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Toffee Coffee-The recipe

24 Nov


Winter for me means coffee, in all it’s forms. (Alright, I admit, summer means almost the same to me too.)
However, for some reason, I prefer cuddling up in my sweaters and comforters near the fire with a huge mug of COLD coffee rather then a hot one-can’t go with the flow can I? Mum tried curing that for it meant worse sore throats for me-but she gave up when she realized we were a love story meant to be. Albeit a painful one. 😛
When she did though, she began doing her next favorite thing-finding substitutes for my plain cold coffee. In her opinion I drink too much of the “damned thing.”
Sigh. How ill-understood some of us are.
In any case, though some of what she came up with was far from perfect, all her attempts didn’t turn out to be for useless “no good”-at least they were better then the time she gave me the green tea “infused” cold coffee.
Honest, I still gag at even the thought of that. She still persists it was a real recipe from some tv show. Though she conveniently forgot for good the name of said show. And chef. And even the channel.
But I digress. Maybe not all but some of her attempts left me with amazing recipes and although they don’t necessarily decrease the amount of coffee in them, they make for amazing holiday season drinks. Especially when I am entertaining and am short on time for drink preparation.
(Ok. I just need an excuse to make them.)
As it turns out, my guests get me more then my mother. (Atrocity-I know :-P) Not only do they love the idea of freezing their insides along with their already cold skins(YAY), but they also appreciate coffee as much as I do. (Aww!)
But, again, I leave the more important topic. That of today sharing with you one of my mum’s experiments. I am sure some of you would already have seen this recipe somewhere else. Even tried it too. Still, I prefer to remember it as her creation and didn’t search for any contenders. But go ahead and tell me your recipe is better then mine. I won’t draw my claws, but do grant me the permission to snarl. Just a bit? It’s my mother we are discussing here after all. 😉

Toffee Coffee Recipe: (serves 2)
Skimmed Milk- 1 Cup
Ice shavings- 1/2 Cup
Vanilla Essence- 1/4 tsp
Chocolate Syrup(I use Hershey’s)- 1/4 tbsp
Caramelized sugar(I make mine right then)- 1/2 to 3/4 tbsp
Toffee flavored ice cream- 2 scoops
Ground Coffee- 1 tbsp (or more if you love the more bitter tinge)
Your favorite toffee/candy(I use Eclairs)- 4 small ones broken into pieces
Caramel syrup(optional)-For Garnishing


1. In your blender put the milk and ice and grind for 60 seconds.
2. Add the all other ingredients except the candy and ice cream. Blend till frothy.
3. Scoop out ice cream into serving glasses. Pour into them the mixture. Spoon in the bits of candy and let them settle in at their own speed.
4. Cuddle up near the fire and enjoy.

Note:-Caramelized sugar is what makes the toffee flavor stand out and when bits of candy come in with each sip they add the perfect surprise.

Happy Sunday.

P.S. I am already sneezing after this one. Gotta go prep for the soup. Soon. Like in an hour. Or a day….:-D


Friday Cravings

22 Nov


It’s funny isn’t it-how annoyingly fickle and irritatingly moody our hearts can be? At least mine is. And when it wants what it does, I can honestly make it do nothing to change it’s mind. But sometimes I can’t help wondering what it would feel like to have nothing more shocking as a craving then a bowl of Baskin Robbins….
Nah. That would be mega boring.
Let’s just leave that for others-in the meanwhile here is something for the more colorful of us. No offense.

1. Zara strapless dress: Ok! I know. Zara always makes it’s way here, but , I am nothing if not loyal to my favorite brands especially when they never fail me. And Zara is at the top of that list. This dress feels like the perfect choice for the cold wintry weather these days. A bit dark, a bit grey yet peculiar in its cloth and shape. And hence, so very enchanting.


2. Deborah Lippmann Cream: This hand cream is a wonder. I tried the tester and the softness remained there for ages. So it is not only a latest crush but also on my shopping list, perfect for these winter months. And while it keeps my hands soft as heaven and young as hell, the price to pay here is too little to not entice you into buying it.


