CTC-here I go again

22 Nov


I am a Leo. I am known for my loyalty, for my love for all things tried and tested.
So whenever someone asks me, why always CTC, I answer without scruples, because they came before everone else and offered things no one did.
And I am not just talking about their baked goodies, their awesome icecream shakes, their Starbucks and, no, not even about their finger-licking good steaks.
I am talking about the ambiance they provided for the young generation, for students who needed a place to hangout, for young entrepreneurs to brainstorm over coffee, for cousins to get midnight snacks and even for newly married couples to catch late breakfasts.
They started a new trend, a coffee shop with a walk-in bakery and a big screen television for all our important matches.
So yeah, CTC is always going to mean more to me then all, more so because I have so many memories linked to it now.
However, despite the love, and in spite of the excitement I felt when the new branch opened in DHA, I was somewhere a little apprehensive too.
Would it live up to my expectations, would their ambiance be as good as the first branch?
I asked myself these questions every time I saw the “opening soon” tag on its construction site. And even when I was driving there for the first time after it opened.
I liked the location, it was so close to my house. But what about from inside?
I took the first step in, scared, excited, and I was suddenly taken back to the first time I had gone to CTC, Gulberg.
The same lighting, same color combinations, same pristine waiters and beautiful fragrance and even the same interior down to the doors and the shelves. All with just one difference, there was a touch of more open space here. I felt elated, refreshed and fell in love all over again as I gushed over the same bakery items on display, making the nice waiters smile at my enthusiasm.
Then, I went downstairs.
And, boy oh boy, my breath was taken away! It wasn’t the same as the first CTC-it was better.
It was cozy, it was festive, it was invitingly full of life and, my God, it was beautiful. The quaint brick walls with their unfinished look, the leather sofas mixed with the steel counters and their signature green walls with brown menus.
It was beautiful! It wasn’t just love I felt then. It was more.
I knew at that moment, I wouldn’t be disappointed by anything there. It was just an arm of the same body, an extension of the same branch.
I was soon proved to be right, their food tasted the same, even if not better!
I ordered their burger and toffee fudge shake the first time, their molten lava the second and on it went. The food has turned out to be great every time! The place has retained its charm! And I won’t mind saying-I visit this CTC more then the old one-because its more approachable, because I love this place just as much!
I will keep on going there just as I have been going, and I have to urge you that if you want great coffee, good baked goodies and an inviting ambiance along with a place with strong roots in our city, visit CTC. You won’t regret it!




4 Responses to “CTC-here I go again”

  1. SandyLand November 26, 2012 at 3:01 am #

    Where is this and how do I get there? 😉
    (I’m guessing you’re far away from where I am.)

    • gullhasnat November 26, 2012 at 8:59 am #

      Yeah, it’s quite far away unless you live in Asia! Lol!
      Though if you do, I would happily give you the directions! 😉

      • SandyLand November 27, 2012 at 12:53 am #

        Well shoot! Nope, I’m far away…in Canada. 🙂

      • gullhasnat November 27, 2012 at 2:28 am #

        Well that’s sad!
        I think I will have to come to Canada now and tell you where it all is??!!;-)

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