3 Ms-Mango, Moss, Miranda

22 Nov

Oh my GOD!!!!!
Everyone who knows me is well aware that I am CRAZY for Mango. Seriously, I went wild when I heard about its store opening so close to my house-like at a two minutes drive!
But my love must have grown ten times for the brand when they signed Moss as their celebrity representative!
She is a timeless beauty, and I loved each of her campaign for Mango.
I thought then that Mango couldn’t get better yet dreaded the moment when their contract with Kate Moss would end!
But all my fears flew away, all my dreading proved to be for NOTHING when they announced that the gorgeously inspiring Miranda Kerr was Mango’s new face.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she is better then Moss, because they are in leagues apart.
But I do believe this young, stylish, beautiful model so filled with potential and almost matching Kate Moss in her fabulous street style is the BEST replacement for Kate Moss.
They couldn’t have made a better decision, unless they had kept Kate Moss, which I believe could have proved to be a little monotonous!
I am sad about Moss leaving, but am I excited about Mango’s next campaign? Hell to the yes!!





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