Losing weight-a guide?

2 Jul


The question mark up there is not by mistake. I actually am asking you, since when did losing weight become limited to step-by-steps and guide books? And how do those even work?
Move your left leg up and right leg down and eat while breathing through your nose. Do everyday for ten minutes and lose 5 stone.
More or less, I think this is all that these guides boil down to. But their worst part? They have got too many people fooled and even more people off the track.
Losing weight is a lifestyle, till you adopt it there is no success.

When I was in grade nine and fat enough to get all those “how do you fit in through that?” jokes cracked at me, even then I knew how to get out of the rut. And I did.

The process is simple;
1. You get your head out of the refrigerator (pun intended) and your butt in the gym.
And when I say in the gym I don’t mean that dainty half hour run in those oh-so-sexy shorts (even though they might be helpful otherwise), I mean hardcore exercise that makes you sweat enough to turn your face into a tomato and till your legs feel like jelly. And than you push yourself to do more.
The best part? You can indulge here in any activity that you love and which simultaneously helps you “work out”.
2. Along with that, remove processed foods and too much sugar from your diet plan and add a lot of water and some vitamins.
3. Don’t listen to beautifully shaped celebrities because all of them have personal trainers, chefs and nutritionists, so what seems like easy-to-cook dishes and easy to follow exercise regimes to them maybe both are strenuous and, in the later case, dangerous for us.
In fact, if you are one of those 89% whose lifestyle isn’t like theirs I suggest you look at what your means are and utilize them for a healthier you.
So, next time you watch a how-to on a difficult Pilates routine, rather then being put off by it, just go do a fast dance routine or a 30 minute cross body. Simpler, more effective, more do-able for you.

There. That is it. The whole secret to losing weight.
It all sounds too much? It is! The thing about losing weight is it is no piece of cake. And like everything else in life, it needs commitment and actual strife to be achieved. There are no shortcuts to losing weight. Those who tell you there are, they are just using your weakness to their advantage in one way or another. Trust me. And most of these “tips and tricks” are short term solutions with long term consequences.


Side tip; if you believe that your body only needs toning do the the “twice in a week” routine otherwise add 1 more day for how much more you want to lose-yes that means the whole week if you want to lose “a lot”.
As far as which exercises work for what muscles, I will provide a detailed post on that later this week. Till then here is a rule: if you want to lose fat from the inner part of your leg or arms, pull in against force towards your body, and push out away from body for the outer parts.

Lastly, why the sudden post on weight loss? Because I grew complacent along the way here somehow and have started gaining a bit again. But I can’t go back there-that is my motivation and it has pushed me finally to start my exercise routines and rearrange me eating habits. If you want to follow both or either of these things as I go through the process of toning myself again, feel free to follow me on facebook, though for more summarized parts stay in touch here.


P.S. my Facebook page is “The Magfique way by Gull Hasnat”! 😉


4 Responses to “Losing weight-a guide?”

  1. fashionforlunch July 2, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

    Great post!!!!

  2. Mrs. Gaeul July 4, 2013 at 5:13 am #

    Love this post! You don’t even really need exercising, though it is good for you. It’s a simple calorie in and out calculation. If you overeat in relation to your activity level, you gain weight. My main motivation for exercise is so I can eat more! haha

    • gullhasnat July 8, 2013 at 2:24 am #

      that is so true, we need to stop thinking that may be there is another way out-someway to trick our bodies into staying size zero while we don’t ‘work’ for that.

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