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Reader Appreciation Award…I feel blessed!

5 Feb

Reader Appreciation Award...I feel blessed!

Do you know that feeling, where your heart starts going “thump-thump-thump” and your eyes get this bright sheen you can practically feel? Where your smile starts growing bigger and brighter, and your day just gets that much more beautiful?
I had that feeling, just some time ago, when I found my great friend over at Shrinks Aren’t Cheap had just given me an award.
My first award since I started blogging.
And that too, a Reader Appreciation Award.
Could it get better? Add to that the beautiful compliments she had for my blog. Wow!
She herself is wonderful at what she does, that is, writing. She writes, and oh so beautifully too. Capturing you, entrancing you and forcing you to read her words from the beginning to the end.
And then crave for more!
But the best thing about her has to be the fact how she is so nice, so giving, so kind and always so very supportive. She has made me feel welcome in this community since I came across her and has been nothing but sweet since then.
So, before I go on I have to urge you, go and check her blog. Every post of hers will enrapture you and just make you fall in love with her.
Now, the rules of this award, which I am copying directly from Shrinks Aren’t Cheap.
As the name implies, this award goes to other bloggers who have taken the time to comment and. now and then, to contribute to your blog … those readers and followers who have moved from the anonymous category into virtual friends. Some are so far away I know we’ll never meet, yet we depend on each other and we care about each other, and keep on making plans that we hope in some distant future might just be successful. And some close enough, yet only now we discover them. And aren’t we then glad that we did?
But I digress.

What you can’t do:

1) You can’t award it to anyone who has already gotten it during the same year. So if you got it in 2012, you can’t get it until again until 2013. It can be difficult to determine who has which awards since many bloggers get awards but don’t display the badges, at least not obviously. I’ll just take my best guess.

2) The award can’t be given back to the person from whom you receive it. I wish I could give it back to MHH though!

As to whom you should give the award, this one is quite specific. The Reader Appreciation Award is given to the top 6 blogger/commenters on your site.

My choices for the award goes to:
Sandy Land The Social Butterfly-I could tell you here how beautifully she writes, how superb her blog posts are, but rather I had mention how she has made me fall in love with herself and how she never fails to show her love for me. Despite the distance between us, she feels closer then most to me!

Andy at Our life in 3D-This is one blog that always makes me speechless leaving me with a strange whirl of emotions, while Andy exposes to us his most vulnerable part-his daughters!

Barbara J at My little beauty stash-If the name of the blog isn’t enough, then just let me add, her view on everything beauty-related is classic and refined and a must consult for me-always!

Fashion for lunch-Her amazing style in her wonderful snaps of herself will leave you captivated. One of my favorite-and the best-fashion blogs!

Katie from A Kup of Katie-She is cute, quirky and her blog posts can be simultaneously thought provoking and hilarious as she lets us have a peak at her wonderful life and her travels!

Thank God for lipstick-If you want great advice on lipsticks, and some good time with great tips for your lips and outlook, she is your girl!

These are only some of all those wonderful people who have made being here so much better. Thank you. All of you!


Birthday Wishes-to Donah

1 Feb


This is to a blogger who has not only supported me always, but who has been doing a lot and everything to provide platforms for all the up and coming bloggers. She has helped us feel welcome, wanted, respected. And she is one of the best bloggers herself.
Happy Birthday to Donah, over at Sweet Jelly Bean, with love and a special thanks for a platform like GIG. Keep rocking love!

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