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Subtle will always be more feminine

22 Mar


Yeah well, sue me, I like being controversial.
But once you have abused and cursed me and the title of this post, I urge you to just think once. Why can’t subtle make you as confident, as popping, edgy or bright can? Why can’t pink feel as good on you as blood red? Why can’t a long, flowy summer dress be as charming as biker leather-shorts and black leather jackets.
And, maybe, once you have got those wheels churning you will give a thought to the rest of the title and agree with me that if it’s subtle, if it’s light, if it’s delicate-it will define femininity like nothing else can.
Still you do not agree.
Well let me paint a picture for you.
Amongst pink roses in a field of green, beneath a blue sky, a wind as fresh as morning dew carrying a sweet fragrance, blows lightly around the ankles of a young woman while a quiet calm reigns. The woman, dressed in a long white lace dress that just lightly touches her curves, stands on the toes of her sandal-clad feet, with her face upturned, her eyes closed and her rosy lips curved in a slight smile; her pink, glowing cheeks are brushed by the curls of her glossy hair that have escaped the delicate braid behind her head and her hands are tied behind her.
She slowly spins around, the dress swinging along her, kissing the back of her legs while she enjoys the there and then. While she enjoys just being.
She looks fresh, untouched, like an angel.
She is both mysterious and sensual.
She is female.

There is nothing about the girl that screams or shouts, is there? There isn’t anything “popping” about her outlook. Her dress isn’t “edgy” and cut so low and revealing as to make men salivate. Her hair have not been pampered with gel and spray for hours to be made just so, nor are her eyes covered in black. And her shoes definitely have no spikes on them.
Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against any of those things. But I believe that the media nowadays is teaching little girls that all this is feminine and being subtle is for the weak.
I object to that. Being subtle is feminine. Wearing minimum make-up doesn’t make you any less, it makes you more original.
Being subtle means you can wear makeup and designer brands and style your hair without letting go of your true self.
Every woman is born with this feminity, some of us just bury it under layers-of makeup, of clothing that isn’t us, of hair products, even of language.
And if you believe you were born with that delicacy, that means you are already half way there.
What I am trying to say is, it’s okay to be natural and subtle and be you and let your femininity charm people. It doesn’t make you weak, it doesn’t take away any of your rights.
If anything, maybe owning our natural poise and delicacy might let us hold on to the fight for women rights with an even stronger front. If we don’t respect who we are, how can we expect the men to do so.
However, if you feel the rock-star look is more you or if you feel more comfortable in ripped shirts and torn-out jackets, then I will say embrace that, but just now and then try to go for a more natural, barely there make-up look and a simple dress. And believe me, the female in you will shine.

Be who you are, be proud to be a girl.
Be proud to be a woman.

After all, who runs the world?


Come take a walk on the wild side…

3 Mar


One word that makes a billion thoughts run through my mind.
Element. Love. Loss. Lust. Danger. Damage. Energy. Inspiration. Passion. Hot. Wild. Power. Uncontrollable.
Those are just some of the adjectives that at different points of my life I associated with the word.
But one that has always been in my mind associated with fire is reverence.
It’s an emotion it always has been able to incite in me, whether I wanted it to or not. How can I not feel it? Fire’s beautiful colors, so contrasting, so bright, so naked and yet standing high and proud no matter what it’s surroundings, lapping around, aware of its power and the damage it can cause. Aware of its importance, aware of its need and completely pleased about itself. Majestic in its stature, brightening all hollows around it effortlessly, mocking anything in its vicinity of their powerlessness in front of it.
It doesn’t know the meaning of humility or weakness nor does it give in, give up. No matter how small it starts off as, it strives to grow stronger, knowing its potential and working hard to achieve it.
I fear it, yet I love it. I know it has the capability of engulfing me in itself, damaging me with its heat, yet I don’t mind the risk as every time I hope this time I will tame it.
Yet, in the end I always find myself wondering who gave in to whom.
It astounds me, mesmerizing me with the constant tug and pull it exerts on me.
Am I different? Or are there other people out there so captivated by fire, no matter what it’s form.

