Ask Gull: How to do red lips?

29 Apr


I get this question a lot. But here is one a friend recently asked:-

I am not that fair, nor too tan-in fact I have a bronze skin tone. But somehow, the red lips suit me fine during the day time, while usually at night events they are a fail. What do you suggest is the best way to pull them off? What do you think am I doing wrong?

My answer:- Firstly, consider yourself lucky for every color works on that complexion, though cranberry or true reds are best for you. Second, ensure you have invested in a good, renowned brand’s lipstick because this one item you will use a lot, and the right lipstick will go with you a long way. (I had say, get this YSL)

The trick to wearing red lips is to keep the rest of your make-up minimal, for the paler your skin the better. So, put a nice concealer/primer to tone your face and stain your cheeks the most lightest, natural-pink you can (to make your skin look alive). Use only mascara on your eyes and coat your lips with your lip liner. Now when you put on the lipstick, your lips will pop, making you look sexy and catchy.
The reason sometimes our red lips don’t look at night events as good as they do in mornings is that we tend to go over board with the hair and makeup along with the jewelry at most of these events while during the day we usually tend to go for lighter looks. Red lips will always be easier to pull off with a white summer dress in the morning or a sparkly LBD in the night then with flashy bright-colored gowns and intricate permed hair-dos.

The clicks here summarize all that I said, which boils down to this-keep your face uncluttered.

Red lips on the red carpet.

Red lips on the red carpet.


2 Responses to “Ask Gull: How to do red lips?”

  1. Anushay Jawad November 13, 2014 at 2:55 pm #

    Hi…love ur posts…tried following u on insta but u wont accept my following request.pls do so 🙂 👍

    • gullhasnat November 16, 2014 at 10:06 am #

      Hey! Thank you for stopping by, A. So nice of you. And I am so glad you enjoyed my blog. Sorry about the insta thing. Can you tell me your handle please? Thank you!
      Come again soon.
      Love, Gull.

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