Knits in my heart…

26 Nov

My absolute favorite thing to do is to sit on the rooftop of a high rise in nose-numbing cold weather with my hands being warmed by coffee, the smell of barbecue heavy in the air and a handful of friends exciting me with hot gossip while I sit bundled up in hand-knit sweaters and cashmere shawls.
Seriously, could there be anything better?
So, my love for chilly nights and barbecues with my friends has resulted in many a warm memory associated with all the afore mentioned items, including knitted sweaters.
It’s like how when you are growing up, you associate the smell of roses with happiness because you smelled them often at weddings, or how you associate soups to comfort for they always made your sore throat feel better.
The same way, the touch, the feel, the smell of knits (sweaters or otherwise) makes me feel warm and jubilant, loved, as if rooted in a sudden cold wind.
(Strange how human mind works doesn’t it?)
As my feelings then are, try as I might, my mind never seems to get that I have too many knits in my wardrobe. While my heart always keeps making me buying more. And the two join forces as soon as the first of the chilly winds begin to blow and have me strutting around in these knitted wonders all through the winter as many times as they can-which amount to be a total of too many.
But I don’t mind, how can I when every single part of me unites in this love of mine for the bright, the colorful, the short, the long-and every other conceivable style of-knit sweaters.
And it’s no different this time either!
It’s begun to be cold again, and my knits are out. In fact, I sit in one as I type this down and as I scroll through Forever21’s site to buy myself more.
Long live knits!
Happy winter you guys! Here is a list of places you should head to for getting the best knits.
1. Topshop
2. Zara
3. Forever21
4. Quiz
5. H&M
6. Mango

I know that the more expensive brands have much finer quality in the knits, but personally I never shop from there. A, because I would go bankrupt if I began to do that and B, because cheaper doesn’t always mean worse. These above brands might have more designs, more styles in their knits and I have many from them which have lasted long and fine.
Happy knit shopping!


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2 Responses to “Knits in my heart…”

  1. fashionforlunch November 26, 2012 at 9:55 pm #

    I love buying knitwear!!!

    • gullhasnat November 26, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

      Its my favourite fun thing!!!;-)
      Especially in winters!

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