Today’s look-styling fur gilet

19 Nov

Today’s look-styling fur gilet.

Oh mon dieu!

J’adore, j’adore, j’adore ce gilet!!
Je dois acheter ceci!
I really, really did need to! Hence I did buy myself a faux fur gilet after all!!
But I still remember, the first time I was going to wear my gilet I was in such a dilemma-after all what was the perfect way to wear it?
Over the time I have come up with many ways to style it, most of them great too!
However, this look is so good I might just steel it from her (with just a bit of my own twist to it)!
Before we examine her look, here are a few tips for rocking your gilet!
1. Gilet being sleeveless is straight off marked as a staple for mildly cold weather. Where pulling it on a shirt and pairing the look with skinnies and ballet flats might appear a classic, it’s more a cliche now.
Gilet is that one wardrobe item that can, and should, be worn in a million and one ways.
2. Gilet doesn’t need to be your outermost layering piece, it can look as good under a trench as over a tee!
3. An oversized gilet can look wonderful over a structured coat or a fitted jacket!
4. Try to go for understated colors (like white, black, camel) when buying a gilet, that way it can be paired with anything!
5. Most importantly, try to incorporate it into semi-formal looks, that’s where a gilet looks best!
Now that we have established some ground rules for wearing a gilet, let’s break down this look for you!
1. Cloche seems to be every fashionistas favourite wardrobe accessory this season (it’s mine too) so invest in one in a nude shade!
2. An oversized bright tote. Go for one in a bright tone so you can add color pop to any look of yours through just one common accessory. In short, a good bright tote/carry-all is a wardrobe must have and a great investment.
3. You can now pull those black skinnies out from the back of your wardrobe, because not only is this look incomplete without them but also because you need to realize black skinnies are NEVER out of fashion!
4. Dark lace up flats; I don’t consider them a must until you are one who walks a lot, because these can withstand loads of wear and tear. Otherwise black ballet flats or boots are also great.
5. A printed silk top is something you should all have in your wardrobe, just tuck it into your jeans for a slimming effect!
6. An oversized gilet in an understated color alone is what pulls together this look-so go buy one!!!!!
7. Now this girl is petite and pulling off the gilet-on-jacket look to perfection. If you want to do it too, go for a jacket in nude or wine tones and you are good to go. But if you feel you look fat or bundled up then read on.
Personally, I would wear under the gilet a fitted structured blazer that is very light weight. It would have a slimming effect while keeping you from getting cold. In warmer months replace the jacket with a thin knit-pullover.
Extra: for extremely cold months, tuck a light weight knit in your jeans, add a leather biker jacket and end with an oversized gilet. You will be both warm and stylish as hell!<br /><br /><a href=””><img src=”; alt=”20121119-200054.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” /></a>



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