Alexy McQueeny-Empowering Women

13 Dec


It’s make a wish Thursday and I am wishing for all kinds of things, from eating limitlessly without ever getting fat, to meeting Marc Jacobs, and to getting my hands on some McQueen “Alpha Female” wonders.
What are these wonders?
Well look above and below, and my friend you will know!
The beautiful, beautiful lace top, the sleek wonderfully belted pants and the popping lemon yellow box clutch-I mean, like oh my god, what could be better?
Well, maybe the picture below gives you an answer for that! The hot pink cross body clutch is making me swoon!
In short, one thing is for sure, McQueen is high on my lust list.
Here is another thing I am sure of, I need to start eating less and start prepping for my dinner tonight!
It’s a get together at a friend’s, a small one, but I am in the mood of dressing up, and when I feel that mood taking over, I focus only on the impulse, the destination always works around my look somehow!
I am mentioning this because I just want to share three tried-and-tested professional tips with you;
1. For nude lips the latest trend is to apply a layer of your favourite nude shade and then put a light layer of powder in the same shade over it. Believe me, every red carpet look is involving this tip.
2. If you are into floral pants, you don’t need to pair them with white, it’s winter so stand out by pairing them with bright tops and furry gilets. Add funky flats and a high pony to get the “young-girl” look. Or go for stilettos and curls for something dressy and smart.
3. Messy buns and messy braids are great, but they get ten times better when paired together; add a popping lip color and elegant earrings to get the striking elegance.

It’s the season of celebrations people, please pull out all stops (but please keep the Halloween kits away) and go have some fun!



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