Today’s look-Spring in winter?

20 Nov

Today’s look-Spring in winter?.

Learn how to color block with a pop!

People say adding bright colors to your look without looking like a pastry is impossibly hard.
Here is my opinion-nothing in the dressing world is impossibly hard if you get the right direction and correct inspiration.
Well, here is some inspiration for you.
This beautiful diva has redefined the statement “more is more” using components that would seem like a disaster recipe together but the finished look is that of a glam fashionista.
How does she manage it? Here is how;
1. While her jacket and pants are overflowing with color she avoids looking swamped by using a plain white collared shirt which pulls the look together while simultaneously giving a professional touch to her because she has buttoned the collar too.
2. She has kept the outfit to the basic three pieces, avoiding layering which would have made her look over done, bundled up.
3. All her jewelry is in understated silver tones which coordinate with each other and fill in the gaps of the look.
4. The draping of jacket on her shoulders is basically a trick to let you feel she isn’t putting in too much effort, while simultaneously it slims the whole look. If she had pulled it on she would have looked fat, bloated. Also the gold and silver being in closer contact would have clashed, leaving the look uncoordinated.
5. Tucking in the shirt again slims her down while giving it a posh, clean and stream lined look.
6. She keeps her hair simple too. This is very important because the wind-blown, beach waves and extreme side part continues in making her look EFFORTLESSLY chic and laid back.
7. The red box clutch finishes off the look to perfection, giving it a modern edge. The gold metal lining coordinates with her jacket and reminds you while you shouldn’t wear the same color head-to-toe, a little color coordination never hurts!!
Remember: the question is not always what to wear, it’s usually where to wear what!



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