The best fashion ma-diva!

13 Dec


Yes, I call male fashion experts like “Kurt” on Glee, ma-divas. If you have issues with that, it’s okay honey we all have them! 😉
He is so lovable and so cute, and his style is so enticingly impeccable, though a little controversial (because some men think he isn’t “manly” enough-pfft).
I think it’s his way of carrying it, that polished I-am-better-then-you confidence, which I can’t ever pull off because it makes me feel snide. He carries that off to perfection.
Still, I suggest any and all fashion-lovers to take tips from this Glee character, not just in how to dress, what to love and how to talk, but most importantly how to present yourself.
I am off to download the latest Glee episode, you should do that too! If for nothing else, watch it to learn something from the overconfident yet self-believing Rachel! Or just do it for the fun of it.

Happy Gleeking!

P.S. Feel completely free to judge me!




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