Know your coats

1 Dec


We all love winters for one thing more then all others, except for coffee, and that’s coats! I keep telling my mother a girl can never have too many shoes nor too many coats.
In fact too many and coats shouldn’t ever be put in the same sentence again.
But it’s such a buzz kill when you love a coat at a store and don’t know what to call it. Well telling your friend that “bloated parachute type coat” isn’t cutting it any more.
Here is a complete guide on coats-which is which and where to get it from.
1. Puffers-these are the ones that appear like a balloon wrapped with a thread but they actually have the ability to look very hot! Head over to Splash in DHA for the best ones! Urban outfitters have good puffers too.

2. Peacoat-They look great almost on all body shapes and almost every western brand owns a couple of there designs. But for the best options I suggest 5th avenue!!


3. Belted-Haven’t we all fought on which is best for what body type? But, who turned our to be right? Well here is a tip a designer once gave-the belt should go around the thinnest part of you, but the parts right above and below it shouldn’t be too out of proportions either! Also if you are a bit bulky, go with something very lightweight. I would suggest Next and Outfitters for the best ones.


4. Cocoon-Those giant things you lose yourself in to fight cold end still feel stylish, yes these are those! Buy one in a bright shade, these are great wardrobe investments! Head to Mango for the best buys, or H&M.


5. Eclectic-Those artsy, gorgeous coats you had no idea what to call, well they come under this name. They are tasteful and elegant, so buying one is essential. Head to Zara for the best ones!


2 Responses to “Know your coats”

  1. fashionforlunch December 1, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    I’m feeling the puffa!

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