Stars in my eyes

24 Dec


Don’t you just love what she is wearing? Well I won’t wait around for an answer like Dora, I will just believe that you do and move on!
She has incorporated three of the best fashions without breaking a sweat, i.e., a star print button down, a high pony and form fitting ankle, smooth finish tights.
The trick with the star print in anything is to pair it with understated accessories! Or maybe just plain nothing, if you are the let’s-blend-in-the-background sort, like her. Though her bright smile keeps her from disappearing and the nice flats keep her catchy.
But if I were her, I had add a long gold leaf pendant, substitute the shoes with ankle boots and small earrings! And maybe add a couple of bracelets and finish off with a navy pea-coat!
Long story short, if you want to work with the star print start off with this look as your slate!

Happy Styling!


2 Responses to “Stars in my eyes”

  1. Sara Rash February 11, 2013 at 2:19 am #

    Her outfit is so cute!
    Xoxo Sara

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