Its A Lusty Christmas!

25 Dec

Its A Lusty Christmas!

It might be Christmas, we might be getting so many great gifts and some of them might be those that we wanted.
But then there are those moments when you have gotten all of them and none of them was that one piece on which you had actually been lusting on.
Before I head out with my family, I will admit I am grateful for a lot many stuff today, including seeing my brother and his family after such a long time, but still my lusty side is crying!
I wish, OH I WISH, I had gotten myself something like this Chloe mini (or maybe the actual piece itself). Sigh, my lusty side is crying.

What about you? Did you all get that which you were hoping for? And what about that which you were lusting after. Remember lust is different then wanting and wanting is different then hoping. So, think before you decide.



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