3. Framed lips:-What could be a hotter decor piece for a girl’s room then huge red lips framed and balanced against a wall? I can come with a lot of answers to that but for this post just let’s say-not many things. Add to that the fact that this particular piece is DIY-able and the equations solves to one answer. I will be very busy this weekend. 😉


4. Nails Inc. limited edition collection:- The fact that the price for these is just £15 is NOT the best part about them. In fact they themselves are with their festive look to making them perfect to brighten up the dreary winters during the upcoming holiday season. YAY. I can already hear my credit card creak-CHA CHING.

Friday Cravings

15 Nov


Hi guys!
It is Friday again, which means not only do we get to party for the next two days without a care in the world, but it’s time for a Friday Fave list.
But-uh oh-this Friday I haven’t just got some stuff that I am crushing on, in fact I am heart fully craving a lot of things. And I mean A LOT OF THINGS. So this time it is more of a cut down, extremely edited version of all the bazillion items on my “I-am-craving-like-heck” list rather then a simple favorites list.
I hope you enjoy it.


1. Delphine Menivet’s stellar designs; Yes, she is a wedding dress designer, and obviously what would a university student be doing in looking at wedding dresses? But her wedding dresses aren’t just that much, rather they are art. Beautifully structured and simply styled, her work comes in some of the finest materials ever forcing even the most unconcerned girl to be drawn in. And fall for them. I have! And if you are looking for wedding inspiration or immaculate “special occasion” dresses, you have to see her work. I promise, you will be hooked. Especially if you had prefer not looking like a pastry on your big day. Save that look for the cake! 😉


2. Alexander McQueen’s Skull scarf-reinvented; That’s right! To commemorate ten years of the iconic scarf, Damien Hirst was called in for his expertise on updating it and the results show it was a match made in (skull) heavens. My fickle heart couldn’t help but miss a beat on the sight it beheld and I am already imagining outfits around it. What do you think? Mesmerizing, yes?


3. Zara thigh high boots; *Sigh* All I can do is stare and swoon over this beauty, till my family gets a hint and someone gifts it to me (perks of being a university student-one mostly can’t afford such wondrously gorgeous yet equally pricy “must haves”). The truth, though, is that thigh high boots are sexy, bold and insanely figure-flattering which by all rules are a must have for every woman. (Hint-GET A PAIR ASAP.)


4. Blair Eadiee’s full-skirted looks; She is not just beautiful and the amazing blogger behind Atlantic Pacific, but in my humble opinion she has perfected the art of carrying midi-skirts and wears them with such aplomb that it’s no wonder so many times she just wears variants of the basic style. Makes me want to buy one too, till I remember my big but-behind.


5. Indie by Maham-I love promoting personal talent, especially when the talent is so polished, refined and original. Indie is a brand recently launched in Pakistan by a school fellow. The fashion forward, boho-chic brand offers well structured, wonderfully designed pieces where every item appears to have its own story and where there is something for everyone. Above all else, fine workmanship and great material quality seem to be an unspoken necessity for this young designer. So check her out at her Facebook page of the same name, and be pleasantly surprised.

I could keep on adding to this list, but I will leave you with my top five. For now, Happy Friday.
Go catch the happy hour (if you haven’t already missed yours)!

Remember this November

13 Nov


November might begin to be my favorite month of this year. And it doesn’t have anything to do with Ryan Gosling’s birthday. Well not much. It’s mostly because my finals ended in the start of this month but also because it marked the start of so many things I love. Winters for starters, with the hot chocolates, the cozy gossip sessions in the warmth of my comforter and the (self granted) permission to have as much coffee as ever before.
But that’s not all. Here is a list of all the exciting things happening or that are about to take place in this month. If you are a fan of any of these too, then yes we are soul mates meant to be best friends .

1. Hunger Games-Catching fire; If you follow me on twitter/Fb, you must already be tired of hearing me rave about this upcoming movie, so I will not tell you AGAIN how my heart beats a little bit faster every time I think of how close the release date is (22nd over here), nor will I explain AGAIN how wonderful it’s graphics are. I will add this, though, that my excitement is not limited to a certain Hemsworth’s presence in it (but seriously, if all Australian men are this hot I am moving there), rather it has a lot to do with how I have actually read the books and as the last movie was so well done, I have high hopes for this one too.
Note-yes, that was me not raving. You have no idea how I curbed my excitement just now.


