Leather pants-learn to rock ’em

19 Nov


I don’t need to tell you that leather pants are all the rage these days, but I saw something at a cafe today that made me realize that maybe it would be better if people also knew how to follow this trend! Here are some tips to get you started-for more inspiration refer to the pictures!
1. There definitely is something known as leather overload and if you go for it remember you are going for a fashion disaster. Leather on leather on leather-no, darling, spare the world.
2. Best leather pants are the patent ones or even those with a little roughened look, but never go for the ones with the paper like finish. Such pants do nothing for your figure, rather they make you look cheap and bloated.
3. Leather pants are best bought in black or brown! Avoid bright shades in leather otherwise you will look like a disfigured pastry! Also black leather pants and neon green boots-this wasn’t made for human eyes!
4. Leather pants can go from classy to trashy in a minute, so don’t go for the ripped ones until you consider yourself to be a world class stylist and think you can work it without looking like a hooker!
5. Couple leather pants with structured and variously textured pieces like suede boots, tweed jackets etc.
6. These pants are and should be the star of your look, avoid swamping them with too much accessories or, worse, thigh high boots (urgh)!
7. Cropped top + leather pants= fashion crime! If you have any class, don’t do this to yourself!!
8. Studded leather pants are fine ( for a concert or so) but chains on them-that would be a nightmare!
9. Couple them in blacks and whites for best end results.
Remember, go for the skin fits rather then the lose ones!
Leather pants are classy items that should be handled with care and it should be remembered that they will highlight upto ten ten times every curve and every extra fat of your body.
So, be careful!

Extra: Leather pants can look as great under a long kaftan as with a short top. And they look best with heels or formal lace tie-up shoes.


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