Fire is power, and I can’t ever let the fire in me die. I need it to flow through me, brighten me, to light me up. I will risk being burned in the efforts because then I wouldn’t have to regret that I never tried.
And nothing good ever comes without some burns, does it now?

Side note:-
I am wearing here a fur gilet and a silk button down with leather pants-all from Mango-and flats from a local store.


Lost, but now I am found…

2 Mar


The street style this year at the fashion weeks was…well it was nothing short of jarringly spectacular and eye-poppingly shocking. Come to think of it, it was a bit like a lemon tart. Sweet and sour all at the same time.
Some of the stylistas, for the sake of more paparazzi, went a little too overboard. Well, yeah that sounds like an understatement to me too, but I just felt like being nice. (Jeez my eyes are still hurting thanks to some of them, I can’t be that nice now can I? Sigh.)

Chiara in Milan in J Brand jeans, Chanel bag-cute?

Chiara in Milan in J Brand jeans, Chanel bag-cute?

And then there were others, who were there not for endorsing brands or every pointless fashion, nor for more fame or blog-sponsors. Rather, they were there because of their established place in fashion, because they belonged to these fashion shows.
Ingrid Chi in a Bershka coat, Mango dress, C Olympia shoes...

Ingrid Chi in a Bershka coat, Mango dress, C Olympia shoes…

And boy did they show why, making it crystal clear it was their home-ground!
People who made me fall for them all over again and forced my respect to go up a few notches higher.
It included classy fashionistas like Clemence Pose, Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo and, even some bold ones, like Chiara Ferragni and the Olsen sisters!
They showcased what street style really meant-because while staying within reasonable limits, they still managed to set as many trends as any of the models walking on the ramps at the shows.
Here are my favorite looks from the London and NewYork fashion weeks(mainly), I hope you enjoy them all! 😉
She needs no introduction, do you now Olsen? ;-)

She needs no introduction, do you now Olsen? 😉

Camille in Jaegar coat and shoes;Mango trousers!

Camille in Jaegar coat and shoes;Mango trousers!

Iris in All Saints jeans and No.21!

Iris in All Saints jeans and No.21 jack…hot!


All I want, it’s not always what I get!

2 Mar

I had two amazingly hectic and superbly annoying weeks! In fact, I can still feel the last of the ripples created in these weeks course through me as I try to fight off the tightness in my shoulders and the gloom in my heart.
Someone once said to me that the best way to get away from everything is songs- upbeat, high energy and sexy songs.
I don’t disagree, but I believe everyone has their own way of coping with situations, of getting away from them, of fighting them off.
Mine differ depending on what I want to do. Do I want to dwell on this particular scenario and try to find a solution for it or do I simply want to drown away all these thoughts?
This particular week I didn’t want to think of at all-I didn’t just want to get rid of the bad taste of it all, but I really wanted to carry away no memories, no painful shadows, no urge to wear fake smiles. I stood up for myself when I had to, but then I wanted to move on. And I did-well mostly I did.
And once I was satisfied, once I felt some calm and some peace returning, I turned to two of my most trusted friends.
Coffee and sugar.
Don’t take my words to be spelling me out as a loner. They just show that some things you can’t even share with those people whom you might give your life for or who would give their’s for you. It might be a fear of being judged or it might be a need to be never reminded again of the places you have been to. And I, for one, do not ever want to be returned to the places last week put me into!
Hence, I had the coffees-a little too many of them, yes, and not always by myself either, but always in soothing company.
However, it wasn’t just the emotional trauma which made these days a roller coaster ride, it was also the sudden amounts of unbearable work load from my university. It was bound to get harder then ever some time, but the timing could have been better.
Still, these weeks were just a glimpse of what life is going to be like for me these next five years. As my respectable Professor put it, “It isn’t a piece of cake to become Grey or Derek. It’s work enough to leave you without anything else! And it’s a hell lot more then just who did what with which guy!”
So, amongst the tests and the assignments and the workload, I couldn’t find a moment free enough to blog. To say I missed it a lot is an understatement. But I will say it anyway.

I know it’s strange that when the world is blogging about fashion weeks and their amusing happenings, I am stuck here moaning about the twists in my life. My next post would be more lively and upbeat, for this one, just ignore my whininess! 😉
And, I almost forgot, Happy March!


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