DIY-Let your creativity do the talking

20 Jul


I told you that I would be coming up with some easy DIYs. And here is the first of them.
An easy step-by-step for making personalized business cards.

What you will need:-
1. Two sheets of card paper-I chose one with a rustic print on it and one plain in off white.
2. Craft Scissors
3. A template card-for the size you want for yours.
4. A black fine-writing pen.
5. Pencil-I used a 2B.
6. Super-glue i.e., craft glue.


Note:- I wanted to make my cards completely personal, completely me, so I was prepared for them not being identical. If you dislike the idea, then I suggest you get them printed and craft yours on the multitude of card designing and printing sites available on the Internet. For the rest who are interested, read on.

1. Choose your template card. Remember that you have to put the plain paper on it too for writing which would have to be smaller than the main’s dimensions to add that cute border. But make it too large and even after writing your card will look blank. On the flip side, you can keep changing the look of your business cards once you get the hang of it so you don’t need to worry much about your decision.

2. Use the template card you chose and draw out its margins precisely on the card paper with the print. I drew and cut out each individually which made it easier to nibble them out to exact same sizes.

3. When all of them are cut, take the plain sheet, which is the one you will write on, and draw on it the same template size. However, then mark a point 1cm inside all borders and cut out this down-scaled version.

Note: You can also use another card as a template that is as much shorter than the main size as you want.


4. Now carefully put the blank paper in the centre of the one with the print leaving equal space on all sides, then use the glue and stick it on!

Tip: Make sure that you have the writing side on the front rather than that it being the one you put the glue on. 😉


5. Let the glue dry. Then use a scale and draw horizontal lines as shown in my picture. One for the base of the title of your business (or anything else you want most emphasis on). One for the max height of your letters. Then more double lines such for all the other extra text you want on it. Also, if you want anything in italics, draw vertical lines at the angle you want to have your words at so that they stay at the same tilt throughout.


Note:The writing part is completely up to your creative juices (you can even add a handmade logo).


6. Once you are completely satisfied with your pencil work, outline all that you have written with the pen. Though be careful that the ink doesn’t spread with your hands if it’s too wet. Again, let it dry.


7. Et voila! Your cards are done and you are ready to do business. Put them in your card case or your wallet and they will be forever handy! 😉

Extra: you can get them laminated at a local store or punch a hole in one corner to add pretty little ribbon ties. In short, sky is the limit!
I hope you try this, and have as much fun with this DIY as I did. If you make blunders, remember it’s just your first time! 😉



6 Responses to “DIY-Let your creativity do the talking”

  1. heelsandpeplum July 21, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

    Beautiful!!! I love it!!

    • gullhasnat July 21, 2013 at 7:18 pm #

      Thank you so much for your feedback!
      Lots of love! ❤

  2. SandyLand July 22, 2013 at 1:12 pm #

    Ugh, I tried so very hard to comment on this post the other night but my tablet was being an asshat and I had to either give up or throw the damn thing.
    Anyway, here I am now….Your cards are a lovely little concept and completely personal. A great and pretty way to promote you/your blog.

    • gullhasnat July 22, 2013 at 3:12 pm #

      hahahaha. I think those tablets are better of drowning themselves often times (don’t tell them though :-P)

      And thank you, for all the positive feedback.

  3. Our Life In 3D August 1, 2013 at 6:40 pm #

    Very creative Ms. Gull! I had cards printed for my blog just so I had something to hanout for contact information. Your cards are sooo much cooler!

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