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Dress to impress-PRADA

28 Nov


What happens when Miranda Kerr and PRADA and high waisted skinnies appear in the same picture?
Sexiness explodes all over, everywhere!!
She does it again with her dimpled smile, long legs and that to-die-for waist-all showed off to perfection thanks to the skin fit jeans, the rugged jacket and the vibrant red scarf-she stands out on her winter stroll, while looking angelic and sizzlingly hot at the same time!
She knows that nothing says winter better then boots and she chose the perfect ones to offset her outfit, but personally I believe the PRADA on her arms is what makes the whole look perfect!
But how to look as perfect as her? Well I have the solution right here! Read on to find out!

Get the look;
1. High-Waisted Skinny jeans, here.
2. Black leather jacket, here.
3. Bright red scarf, here.
4. Ankle boots, here.

Word of advice:
The 4th link is to beautiful boots on sale price-great steal-head over QUICK before they are sold out!

Style tip:
Try a brighter top, it would add a different angle to this.


True love-River Island

28 Nov

How many of you are excited about River Island’s 2013 clothing range? No, you aren’t?
Well here is something to change your mind. A privileged first preview of their upcoming range for 2013!
My personal favorite?
The ivory-white one with beads.
What’s yours?





Party-We all love the word!

27 Nov


It’s party season; and we are all looking for the best buys and the greatest steals. It might get tenuous, confounding, but still there is no better feeling then sitting there with a coffee (back please, after all we are trying to lose weight :-D) in front of your laptop, going from store to store from the convenience of your bed, on a cyber Monday. Finding great deals is then a huge, fabulous perk!!!
However, what if you missed those deals? What are you going to do about all the upcoming important office Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations?
Well, worry not, because there are still places that have got hot dresses at great prices and even some deals left for your advantage!
And like always, I have the list ready for you;
River Island; they can always bring surprisingly beautiful stuff to the table at great prices and they did so this year too.
Topshop; oh my God, these guys wowed me with their collection this year! And depend on them for affordable price tags too!
-Forever21; Yup, they have got dresses to make your head swoon and your heart beat race. Question is, why aren’t you on their site already?
-Tipilly; I am all for discovering new places with nice dresses at appropriate prices and in that regard, this online store has become a quick favourite for the designs are unique, wearable and affordable. Head over now, you won’t regret it!
-ASOS; I know you already consider it one of your go-tos for online shopping but the picture below should be just another reason for you to wander off to it again!!
For this sexy baby, head over to ASOS!


And here is something extra, for free even after cyber Monday. I am putting this competition here, which I came across on Shea Marie’s blog, because I liked it. I am hoping you will too!
Shea Marie’s £500 giveaway


Knits in my heart…

26 Nov

My absolute favorite thing to do is to sit on the rooftop of a high rise in nose-numbing cold weather with my hands being warmed by coffee, the smell of barbecue heavy in the air and a handful of friends exciting me with hot gossip while I sit bundled up in hand-knit sweaters and cashmere shawls.
Seriously, could there be anything better?
So, my love for chilly nights and barbecues with my friends has resulted in many a warm memory associated with all the afore mentioned items, including knitted sweaters.
It’s like how when you are growing up, you associate the smell of roses with happiness because you smelled them often at weddings, or how you associate soups to comfort for they always made your sore throat feel better.
The same way, the touch, the feel, the smell of knits (sweaters or otherwise) makes me feel warm and jubilant, loved, as if rooted in a sudden cold wind.
(Strange how human mind works doesn’t it?)
As my feelings then are, try as I might, my mind never seems to get that I have too many knits in my wardrobe. While my heart always keeps making me buying more. And the two join forces as soon as the first of the chilly winds begin to blow and have me strutting around in these knitted wonders all through the winter as many times as they can-which amount to be a total of too many.
But I don’t mind, how can I when every single part of me unites in this love of mine for the bright, the colorful, the short, the long-and every other conceivable style of-knit sweaters.
And it’s no different this time either!
It’s begun to be cold again, and my knits are out. In fact, I sit in one as I type this down and as I scroll through Forever21’s site to buy myself more.
Long live knits!
Happy winter you guys! Here is a list of places you should head to for getting the best knits.
1. Topshop
2. Zara
3. Forever21
4. Quiz
5. H&M
6. Mango

I know that the more expensive brands have much finer quality in the knits, but personally I never shop from there. A, because I would go bankrupt if I began to do that and B, because cheaper doesn’t always mean worse. These above brands might have more designs, more styles in their knits and I have many from them which have lasted long and fine.
Happy knit shopping!


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Get the look!

25 Nov

She is hot enough to burn the ground, sexy enough to bring the house down and classy enough not to care.
She is as average as any girl next door, as dramatic as any actress, she knows her dos and avoids the don’ts, she is every man’s dream come true.
Want to be like her? Then get the look! Want a cheaper version?
I suggest Topshop, Zara and H&M for the shirt, the blazer and the pants, respectively!

Happy Shopping!


Magic of white

24 Nov

This lady is as beautiful as her style is awesome. This post of hers, so in sync with my thinking, is truly inspiring! Please, do take a look!


Winter white (off white, cream) is one of my favourite colour choices at this time of year. A bit of a fashion taboo (white? in the dark, dreary, wet, cold and sludgy winter I hear you say?) but whites are guaranteed to see you stand out in a sea of brown, black and grey.

Photos: The super talented William Williams.

When I returned to London last month I made a bee-line for Topshop to stock up on some staples whilst part of my wardrobe was shipped back to the UK. This open back dress in one of my favourite ‘flippy’ fit and flare styles screamed ‘buy me’ because of its potential for styling different ways.  I’ve worn it with my Helmut Lang leather jacket, Wolford tights and knee-high boots; wrapped up underneath a chunky knit and with a colourful blazer*.

White isn’t an absence of colour – rather it…

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Today I am wearing!

24 Nov

Here is our first “Today I am wearing” star, and Lord, is this chic fashionista hot or what?!
She is working several of this winter’s best fashions in one look, without upsetting a single hair!
-Chained shoulder bag-check
-Sexy stockings-check
-Straight hair in a high ponytail-CHECK!!!
Check mate, is what comes to my mind.
God-this one has brought out all her guns and looking all the more sexy for it.
3 cheers for our first “today I am wearing” star, AMINA!
Go girl, you just made street stylists out everywhere proud!

Get the look:-
Pull over-Zara
Ballerina flats-accessorize


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