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Layer it-3 ways

9 Aug


As summer nears it’s end and we start looking through fall’s collections so many designers are already offering, all of us are considering ways to help our wardrobe through the transit period.
And we all know layering is the fool-proof way to deal with those not-too-cold-yet-neither-too-hot days.
Here are three ways to utilize your jackets or pullovers to their best capabilities where they are neither a stylistic hindrance nor too difficult to carry around.


1. Tie the knot:
If heading out you are unsure as to whether you will need a jacket/blazer or pullover later, just grab one and tie it around your waist just in case. If nothing else comes of it, you were at least able to add a character to your dress. Hence, so many celebs have already been caught pulling off the look. (Or it might be to hide their huge you-know-whats :-D)


2. Suit up:
Invest in a light weight tailored jacket. They are both on point and keep you safe from the frigid-enough-to-make-you-sick wind (though it’s not bold enough to come right out and blow in our faces-coward).

3. Roughen it up:
If tailored and sleek isn’t your thing, then go for a light, see-through, roughened jacket etc. that you can practically sleep in and no one would complain. They are both relaxing and efficient, doing their job while not spoiling your grunge look.

On another note, Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims out there!<


3 steps to perfect legs

6 Aug

3 steps to perfect legs

Aren’t they the bane of all our existences.
Too short. Too long. Too fat. Too thin.
Somehow, the poor dears are never appreciated as they are. Even when to others they appear to be perfect, to ourselves they always seem to be lacking in some area. But. mostly, we all need miracles (or too expensive procedures) to get them just right.
Or maybe, we do not need any miracles at all. Maybe, all that stands between us and those ‘perfect legs’ are these three small steps.

Step 1:- Embrace them.They say the first step to self improvement is realization of where we stand. But here you need to not just realize that what you deem wrong with your body is most likely only your self-conscious nature, but you need to love your body the way it is. I keep on saying this, and I will again, that confidence is what gives you 90% of your style and 95% of your sexiness. If you are self assured, no one will doubt you for a second. If you love yourself, everyone else will too.

Step 2:- Stop hiding, start exploring
-Shoving your legs in unflattering cargos and bulky skirts isn’t going to help you. If anything, it will lower your confidence even more. It takes a second to see when someone is uncomfortable in their body and just another to see them trying to hide it. It’s embarrassing for us as much as it should be for you. Instead find jeans that flatter shorter legs, search for the specific cut of skirt that suits your legs. Maybe not all things will work for you, but look around and search for those clothes that flatter you.

Step 3:- Be the master of illusions
Vertical lines make your legs look leaner and longer, nude pointed-toes add length your legs, boot cuts add balance to too long legs while crops make overly skinny legs appear fuller, sexier. And that’s just the start of a long list. Fashion happens to be our best friend, for it helps us mask anything we want hidden, spotlight what we deem our best assets and feel more comfortable about ourselves within minutes. So, embrace your inner stylist and blaze through all the boys. 😉
After all, beauty lies in the ‘eyes’ of the beholder. Just confuse your own eyes for a second, and let yourself fall in love with you.
From there, its just a road uphill.

P.S. I will be doing separate posts on which fashion and which colors are best illusions for all types of legs, so stick around!!

Get perfect legs!

Get perfect legs!


Forget him-get your own ‘boyfriend’ jeans!

1 Aug
Couple your boyfriend jeans with structured extras.

Couple your boyfriend jeans with structures extras.

The boyfriend jeans.
To be honest these jeans used to be the bane of my existence.
Before the skinny jeans era, I owned more than (embarrassing confession coming up) a couple, and I used to always fidget around with them, unsure about how to style them.
But that’s a thing of the past. Now they are one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe-especially on the days when I would rather have a better blood circulation in my legs ( skinny jeans syndrome is NOT a fluke).
What did I do, you ask, that made me change my perspective on them?
I gave up on men, and decided I could die happy a spinster so I no more needed to impress them. True story. 😉
Or maybe it was just the fact that walking around with numb legs made me realize their worth. (I seriously broke down, hugged my boyfriend jeans and cried all night after wearing my skinnies the first time. Well, sort of.)
In any case, once I was ready to get over the eluding species (if you know what, or whom, I mean) and concentrated more on what I liked, I found out that these jeans were my new best friends.
But still, you doubt me.
It is okay, I hear you, they feel like you just borrowed them.
But honey, that is the point.
Not the borrowing part, you don’t actually go and borrow your guy’s jeans (who else is a little grossed by that thought-urgh the image), but the idea is that its okay if they look oversized and borrowed. Hence the name.
But like always, I digress. ( sheesh, give this girl some space-old habits die hard.)

What you want to know is, what really made them work for me? The shortcut, I suppose.
Well, I am happy to oblige. Here are the four things for you to remember when wearing these jeans.
1. Either couple them with tailored items that fit well on you-cute bright blazers, fitted lace tops, structured heels-all the dainty stuff or go for a crop top. Remember you have to counter their rough, hooligan look with your personal, girly flair.
2. Coupling them with bright jewels, eye-catching yet delicate, will bring a striking pop to them giving a perfect mix of your femininity to their masculinity. ( That didn’t sound creepy at all. :-D)
3. Crop them. Fold them at the ends and keep them above your ankles. It makes you look less un-kept, very sleek and the show of your dainty ankles will be a reminder of the girl you are. (well, maybe I haven’t completely turned into that spinster, yet.) And don’t go buying ones that are too oversized. That’s awkward even for us.
4. Eat. A lot. Run. Walk. Do summersaults. Because, shit boy, but that skinny jeans syndrome ain’t holding us back today. So you better keep an eye on your dinner platter.

That's how you work your boyfriend jeans.

That’s how you work your boyfriend jeans.

These four things have always worked for me. And I believe if you enjoy wearing a piece of your clothing once, the next time subconsciously you will be reaching for it first when you open your wardrobe (or walk into it, if you are that lucky). And you will wear it around with much more confidence.
Still not enough? Here is something to start off with.
Pair them with a white tank top, a bright blazer and some delicate-enough-to-break-amazingly-inefficient heels. Add some delicate arm candy. And blaze around the town.
Keep the experiments for the second time around.

Psst. If you want more tips on how to wear these lovelies, I will be doing another follow-up so stick around.
Also, smile. Cause if they are not your thing, skinnies aren’t going anywhere yet.


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