Friday Cravings

15 Nov


Hi guys!
It is Friday again, which means not only do we get to party for the next two days without a care in the world, but it’s time for a Friday Fave list.
But-uh oh-this Friday I haven’t just got some stuff that I am crushing on, in fact I am heart fully craving a lot of things. And I mean A LOT OF THINGS. So this time it is more of a cut down, extremely edited version of all the bazillion items on my “I-am-craving-like-heck” list rather then a simple favorites list.
I hope you enjoy it.


1. Delphine Menivet’s stellar designs; Yes, she is a wedding dress designer, and obviously what would a university student be doing in looking at wedding dresses? But her wedding dresses aren’t just that much, rather they are art. Beautifully structured and simply styled, her work comes in some of the finest materials ever forcing even the most unconcerned girl to be drawn in. And fall for them. I have! And if you are looking for wedding inspiration or immaculate “special occasion” dresses, you have to see her work. I promise, you will be hooked. Especially if you had prefer not looking like a pastry on your big day. Save that look for the cake! 😉


2. Alexander McQueen’s Skull scarf-reinvented; That’s right! To commemorate ten years of the iconic scarf, Damien Hirst was called in for his expertise on updating it and the results show it was a match made in (skull) heavens. My fickle heart couldn’t help but miss a beat on the sight it beheld and I am already imagining outfits around it. What do you think? Mesmerizing, yes?


3. Zara thigh high boots; *Sigh* All I can do is stare and swoon over this beauty, till my family gets a hint and someone gifts it to me (perks of being a university student-one mostly can’t afford such wondrously gorgeous yet equally pricy “must haves”). The truth, though, is that thigh high boots are sexy, bold and insanely figure-flattering which by all rules are a must have for every woman. (Hint-GET A PAIR ASAP.)


4. Blair Eadiee’s full-skirted looks; She is not just beautiful and the amazing blogger behind Atlantic Pacific, but in my humble opinion she has perfected the art of carrying midi-skirts and wears them with such aplomb that it’s no wonder so many times she just wears variants of the basic style. Makes me want to buy one too, till I remember my big but-behind.


5. Indie by Maham-I love promoting personal talent, especially when the talent is so polished, refined and original. Indie is a brand recently launched in Pakistan by a school fellow. The fashion forward, boho-chic brand offers well structured, wonderfully designed pieces where every item appears to have its own story and where there is something for everyone. Above all else, fine workmanship and great material quality seem to be an unspoken necessity for this young designer. So check her out at her Facebook page of the same name, and be pleasantly surprised.

I could keep on adding to this list, but I will leave you with my top five. For now, Happy Friday.
Go catch the happy hour (if you haven’t already missed yours)!


2 Responses to “Friday Cravings”

  1. SandyLand November 15, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

    Love the skirt. Love the scarf. Love this blog.

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