylistically/ aesthetically dead! They are unflattering and neither classy nor sexy! They are the most confused shoes of all!
2. You must not have fake converse because they are easy to spot and the worst fashion disaster!
3. You must not have fat plastic-cushion sole flip flops!
4. You must not have over the knee leather boots unless you plan to pair them with short shorts and be the slut this Halloween!
5. You MUST NOT have polka dotted neon yellow, wood wedges!
6. You must not have croc heels! (seriously)
7. You must not have fake leather-plastic designer replica shoes!
8. You must not have sequin COVERED, silk tie-back wedges!
9. You must not have neon green shoes! Or neon pink for that! Or just neon!
10. You must not have torn, weathered or dirty shoes (especially not with dirty soles)!
11. You better as heck not have faux fur trimmed suede cowboy shoes (yes they exist and the cowboys are rolling over in their graves)!
12. You must not have platforms where the platform is higher then two and a half inches tops! They look like someone put them on photoshop and enlarged them just for fun!
13. Those black heels with red feathers, those gold pumps with yellow faux fur and those flip flops with the cheap beaded embellishments are also a PLEASE DON’T!
14. Heels with steel balls should just be thrown out!
I think the list could go on, but those are 14 don’ts that just murder your whole look, unless you are Gaga or someone. I am not saying it would be fine even then, but well I don’t like the Lady’s fashion much! And I prefer classy to trashy!

1. You must have a pair of ballerinas in black or nude, and one in white or dark brown. These are universal colors and will be great for day to day use with almost all your looks!
2. Red stilettos, they can bring out the hot from any and every dress of yours (best are patent leather ones)!
3. One pair of sling backs in patent leather/suede preferably in nude or burgundy!
4. Lightly embellished or studded moccasins. They are perfect for professional-formal occasions.
5. A couple of pairs of sandals in solid colors and delicate designs are perfect for our long summer days!
6. Brown or black flat ankle boots, perfect for running out and around with family or friends in winters!
7. Heeled, leg fitting boots in a solid color but which stay below your knees! This isn’t a necessity but a great investment in terms of your basic wardrobe.
If you have these 7 timeless beauties already, well then I suggest you go for a pair of floral peep toe pumps, another of purple suede wedges along with oxblood lace tie-up peep toe boots. Gold-toe black stilettos, emerald heels and cat faced moccasins are also good investments!
Plus, try some in leopard print-they are this season’s must have in all styles of shoes!
Got all these too? Maybe it’s time to reward yourself with a Jimmy Choo, or a McQueen! Happy splurging!

Tip: I didn’t mention gladiators or fringe sandals because they aren’t a wardrobe requirement nor a personal favorite!
Besides they don’t work with everything hence they aren’t…let’s say they aren’t money-efficient!





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