Lahore-where to go for shoe shopping?

19 Nov


Through my two years of A’levels, if there was one topic I heard EVERY girl whine about at one point or another was the lack of good shoe stores here in Lahore. I was, of course, one of those girls too.
What was the solution?
None of us had any, other then sending long wish-lists of desirable shoes to our relatives abroad, pleading them to haul back the shoes to us as soon as they could.
But it wasn’t the best solution now was it?
And no, Charles and Keith isn’t that much of a help anymore either!
So what could be done?
The question frustratingly never came up with a satisfying answer-until last month.
What happened last month you ask? Oh nothing much, just the prestigious Christina Georgiou design house opened its flagship store in Lahore!
Yes, you read it right!
And, God, are their goodies drool-worthy!
Au Revoir, wish lists! Hello, Ci.Gi.!!
I can now happily say we in Lahore have a store offering us the best-in bags and shoes- both quality wise as well as design wise.
Its a Cyprus based brand with a fusion clothing line under the name “g” and a shoes and accessories range called “Red hot!” and boy are they red, SIZZLING hot.
The shoes alone are killers, with designs not available any where else in Lahore! Especially not within such an affordable price range!
They have boots, flats, heels and all else you want with their own spin on it all. And their apparel is just as much appealing.
So, if you are a shoe-lover or are looking for a good dress or, maybe, are just in need of a place where you can buy apparel, shoes and bags all together, then rush over to Xinhua Mall, Khurshid Kasuri Road. Believe me, you won’t regret it!
Remember, they are on the third floor.

But this article would be incomplete if I don’t mention two other shoes destinations equally great, even of a little more expensive!
1. Mango, DHA-they might not have much variety in shoes yet but their quality and designs make up for it!
2. Quiz, they have both variety and glamour in their designs which I always find to be up to date with the international fashion!
Happy shopping!



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