Kate Middleton-after glow!

6 Dec


Well, what could make the most loved, respected and modestly styled celebrity even more famous and cherished, after she has already gone on to make up history and the cutest couple with the royal Prince Charming (Charles)? Well, that’s quite easy! The cutie goes on and gets pregnant, giving all us fans a chance to “discuss” possible baby names and visualize the utter beauty of this baby, while we fight over whether we would prefer a girl or a boy (like we had any actual say)!
But say, or no say, the prospect of our favorite royal couple having their first baby, who despite its gender would be heir to the throne (woot), is heartwarmingly superb and the couple seems to be enjoying the news too.
Well, at least one of them is, while the other suffers every morning through acute morning sickness. Admit it, we were all a little less jubilant over the up-coming baby’s news when we heard Kate was admitted in the hospital.
However, we can now celebrate completely and thoroughly, because as of now she has been discharged from the hospital!
And our stylish Kate Mid left for her apartment with her husband in a cute check-print coat and beautiful suede, flat-heeled boots from L.K. Bennett. And to brighten the look, she used three fantastic accessories; a bright violet-blue scarf, a vibrant yellow bouquet and that sunny smile of hers!

Congratulations to the both of them! May their journeys ahead be smooth and safe!


One Response to “Kate Middleton-after glow!”

  1. Olivia December 12, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

    As a subject of the British crown, I feel it is my duty to point out that Kate’s unborn baby has not been sired by her father-in-law.

    This really proves what a bad idea independence was.

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