Nail art-how to!

18 Nov


Hi loves!
So every one is going crazy these days over nail art. There are those who just love it’s intricacies but don’t know how to pull it off, and then there are those who dislike it’s fake gaudy end result.
So my sister here, she came up with something for both!
In this particular project, she keeps it easy and minimalistic so that it’s simplicity leaves you speechless! Yet it let’s you follow the nail art trend helping you be unique without making your nails look crazy!
How to get them?
I think the picture is self explanatory on that, but still here is a step by step!
1. First, she picked her three favourite nail colors (you should too) because it’s about enjoying yourself as much as it is for style.
2. Next using the peach color, she applied base coat on all but her middle finger for which she chose a transparent champagne-tinted color as base coat.
3. She then took the turquoise color and applied dots all over the peach base, while trying to keep the size and spacing equal.
4. For the bow, she made triangles with the turquoise one on her middle finger and, where the edges were the closest, she put the little circular peach dot!
Voila! You have it! Simple yet attractive nail art to wow everyone! Hope you all give it a try!
And three cheers for my awesome sis!


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