Feeha Jamshed-Street chic

4 Dec

Feeha-This is one girl in the present fashion scene I really admire. Not only did she begin to manage her family brand quite young, she did it so brilliantly that while maintaining its legacy she added more honor, prestige, fame to its it’s name. Above all, she made it her own.
So when she went to New Delhi to show her work there, she glowed in her own design at the exhibit, letting Indians see why we respect her so much.
Here is why her look worked;
1. She wore bright printed palazzos that are young and hip, yet bought them back to elegant with the understated shade and design of her top. The lose silhouette of the two pieces makes them work together and the color palette leaves her looking captivating.
2. Her wide belt which accentuates her slim waist is basically to bring the look together adding a much needed character to the pants and top! Although a slim skin colored one would be perfect too.
3. Her best accessory has always been her self confidence and her charm. If you can involve that and her passion for life in your personality, your style might outshine hers.
Be brave in style, but stop short of stupid!

Happy “up-coming” jingle!

P.S. Palazzo pants have the ability to be an eye-sore if not worn in the right size or with the right styling. Make sure they flare starting right from your belt to your toes. Add tops which are also lose, even if a bit short! Finish the look with some elegant flats.



2 Responses to “Feeha Jamshed-Street chic”

  1. SandyLand December 5, 2012 at 3:04 am #

    Palazzo pants were huge when I was in high school. I doubt if I could pull them off now but Feeha wears them well. She’s adorable. And so petite.

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