Photography-6 tricks for great self-ies.

24 Jul

5 tips to great selfies.

“Everyone nowadays on Facebook appears to have a boyfriend or best friend more than happy to click their gorgeous high-definition pictures, while I am stuck here with my mirror and my digital camera. Have you ever suffered through that? What can I do to improve my pictures?”

Have I ever suffered through that?
A. Only like a million times or so.
B. I don’t personally call it suffering.

First up, I agree, it might be easier to get your photos taken by a good photographer with a great DSLR. But waiting for either of those to come your way, might make you miss good opportunities to take great pictures.
I put the picture above to show you that even the best bloggers, who so many times have pockets full of other people willing to take their picture, don’t shy away from taking selfies. Rather, they utilize it to their advantage. You see, when you have control over the camera you have better chances of producing what you had in mind rather than making your photographer understand your idea. Plus, it shows your self-confidence.

Having said that, there are more ways to taking selfies then using the mirrors in your powder room. Here are some tricks to get you started!

1. Get a tripod stand. Yes, digital cameras now do get their own stands and it produces ten times better pictures because our hands will never be as stable as them (unless you are an expert, that is).

2. Use a timer. Most digital cameras come with this option now. Coupled with the tripod, you can pose in front of anything at absolutely anywhere and end up with great shots!

Side note: the idea of using these both together works only when you make every arrangement in advance-set/choose the back drop, check for the lighting via your LCD-just like you would want it to look if someone else was taking the picture.

3. Use the “burst photo” option. Again, most digital cameras come with this option and it’s a life saver. For example, if in the first picture you had your eyes closed, you wouldn’t have to run to the camera and reset the timer, you can just stand there and wait for the camera to do its magic.

4. Improve picture quality. Invest in a camera with at least 8 mega pixels resolution. 12 MP though are just more than enough. Basically, experts say 6 MP are fine in a camera but I believe self-photography needs that extra boost!

5. Photo editing is your best weapon. And there is more to it then cropping, use it as an assistant that made your picture come out perfect by giving you an extra hand post-photo-session. Download trials for editors like Adobe’s light-room, and then invest in the one you feel most comfortable with! Or get an amazing free one, like PhotoScape.

6. Natural lighting will be your safe bet. This way you will mostly not need any reflectors etc., get much more interesting backdrops and enjoy the outdoors at the same time!

Can’t afford a tripod? Use a stack of books or even a shelf to get it at the height at you want and snap away!
Can’t go out to take selfies? Use chairs, a table or even your back yard hammock as a catchy prop. Or do what everyone is doing right now; just lie on the grass, put the camera on a book also on the grass at the angle you wish and voila. Perfect selfie.
In short, sky is the limit!


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