Go “fur” a stylish day!

4 Jan

I am in love with faux fur jackets. They are the “thing” this winter and I am glad that I bought mine from Mango in the beginning of the season so I was amongst the first ones styling the hot trend from the cat walks (yes, the fact made me want to gloat a bit, bear with me).
Anyways, fun as these faux-fur clothing items are, they are not easy to style. and they can end up as fashion disasters quite easily! Especially faux fur jackets!
If the picture here has inspired you, or if you already were inclined towards the fashion, then may be my tips on styling the jacket would help you go that further step. And the don’ts are in there too, to keep you from being an “eye-sore”.

TIPS to “fur” it:-
1. Remember, they have a natural tendency to flop around, and their weight makes it fall forward. If you don’t couple it with a fitted shirt and fitted skinnies or boot cuts, chances are you will end up looking like a bloated, out dated woman. If you like that look though, then go for it.
2. These jackets are usually in shades of greys and creams. The fool proof way would be to couple it with blacks, skins or creams and understated jewelry. You will look elegant and gorgeous, and outstanding in your own way. I suggest, go for it if you like the jackets!
3. If you haven’t bought one, then I would tip go for one with shorter hair, not too lose fitting and one with no sleeves. The one with sleeves and long hair might look hot on ramp and stylish in pictures, but believe me they can be a complete pain in-you know where. However, if you believe you are that bizarre, cutely outlandish diva sort who can top it off, then go for it!
4. Remember, these make the part from your neck to wherever their hem line is, look bloated. And if you put a beanie on your head or pull them back in a matted bun or pony then hour face will look oddly small in comparison with the rest of you. The best way to go is put some volume in your hair and then let them fall around your face. You will look hot, and sexy-go for it if you want to be the centre of good attention!
5. Now here is one for the daring, “I want to stand out and look hot as hell” lot. Add a pop of color. Maybe add a bright top or sweater beneath the jacket, or bright heels, but don’t go over the top with it. Please. If you still want to, then, well, go for it!
6. They look best with heels, but better with ankle boots with heels. But it could be my biased opinion as a heel-loving-fanatic.
7. Skirts look nice with them, but only the pencil, fitted kind. But I would suggest stick with jeans when you wear them. There is something casually laid back about these that look best with them.

There, these are the things I keep in mind when wearing my sleeveless faux-fur jacket! I hope they are useful for someone out there. Also, add any tip of your own in the comments if you had like.
But remember, be brave! It’s only the fear of the unknown that keeps us from success. Try the trend, and see how it goes from there!
I didn’t add other faux fur clothing its in my tips, because I will be doing another post on them, once I complete my research!
Hope you would like that, and this!

Yours forever,



4 Responses to “Go “fur” a stylish day!”

  1. SandyLand January 6, 2013 at 4:29 pm #

    This is my 6th attempt in 3 days at trying to comment here. *shrug*
    I’m on the fence on the whole fur/faux look. When my grandmother died two years ago I inherited her gorgeous fur coat. I have yet to risk wearing it: small town, dead animals and all. But some people can just pull off this look. For me, it’s a little too luxurious. We’ll see what this winter brings, tho.
    Always lovely posts tho. I can count on you!
    (And hey! Did you see my latest? Inspiration or what? Tee hee.)

    • gullhasnat January 6, 2013 at 6:36 pm #

      I loved your post. I wanted to let you know that before I thanked you for your too kind compliments-ahm, THANK YOU.
      oh, and the kind of personality I think you have makes me feel that you might just rock it more then others…say you what?

      • SandyLand January 13, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

        WHERE ARE YOU? I’m Missing your posts.

      • gullhasnat January 14, 2013 at 1:37 pm #

        Dude I am stuck with test after viva after substage…Uni is being a pain…I miss blogging too!! 😦

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