A tribute to girls!

20 Nov

When she smiles,
It comes from her heart,
When she dances,
she does it with passion, she is so smart
She laughs, oh such a pretty laugh,
She walks around with no makeup on,
She rocks jeans cause she doesn’t like shorts,
Oh I think for her I have got the hots,
She is honest,
She is herself,
She doesn’t lie,
She doesn’t gossip, I never see her cry
She is a loyal friend,
A lover, a mentor, a dreamer
She works hard, hard for her money,
Hard for a living,
She is a free spirit,
She likes to run,
She likes to live, she loves hot buns
She can party all night,
And still work at the Inn,
She sure packs a fight,
She is a girl like no other,
Oh I can praise her further,
But she is fading away,
Oh, so slowly she is leaving us,
Why can’t she stay?
Every night every morning,
Some of her is already gone,
She is losing her fight,
Her will to take a stand,
She is losing her light.
She has given up,
She is giving in,
She tells me in whispers,
She is going shopping.
I ask her what for,
She starts crying,
I worry and hold her close,
She whispers she is trying,
Trying so hard but she can’t fight no more,
I worry even more,
What has happened to my girl,
She doesn’t answer,
She doesn’t say,
She pulls back and away,
She looks at me one last time,
And I know, oh I just know.
She is a cause I can’t fight for no more,
It’s sighs, it’s tears,
I will kiss goodbye to her laugh,
Cause she gave in to her fears.
And the next morning I wake up,
She has left, taken away her sunshine,
In her place I find a note,
Telling me she is fine,
She just went shopping,
She went shopping for makeup,
She went shopping for shorts and makeup!



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