Monday Morning Monsters

9 Dec


We all enjoy having common crushes. We all find entertainment in raving over the same bag. And, certainly, we all love hating Mister Monday together as one big team.
Huh. How much I can say about this mister with the sneaky grin and the oily, claw like fingers.
But, alas, no matter how much I scream this, Mister Monday never listens to me!
Still, now I have decided to put my foot down. Preferably hard, while I jab at HIS proverbial foot and make this monster run away, howling in pain.
Sigh. What a wonderful fantasy.
But how to make this little dream become my reality? I fought hard with the question, but finally my brain decided to function for a minute and I was handed the answer.
And the solution I came up with is not just easy, it’s tried and tested. And approved-by more then just family and friends.
You see, we all hate Mondays not just because it’s easy to (seeing that everybody else does too) but because we keep feeding this green monster’s mouth. How, you ask? By never giving ourselves incentives to wake up with a smile on this particular day. Rather we put off all that we hate, fear or resent to be done or “started” on Mondays.
Date with the bills? Monday. Cleaning out the toilets? Monday. Start a diet? Monday. Eat less chocolate? Monday. Break up with the imperfect hottie? Start going to gym? Give up an obsession? Start a new job? Quit the old one? Confront the boss? Or meet her pervy husband?
Sheesh. I get it you hate the poor mister, but god, have mercy on him!
So today, and for the upcoming Mondays, we are going to grab the monsters that make this day despicable and give them magical makeovers.

1. For starters, try not putting your impossible goals off to the start from this Monday. If you can’t start then today you won’t then, but you will subconsciously link failure and disappointment to the day. Not only would that spoil the whole week rather it would spoil the upcoming weeks as well. So, if you want to juice, start right now. If you want to try make amends with a friend, pick up the phone!
(P.S. Delay would just worsen the situation. What are you still doing here?)


2. Do not stay awake late on Sunday night. It’s tempting, but suicidal. Look at the bigger picture. You sleep late, you wake up tired. You go to work and get swamped with work which lasts till the end of week leaving you no time to get back your energies leaving you inefficient and non-productive. And don’t even make me start how the lack of rest would make you LOOK. Party on Friday. Even on Saturday. But realize you are a grown up and this Sunday act like one by avoiding the ‘booze’, eating healthy and calling it an early night. It’s not boring, it’s being efficient and you will be thankful when you wake up energized and glowing next Monday, ready for everything your boss throws at you.


3. Plan something to look forward to for this Monday. Plan to catch up with your bestie or a lunch with a special someone. For me, a plan with my girlfriends to do a photo-shoot not only wakes me up bright and rosy but gives me a valid excuse to dress up to me best.


4. Pamper yourself and make yourself feel like royalty. Nothing, I mean it nothing will have you feeling more energized and happy then a good doze of pampering. You will be so gooey happy, would glow so wonderfully in the aftermath that the week would flow by in an ecstatic blur leaving behind a stream of deadlines met and jealous coworkers.

I hope these tricks help you the way they have helped me. Keep around for more tricks coming next week (including ways to conquer bad bed hair, bloated tummies and how to make the least shameful walk-of-shame! :-D)

In the meanwhile, Happy Monday!! :-*


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