2. FIFA 2014 play-offs; I will admit it, I am a World Cup junkie. And anything related to it gets my blood pumping. So I understand if these matches aren’t as much invigorating for all, but rest assured I will be MIA on 15th and 19th November as I veg-out in front of the sports channel with my jeans exchanged for the baggiest of shorts and a huge bag of EVERY IMAGINABLE JUNK FOOD ITEM. Ahem, excuse the over-excitement.


3. English Premier League; Nothing can beat off your blues like a good EPL match. And boy, that match between ManU and Arsenal…I am going to be watching its reruns to do away every bad day for a long time. Maybe no other EPL match this season would be as exciting, but the whole institution is still too much amazing to not to go up in my “favorites” list. Or it might be because I miss my brother that I have taken it up with such love. In any case, it has brightened up November that much more.


4. Revenge-Season 3; I am not a die hard fan of season based shows in general, but the few I have fallen for, I fell hard. And amongst the top ones on that list these days is Revenge. I love the scheming, plotting minds of the whole cast and yes the amazingly styled costumes are a HUGE bonus. Now add to that the cliff hanger at the end of S2 that has had me biting my nails for the whole summer and my unconditional love for it makes more sense. Now that it is back, though, and as each episode is released this November-well, apparently my nails are still too short. (Excuse me while I go DIY my own infinity box. :-P)


5. The Voice season 5; Anything Adam Levine related immediately becomes shiningly attractive for me, but this show was glittery as well as gold. This season, though, has been better then any other. Add to that the fact that my favorite contestant just followed me back on twitter ( oh my god, it still feels unreal) it has made this season as well as this November all the more memorable!

So, what made your November memorable? It wasn’t gun powder or treason I hope?

Gull .


2013 winter wardrobe must haves!

12 Nov


1. RBJ-We all know the time old craze for the black leather “bomber” jacket and some of us are familiar with how the urge to own one feels. But as soon as it seemed most of us had acquired our own perfect versions, the fashion industry being the fickle one it is, moved on to the “red bomber jacket”. But I can’t fault them with that for boy do these look hot. And oh-so-edgy. Dress it up, or dress it down, there aren’t many ways to go wrong with this one so it’s not just necessary but imperative that you invest in one ASAP (maybe from here?)! And while you are at it, get a brown one too-you can never have too much leather after all.


2. Plaid-When this print resurfaced this year as the show stopper for so many designers, I was not shocked. I was just amused. How long would that last this time, I thought to myself. But, I tell you, we got well played, for this trend has not just taken strong roots in the fashion scene, it seems to be going nowhere any time soon. So, let’s stop mocking the Scot gods for bringing these back and get our you-know-whats to the mall. It’s time to do some shopping. (Tip-plaid print pants are hot, versatile, and much easier to handle then other plaid items, so they can be an easy start for the less courageous amongst us.)


3. Camo-There is nothing much to say about this one except this-every designer has taken it up as a new hobby. Designing the most out of the box versions of all things Camo-from shoes to bags to frigging umbrellas. Although some of them are less then spectacular (understatement), there are some great works out there too. I suggest buy some of this inventive stuff. Not just because anyone who knows anything about fashion is already lining up to do so, but also because there is something to fit into everyone’s unique style. And, hell, it is fun! Here is where you can get the above one from.


4. Weirdo bags-Well, not weirdo exactly. Just “out standingly” designed bags. Kidding. What I meant was that you invest in one of those bags in these that look anything but. They are not just fun, but it would take time for any thief to decide if what you are carrying is a 19th century telephone set or an actual bag. There-bag theft crisis resolved as surveys show thieves have been out witted by our very own designers (why then are we still paying taxes for the police….hmmm…) as the number of stolen bags reported falls drastically all over everywhere. 😉
(P.S. Special thanks to my love, Charlotte Olympia, for starting the craze).


5. Crazy (awesome) hair accessories-That about sums it doesn’t it? You don’t have to splurge a lot of money on this one. In fact keep it cheap. Maybe go to a nearby costume shop and get what you need, for although fake almost-crowns and funky head jewelry is starting to be the rage, this fashion isn’t going to last long. But, enjoy it while it’s here and walk around like the princess (or queen) that you are. That’s right, show them who you really are.
Note-if you get thrown out of your ‘sobriety’ club for acting like a queen, it’s on you. Or on your club. Forget I mentioned a tiara. In fact, forget the whole dang article.

