Remember this November

13 Nov


November might begin to be my favorite month of this year. And it doesn’t have anything to do with Ryan Gosling’s birthday. Well not much. It’s mostly because my finals ended in the start of this month but also because it marked the start of so many things I love. Winters for starters, with the hot chocolates, the cozy gossip sessions in the warmth of my comforter and the (self granted) permission to have as much coffee as ever before.
But that’s not all. Here is a list of all the exciting things happening or that are about to take place in this month. If you are a fan of any of these too, then yes we are soul mates meant to be best friends .

1. Hunger Games-Catching fire; If you follow me on twitter/Fb, you must already be tired of hearing me rave about this upcoming movie, so I will not tell you AGAIN how my heart beats a little bit faster every time I think of how close the release date is (22nd over here), nor will I explain AGAIN how wonderful it’s graphics are. I will add this, though, that my excitement is not limited to a certain Hemsworth’s presence in it (but seriously, if all Australian men are this hot I am moving there), rather it has a lot to do with how I have actually read the books and as the last movie was so well done, I have high hopes for this one too.
Note-yes, that was me not raving. You have no idea how I curbed my excitement just now.


2. FIFA 2014 play-offs; I will admit it, I am a World Cup junkie. And anything related to it gets my blood pumping. So I understand if these matches aren’t as much invigorating for all, but rest assured I will be MIA on 15th and 19th November as I veg-out in front of the sports channel with my jeans exchanged for the baggiest of shorts and a huge bag of EVERY IMAGINABLE JUNK FOOD ITEM. Ahem, excuse the over-excitement.


3. English Premier League; Nothing can beat off your blues like a good EPL match. And boy, that match between ManU and Arsenal…I am going to be watching its reruns to do away every bad day for a long time. Maybe no other EPL match this season would be as exciting, but the whole institution is still too much amazing to not to go up in my “favorites” list. Or it might be because I miss my brother that I have taken it up with such love. In any case, it has brightened up November that much more.


4. Revenge-Season 3; I am not a die hard fan of season based shows in general, but the few I have fallen for, I fell hard. And amongst the top ones on that list these days is Revenge. I love the scheming, plotting minds of the whole cast and yes the amazingly styled costumes are a HUGE bonus. Now add to that the cliff hanger at the end of S2 that has had me biting my nails for the whole summer and my unconditional love for it makes more sense. Now that it is back, though, and as each episode is released this November-well, apparently my nails are still too short. (Excuse me while I go DIY my own infinity box. :-P)


5. The Voice season 5; Anything Adam Levine related immediately becomes shiningly attractive for me, but this show was glittery as well as gold. This season, though, has been better then any other. Add to that the fact that my favorite contestant just followed me back on twitter ( oh my god, it still feels unreal) it has made this season as well as this November all the more memorable!

So, what made your November memorable? It wasn’t gun powder or treason I hope?

Gull .


4 Responses to “Remember this November”

  1. SandyLand November 14, 2013 at 2:47 pm #

    Okay , hang on a second……there are new shoes up there *points upward* – just above the coffee photo – they’re bluish/whitish/greyish with black trim all around. WHERE did those come from? I just fell 20 stories in love.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the Hunger Games movies. Although I will see the new movie, because I saw the first, the first made me seasick. I really don’t like movies that are done from the angle of a hand-held camera (I’m looking at you Blair Witch Project, Bourne Identity, etc.). I was always car sick while travelling when little and now add to that an inner ear issue and a funky eye and you get all kinds of motion sickness. In fact, I had to leave the theater to vomit during The Hunger Games (as well as the above mentioned) and missed a good portion of the movie while my tummy settled and dizziness let up.

    I love soccer. I used to be such a huge World Cup fan (I have an awesome World Cup watch I got when I was in high school – which, btw, I should totally dig out and wear).

    I’m not sure about the other things you’ve raved about but I’m just so happy to have you back.

    • gullhasnat November 14, 2013 at 6:06 pm #

      First of all, do not fall all those 20 stories. I need you.
      Second, GAH! Which shoes?
      Third, I get the motion sickness part. I still don’t like long road trips-all the dizziness thing-Urgh. But-I braved it all for hunger games (FAN HERE).
      Omg. World Cup/football buds. YAY! We are soul mates!!!! 😀
      Happy to be back for you! 😀

      • SandyLand November 14, 2013 at 6:54 pm #

        These shoes (I hope this works – if not I will email them to you))

        I consumed a lot of Gravol in my childhood.

        I will send you a photo of my World Cup watch when I manage to dig it out.

      • gullhasnat November 15, 2013 at 8:26 am #

        Those shoes are amazing, as I told you!

        And oh God, don’t mention Gravol. Reminds me of all those pathetic fun summer trips where everyone but me was “jolly”.

        You dig up that watch, I will be waiting!

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