Street style-The Cocoon

1 Dec


This girl has chic elegance oozing from every body part! From her posture, to her understated white wedges, to this beautifully tailored pants and brilliant white knit sweater and shirt duo, everything looks clean cut, sleek and so neat! Black and white just got classier!
But what pulls the look one step from going to being a bore is that gorgeous, gorgeous cocoon coat of hers in that peculiar cream tint. The dramatic collar, the oversized cut, the long sleeves-can’t you just imagine strutting around in that?
Best part? I saw one like these in Breakout, and it was so NOT expensive. This is the “it” coat this season, going as good with structured pants as with bright silk tops and skinny jeans or even with peplum dresses.
Buy one ASAP!
And my personal suggestion? Buy one in Mint. They look great in Mint! And will help you pull you out from that monochrome-rut!

Tip:You can always head over to Banana Republic or River Island if you can’t find them elsewhere!


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