You know I love you.


5 steps to a sexier you.

9 Nov


Feeling unsure about yourself and the presentation that’s due this Monday? Find yourself being held back from cute flirtations and sassy comebacks when facing your crush? Being unable to show your full potential at workplace despite knowing you are better then that no-good, barely clothed little *lut who got the promotion you deserved?
All you need, love, is a small dose of confidence with a pinch of sexy and a good night’s sleep. Don’t believe me? Then try these five tried and tested ways next time you are faced with an important event and want to leave a lasting impression. And then tell me if I was wrong. At the risk of sounding overconfident, I am sure you wouldn’t be able to for these 5 tricks I didn’t just come across in books or magazines. Rather I picked them out from my own experiences and from my friends’.


1. Start with the basics. That means that before you go picking up the dress and the shoes, polish the base you want to work on for if your groundwork is strong, anything that you build on it would work perfectly. This means, get yourself a good relaxing day at a spa. The glow that comes with a good full body massage and the self-assured confidence that builds inside with a facial and the works-I can’t stress how far it goes in boosting your fresh-faced sexiness. A relaxed vibe just oozes out from you drawing others to you. We are our most productive when happy and most alluring when we send out positive vibes. Hence, all this put together would be a giant leap towards a more intriguing you.


2. Shape the framework. You are loving how calm and relaxed you feel. The happy vibes are already making others smile at you. Now the next step is giving all that relaxed goodness a mesmerizing shape. Not for the others, but for your own eyes when you look in the mirror. So ditch those practicable ‘undergarments’ you got from Primark because “who cares what you are wearing underneath during a presentation” (that’s just self depreciating attitude) and invest in sensual and satiny-smooth ‘lingerie’. Honestly, sexy underwear is not, and shouldn’t be, just for your bed partner. When you slip into that alluring little secret of yours and see yourself looking like a sex-goddess in the mirror you will carry that image with you all day, and keep feeling infinitely confident. That and knowing that you have the power to look so hot, knowing your little secret under all your clothes, will inevitably add a devilish spark to your eyes and a cockiness to your behavior that would interest anyone and everyone, drawing in all those that come in contact with you.


3. Add the final coats. Now that the basic framework is all set and shaped, all you have to do is cover it so as to highlight the best of its assets. It is like when you take a pic, you pose in a profile that you are sure would make you look your best. In the same way, dress so as to highlight the best of you. That doesn’t make you weak. It just means that when you are standing talking to that hottie down at Starbucks you aren’t worrying at the same time that your tummy is protruding out from your tight tee in a very unsexy manor. Instead you will be sure that the well fitting and modestly cut top is showing off your body nicely but leaving something to his imagination. And knowing that would let you feel in power, hence, immediately boosting your confident. And there is nothing sexier then a confident lady and nothing is a worse tell of an uncomfortable one then a woman constantly fidgeting with her clothes. So wear what you are comfortable in. That, however, doesn’t mean you go out in your sweats or granny pants, or those boxy dresses that show off nothing and look like big brown parcel bags. Boring, annoying and off-putting. Like your legs? Show them off in tight jeans or a short dress (not too short though). Show off your arms in a sleeveless jumpsuit or your eyes with popping eye makeup. Your colleagues or friends might not notice exactly what you are “showing off” but they wouldn’t be proof against the confidence that you will ooze out in doing so.


4. Strut it out. High heels. Those two words put me in a better mood then anything else can. And used to make me feel like a sexy hottie back when I didn’t even know how to walk on them. Girls love their shoes. But heels. Oh my god! I have surveyed so many women and the higher the heels the sexier they come off as. You can see them prancing, posing, literally using the world as a ramp and that’s how it should be. Ditch those boring flats. Take my word, and that of my friends, that even an inch high heel leaves you feeling hotter then the 4th of July fireworks. If you don’t know how to walk in them-practice. Because there isn’t any substitute for the sassiness they bring. When you are out their conquering the men’s world, these heels will feel like a stronger armor then any other.


