Running-Every damn day, “Just do it”

8 Jul

The line above from Nike, it always powers me, along with the famous saying “You earn the body you have.”

So here is the million dollar question, how am I going to earn the body I want?

The answer is quite simple, I take action. And via my changed eating habits and my evolving cardio routine I now can happily say that I am taking steps to my destination every day, and I may be yet a little away from it but every night when I sleep I dream happy dreams for I know I just got that much closer to my goal.

It is not easy though-at least not for me-to figure in time for any form of exercise into my busy schedule. But I had been planning since some time to get back to my running, I was just finding all forms of excuses to delay starting it.


However, this morning when I went out for a walk, reacquainting myself to one of my favorite vacation spots, I looked at the sun-kissed track and thought, “why the hell not.”

And I did it, I “just did it”.

Thus, here I am, an hour later, tired and yet refreshed. The adrenaline is even now running through my blood keeping me powered and ecstatic and I am here sharing my experience with you before this power hype burns out.
Moral of the story, don’t put it off to next week, tomorrow or even to an hour later. No matter where you are, just grab your joggers, go out and do it.
And you wont be one for regret.


But mind you, if you want to really get something out of these runs I suggest you make out time for it more than twice a week and not to chicken out if you get cramps. Which you are bound to if you have been lying around even half as much as me. In my experience, the best way to make the cramps go away and to let your muscles retain their power is to keep exercising till the acid has been removed by your body. But do help it in doing so by taking fresh vegetables, foods rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins. And, don’t skip on your milk and eggs.

Here is what my diet plan for today is. It is for any one out their who needs a guideline to tailor their own plan around. It’s both human and easy to follow and even easier to add your own eating habits:

Breakfast- An Americano with some whole grain cereal.
Brunch-(which would be more like a snack) a sliced cucumber.
Lunch-grilled vegetable salad with mushrooms and beans.
Afternoon snack-If I am hungry, then some berries or a handful of nuts.
Dinner-A cup of milk with honey and two dates.

The last time I lost weight this was more or less my routine diet, and I need to go back to it for this coupled with running and cardio twice a week is my fool proof way of weight loss.
If you want to join me, what is stopping you?
But I had like to know, what do you do when you want to lose some pounds?

Stay tuned for more on how my journey back to my toned body is going.
Love you all.


4 Responses to “Running-Every damn day, “Just do it””

  1. SandyLand July 8, 2013 at 1:06 pm #

    Way to go. You just did it! 😉
    I hope you had a lovely little vacation too.
    And I’m sending you another PM with a new link so check it out.

  2. Our Life In 3D July 18, 2013 at 12:51 am #

    That is the best line, “You earn the body you have.” It sums it up. Running and healthy eating are a good start. 5 small meals like you are doing is perfect. Walk instead of drive. And keep on envisioning success. JDI…the other Nike saying “Just Do It”

    • gullhasnat July 18, 2013 at 9:33 am #

      5 small meals and JDI-yes, they are imperative for the equation undoubtedly.
      I agree with you. like always.
      and thank you, for dropping by. 😀

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