In time

14 Nov


O mon dieu!! J’adore le film “In time”.
With Justin Timberlake in action and gorgeous Amanda decked out so beautifully in every scene, how could I not? Its always amazing how you can find your best fashion inspirations from the most unexpected of movies! Add some hot eye candy to that with just a dash of popcorn and you are good to go!
But despite the gorgeous duo and Seyfried’s killer styling, watch it only if you are into science fiction, some kidnapper-hostage drama and some seriously irritating villains!
Also big on my favorite’s list is not a movie but two seasons.
One is Game of thrones, it was suggested by someone once and I grew into an instant fan of the true-to-reality drama and plotting in it!
And another must watch under-the-usual-radar season is Castle. I have been watching it since ever and, despite popular belief, it’s different from all other crime-plus-hot-couple shows not only due to Stana and Nathan but also because the storyline is engrossing and funny. Best part? This fourth season sees the sizzles between Castle and Beckett spark as they are finally a couple!
There are other seasons, more close to my heart, but I owe them separate posts!20121114-055613.jpg



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