5. Add the final touches. No, it’s not the makeup that counts as those touches, though some women do feel stronger behind the mask of foundations and lipsticks, we suggest you keep that as natural looking as possible and rather work on your stance and your expressions. Are you a habitual “frowny-pants”? Do you come off as haughty and unapproachable or do you hunch up when you stand? Then practice that smile of yours, ask a friend to tell you to stand (or sit) straight whenever you begin to slouch. Practice walking with a long, assured stride and stand with an open, inviting posture. The bases you have laid with the above four steps would already let you feel and appear as very sexy, very captivating and very covetable.


Now you just need to appear approachable and there you would have it. The perfect, elusively attractive woman.
Or a guide to being one.
Here is to hoping these tips work as well for you as they did for others who followed them.

And a bonus tip? Don’t always take others words to heart. Some criticism is constructive and you use it as that. Other times, just let it in one ear and out the other, and then go on to be your super hot, super alluring self.

You know I love you.



Where have the days gone to?

5 Nov

Where have the days gone to?


Let me just-OH MY GOD.

I am finally doing it. I can finally let my thoughts shape into words as I write them on the proverbial paper. And to say that it feels good is an understatement.

I said to my family I felt dead, empty before-during my exams-but I felt myself and a semblance of life returning when they ended. But, it is only now I realize what I had been missing on.

Only now I realize that it is at this moment that I have begun to live again. Breathe again.

Writing. That is what defines me. And three months without it had left my as thirsty for the urge to let my imagination flow on to paper as a man lost in a hot dessert would be.

But my thirst has been quenched, my imagination rejuvenated and my soul has returned.

I am me again.

Yes, that sounded oh so theatrical and maybe I am being a wee bit (or even more) dramatic. But the fact of the matter is that the core of what I said is true. I always knew writing was an important part of me. But the calming relief surging through me right now lets me know how big of a part that is.

You ask yourself now, that if it was all so important, them why had she refrained from it for so long? I would like to say it was a self imposed hiatus, but it was not. It was a necessity not an option to stay away from any and all distractions-no matter how I loved them-for something even more important was at stake. My end of the year exams. And believe me, for a student who just likes sailing through studies with much partying and just enough grades to pass, it came as a shock that even people like me who studied to their minimum, had to withdraw from much else in her life for medical.

So, yes, it is the absolute truth when they say that if you hold anything more dear to yourself then your studies, do not chose medicine as your career. It leaves minimum space for anything else in your life. Even for kids like me.

My break from everything that spells “life” to me was barely that of two months. The ‘better’ students have been living on Jupiter since day one. With the hundred billion books and the stifling air as their best buds. And irregular sleeping patterns as the most exciting things in their lives.

Yes, I am rambling. And partly whining. So, I will just say this. Boy am I glad the torture (read: exams) are over. I just shudder at the though of how those kids survive. And just hope that despite the late realization that it was time to study, I did good enough to pass. Pathetic. I know. But enough about studies. I have had plentiful of that thank you.

Let’s talk about other stuff. Stuff that I have missed out on. Like Miley’s notorious videos and Prince George’s amazing christening ceremony (told you I was out of touch with life). But I am back, and at the best possible time too. For this weather, its my absolute favorite, with the promise of winter in the soothing air of autumn and all my favorite holidays heading my way. Add to that a free excuse to overindulge in coffee and chocolate and lounge like a vegetable in a warm comforter all day. Mhmm. This is life.

I would love to talk fashion. How I see curves are back and shear is still the ‘in thing’. I would love to tell you how amazing my birthday party went, how wonderfully my novel is coming along and how much I love the Nikon that I gifted myself.

However, not only does all that sound a little narcissist, but I am also at this very moment doing another thing I love like crazies.


So, I will just rush to the oven for I can hear the timer go off and leave you with the promise that I am going to eat your heads off with my blabbering. Figuratively.

Maybe literally too.

But before I rush off, I will answer that question above. Where have the days gone to? They were stolen away from me while I wasn’t looking, for my attention had been captured by my eluding books.

Love you all.
Now and always.

p.s. I can actually smell autumn in the breeze coming through my window. How amazing is that? Happy belated Halloween (boy have I got stories on that too)!!

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