Through the looking glass.

9 Jun
Transparency at its best.

Transparency at its best.

Well, the designers have made that little piece of fiction come out to mean exactly what we would expect it to be decoded to as.
And, what do I mean by that, you ask?

The style guru on trend too.

The style guru on trend too.

Only this, that when the designers made the transparent glass sunglasses the latest thing in fashion they brought the phrase ‘through the looking glass’ to life, making the nerds proud and fashionable at the same time.

Round frames.

Round frames.

So, ladies and my stylish gentlemen, this summer embrace the classic and take to heart what it means. Incorporate these stylish, two way, transparent glasses as a must have in your list of “things to buy this week no matter what” because they are already gracing the eyes of anyone who is anyone and fast becoming the staple of every summer look.
The reason to that is as clear as the glasses themselves, they make you look fresh, breezy and clean-all three essentials for every summer look.
My advice? Go out, buy those glasses and only then return to finish this article.

Double bar aviators

Double bar aviators

In case you feel too lazy to do that, you can get the glasses given above here and those below here.

The Karen Walker magic

The Karen Walker magic

But, you ask, aren’t they too pricey? Worry not. As you can see in the picture below I have got a pair of glasses which are timeless in their cut (being aviators) and are oh-too-cheap to be missed on. You can buy these for a steal here.

Clear as a fancy.

Clear as a fancy.

Now you just ran out of excuses. So, here is all I will add-happy shopping.


2 Responses to “Through the looking glass.”

  1. SandyLand June 9, 2013 at 10:58 pm #

    I am such a sunglasses fiend. I love them. Never leave home without them. In fact, I just bought a pair the other night AND had a cute pair sent over from England.
    I like the big shades of days gone by, tho. (I need to protect my peepers even moreso now that I’ve had eye surgery.)

    • gullhasnat June 15, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

      oooh, those big shades are love. I now and then wear one of them just for the heck of it.
      fashion be damned! What matters more is style. 😛

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