Today’s look-how to style shawls!

18 Nov

Today’s look-how to style shawls!.

I am in total and utter love with this look! It teaches you how to layer without looking bundled up, how to add color pop to your look without popping out someone’s eyes and, most importantly, how to keep warm in style.
You can rock this look too!
Here is all you need;
1. Bright skinnies (available almost in every store these days). If you find a pair in blue or oxblood though, don’t leave it under any condition! They are the season’s favourite colors!
2. A silk-satin top in an understated color
3. Slightly worn out, laid back booties.
4. A cloche/ fedora in beige/brown but for a more hip look a beanie would do!
3. A cape/ a shawl! Now, the best part of this look is the slouchy knitted cape she is just rocking. Either get your hands on one or you could make do with a trench.
Personally, I would replace it with a light weight camel colored shawl bought from one of our local stores!
Happy Styling!!




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