Get Plaid!

23 Dec


Winters-one word that can lead to two normal reactions (well at least two popular ones), either a shiver down your spine with a groan or a warmth in your heart with a twinkle in your eyes. I have been, more frequently then not, a patient of the later symptoms.
I will unabashedly accept over here, I love winters. And I invest more in my winter wardrobe too, because by default we do that more which we love more.
If and when my brother reads this sentence, he will smirk and laugh, letting me know there is no part of my wardrobe that can be termed “small”, “inadequately furnished”, “attention deprived” or ” one part being lesser then the other.”
But my reply would be like always, “What would you know?”
I wouldn’t say this because I think men are not fashion forward, in fact there are those who might (emphasis on might) beat me in their knowledge on fashion. But my brother isn’t one of them. And I pity and respect him-pity because he doesn’t know what he is missing on, and respect because despite that he goes on living happily.
But, I digress.
This post is not about my arguments with me brother, as hilariously petty they might be. It’s about my passion.
Its about winters.
And above all, this one post is to remind us all why doing something you love is more important then getting fame through it.
For me the best reward for my blog is the satisfaction I achieve after every post I publish and even the slightest of honest comments I get on it. And in the same way, for me the satisfaction in winters is layering stylistically and being termed “the style bomb”. And why am I at least passably good at it? Because I love it, because it’s the thought of wearing my so and so houndstooth coat with my so and so leggings and boots which helps me get out of bed and reach for my coffee, letting me make my way through university. And it’s the thought of doing it the whole winter which keeps me sunny even when the others are shriveling up in the dry weather, giving in and giving up.
And maybe, maybe, my love for winter has other reasons too. Maybe it’s all linked, like a cycle. Maybe the cold winter nights with a bonfire and marshmallows is why I like planning my looks for it the whole year round. Or maybe it’s the idea of New Years and holiday parties that drives me into winter shopping sprees. But cycle or not, one thing I am sure of, the idea of winters on a hot summers night is as beautiful as the idea of a brand new Chanel hand bag or a sweet smelling Zara leather jacket.
And I feel this love is one that might last me a lifetime. So as I make a list of all things I am loving about this Year’s end, a wonderful winter with parties, family and clothes is right there somewhere in the top.

What about you? Do you think winter is a wonderful time of the year or do you feel I am miserably deluded?
In case you believe in the later, look at the picture above. Look at the warm leather leggings and the to-die-for boots. Then look at that jacket. The houndstooth is the sexiest of prints, its rustic yet modern and it can never look half as sexy in any summer wear as in a cropped jacket like this. I always believed the red of such plaids warms you by its beautiful sight even before you slip it one.
How then, I ask, can you not love winter?
If you still can’t, it’s okay, to each his own!



3 Responses to “Get Plaid!”

  1. SandyLand December 24, 2012 at 12:48 am #

    Oh to have long skinny legs like that!! I have runners legs (from running, duh) and cankles. 🙂

    • gullhasnat December 24, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

      I know what you mean, but runners legs are sometimes way hotter then such like ones!

      • SandyLand December 24, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

        ….and what about my cankles????? Haha. 😉

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