Style file-Leighton (Blair) Meester

15 Nov


She who says she doesn’t like Leighton/Blair knows deep inside herself she is lying! So here is a style file on the chic and sassy and oh so elegant, Leighton!


To get her look here is all you got to do;
1. For her beach perfect waves, dampen your hair well and partition them into three. Then twist them into tight separate braids. Take one of these and twirl it tightly with one hand while pressing it out with a hot straightening rod with the other till warm to the core. Repeat with the other two and you have the waves, though for an identical look get your hair two-toned in chestnut!
2. No matter the occasion she hardly ever goes over the top with her makeup keeping it minimalistic. For her look go for a tinted moisturizer that accentuates your skin color (try body shop) but if you only want to even out your skin try Olay white! Use a slight rose toned blush with fingers just on the hem of your cheek bones to highlight them. Then stain your lips with pink-red lipstick and gloss, keep it light though! Use eyeliner for a simple outline and then swipe on slight mascara (go for Maybeline). Add just a dash of rose-gold shadow on your lids and the look is complete!
3. Remember Blair NEVER goes out mal-dressed, she always makes an effort! So does Leighton! And that’s their strongest weapon!
For Leighton’s look, get a couple of skinny-denims (she prefers them in dark blue) and couple them with laid back tees or tops. Finish the look off with delicate flats, a big handbag and one statement jewelry piece (earrings or necklace or rings)!
For Blair, it’s dresses dresses dresses! Add to that headbands, of course, with high dramatic heels and stockings, and that’s that!
Remember she is the good girl of the season despite the bitch-plans! She is always elegant, classy and avoids notorious hemlines or low necklines! Follow her lead to modesty (like Duchess of Cambridge does too) and be the girl every one drools over!

Of course, both have another thing in common which I deem very important. They are both shopping fanatics!

Happy Waldorfing!



One Response to “Style file-Leighton (Blair) Meester”

  1. Zara November 15, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    Nice post! Defoinately going to try the hair!

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