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Chaos to Couture-the Met Gala Chronicles.

7 May

Chaos to Couture-the Met Gala Chronicles.

Rather then writing whole books on who wore the best dress and who dressed their worst to this year’s Met Ball-which marks the opening of Metropolitan Institute’s fashion exhibit-I have just summarized it all in a step by step picture-essay for you.

Before I leave you to it, I had just like to say, that although I am not much of a Taylor Swift fan, but she outdid herself at the Met Gala so well that we couldn’t just help love her. The beautiful blonde reminded us of a perfect punk chic-in couture. Cara and Emma Watson did as much justice to the theme too, looking gorgeous in black.

We liked...

We liked…

They tried well...

They tried well…

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian topped high on our worst dressed list. But she usually does, for apparently she has no idea how to dress her bump. So, forgive me, if I couldn’t bring myself to put up a picture of her-neither could my team. She was, though, happily joined on the list by Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus.

The "wow" they didn't get from us.

The “wow” they didn’t get from us.

Jessica Biel, the lady who usually carries herself off with class, along with Carrie Mulligan and Paltrow, disappointed us sorely with their awful dress choices, forcing us to put them in our ‘not so crazy about’ list.



Still, all in all, the list of people who looked good was not that short, though most of the people on that list had played it too safe and others hadn’t even attempted to go for the theme. Hence, we didn’t even attempt to put them on the blog.

I will just end my bantering by asking you, whom did you think were the best and the worst dressed? And why?



Ask Gull-What’s “in” the pants?

3 May

Here is one of my favorite questions;

For this summer, what pants would you suggest investing in?

Crops. No two ways about it. This year the way to celebrate the heat of summer is to show some ankle. And if you can get them in prints and pastels, or color block them with tailored suit jackets, there is nothing better.
Other then that, go for striped jeans, though I had rather suggest these leggings to keep you cooler in the blistering sun.
However, if nothing works out, just invest in white based skinnies with a grey/black print. They work out with almost everything.

Get these leggings to be stylish for less!

Get these leggings to be stylish for less!

But now I had like to pose the same question to you guys-which do you think are the best jeans for this summer season? I had love to hear your feedback!
In the meanwhile, happy summer! 😉


Ask Gull-Pastry in Pastels?

1 May

Ask Gull-Doing pastels without looking like a pastry.

We all have had the experience of watching a walking “pastry shop” strut its stuff, but how de we ourselves avoid being one of ‘those’?

Pastels are love. And now that they are in style, I keep stocking up on them-like dangerous amounts of them. What’s the best way to do a complete pastel look and at the same time avoid looking like an Easter egg?

First up, there is nothing like a complete pastel look. I had suggest don’t go making up trends that even the masters haven’t mastered yet. Always break the monotony of these shades in your dress, with embellishments, neutral colored shoes or bold, fiery accessories. For example, mellow down the pastels with an edgy dark colored jacket or a bright statement piece, like a belt. A white blouse or bottoms would also set the tone right.

Add neutrals to your pastels.

Add neutrals to your pastels.

Along with that, mix different textures, so that the lack of contrasting bright colors wouldn’t make you look monotonous, rather the drama and depth of the final result would be magnified.

A tailored jacket with basic-colored accessories.

A tailored jacket with basic-colored accessories.

Most importantly, always remember that pastels look best in pants or pencil skirts because the clash of their feminine softness with the image of a powerful woman lets you escape from looking like a macaroon even while wearing “macaroon colors”. A well tailored dress would have the same effect. And the need to add neutrals to the mix would subside.

Don't look like macaroons please.

Pretty in Pastels

I end this post with one last suggestion specifically for my beginner fashionistas; start by wearing one pastel piece in your look at a time, and contrast it with the other latest fashions like stripes or catchy prints. Alternatively, pair them with some classics, like an LWD (little white dress)! 😉

Start with baby steps.

Start with baby steps.

Pastels aren’t easy to pull off, but these tips will make managing them a piece of cake.
If all else fails, couple your pastel print pants with a neutral colored blouse, pastel heels and statement jewelry. Finish off with a tailored blazer and you have got the perfect day to night look. Or, let these photographs inspire you.

Two trends with one buy-check.

Two trends with one buy-check.

Side tip: Printed pants are the latest rage in the trendsetters and if you buy printed denims/pants in pastel colors you had be investing in a piece that will last you long, while at the same time be saving money.

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